18 Mar 2020

Shona received a surprise 8.30am phone call from Phil asking if she was keen for an hour on his cock. Shona was just as keen as Phil. He was lusting her from the moment he walked in the door. Tongue down her throat as his hand delved under her nighty and went straight up between her legs. Shona was needy and horny too. Phil was impressed by Shona's moist sticky excitement. Phil fingered, hungrily ate her out and fucked Shona for nearly 45 minutes, but then he was then gone as quickly as he arrived.

Warmly filled with his semen after he was gone. Shona climbed out of bed but didn't bother to shower. Relishing in Phil's sexy scent and strong semen, Shona pulled on her knickers, got dressed and went on with her day.

Surprised at her popularity, Shona had a call after lunch from Steve.

Steve invited her out for a coffee but Shona offered to make him one at home, if he wanted to come by. He was there in 20 mins.

She didn't mention Phil and Steve didn't even question the unmade bed.

Steve went down on her and Shona liked the thought of Phil's previous fucking as Steve ate her out.

He was a much steadier fuck in so many varied positions, after her first oral orgasm, Shona orgasmed twice more on his tasty cock as they rode the fuck out of each other. Shona's eager pussy was hotly topped up, splashed and creamed with Steve's potent cum.

He was gone by 3.30pm.

Shona, did not shower again, preferering to get re-dressed, pulling on the previiusly soiled knickers to keep the two heavy deposits from leaking away and going to waste before Ric got home. Shona knew what her man would want from her.

Ric was home at 5.00pm, Ric also did not question the unmade bed. Men just don't notice anything, but Ric quickly realised what her day had involved as Shona could not contain her smile. Shona was quickly kissing Ric full on the lips and grabbing his cock through his jeans.

Ric immediately knew Shona had a story to tell. Ric pushed his hand up and under her skirt and fingered her gusset to one side. Shona spread her legs to give him access as he deeply fingered her worked pussy. He immediately discovered her fucked and sodden condition as her sexy goo leaked down his fingers.

Ric's eyes went wide with excitement and he smiled. He kissed her back deeply and dragged Shona off to the bedroom. Shona was on her back and her warm sloppy pussy jammed full of Ric's cock within seconds. Ric lasted no more than 5 minutes, his excitement at being buried deep in Shona's seminaly sloppy pussy was more than he could hold and he blew his semen hard and deep into her hot pussy, a wonderful final seminal load for Shona to end her perfect day...

Falling asleep, a dribble of semen leaked from under her panty gusset, wetting her inner thigh. Shona used two fingers to rub the warm trickle into her skin. She thought fondly of the deposits of warm semen, from her three sexy men, safely stored, mixing within her body. She also squeezed her thighs for a moment as she thought of her many orgasms those delicious cocks had delivered and her pounded, sore pussy.

Shona smiled to herself as she drifted off to sleep, it certainly had been a really great day...