Written by steve69au

20 Jul 2011

As most of you know its very hard to meet genuine couple online but this is one meet that ended in a great night

It was a local couple who advertised that they were early 50s in good shape looking for a younger guy

anyway they lived on a property 20 min from my place so one friday night we decided to meet when i arrived it was dark and they met me outside Betty dress in a shear black dress and had a hot body and Pete was about 6 foot tall but a little older the i expected.

anyway we sat outside for a while and had a few drinks to relax

Betty was sitting on a chair and the light was showing her tits off thought the shear fabric Pete notice i was looking at them has i had started to bar up he asked if i like what i seen and i said yes but as i looked back to Betty i notice she had one of her tits out and i swear it was like an 18 yr old i commented on how nice it was and Pete said alright for a 60 yr old isn't it.

I was a bit shock that she was 60 but her body and face didn't look it

I reach over and touched it and as i did she grabbed my rock hard cock and released it from my shorts i let them fall to the ground and i steeped out of them

so here i was outside with no pants on and a cool breeze caressing my nuts rubbing these perfect tits and she was slowly rubbing my cock i lifted my leg so she had good access to my balls she them stood up and started kissing me as i lowered my hand down to feel her pussy she was so wet i rubbed it while she had her tongue down my throat all of a sudden i felt another pair of hands on me and notice Pete had come up behind me reach under and was rubbing my nuts i spread my legs abit more to let if know i was fine with it i could now feel his hard cock on my ass cheek and i realised he had removed his pants i found myself reaching around to feel his cock and my hand landed on a 9 inch shaved monster i swear the age gap didn't matter this couple were hot Pete was rubbing me i was rubbing him with one hand and fingering his wife with the other this went of for a good 30 min them Betty come so hard and made my hand so wet then she gone down and place my cock in her mouth and blew me till i cum while i was still rubbing Pete up then i felt a warm squirt hit my back from Pete's cock Betty said lets have a drink before we go inside and continue