20 Aug 2015


The best stories are the ones we secretly know are true, and have I got some truth for you. You're probably wondering who I am, how old I am, what race I am, what I look like, but I won't bore you with the details...I could be anyone and when you hear my story you can imagine it as anyone or even yourself because if you like to take raw and naked, bareback cock... it probably will be you soon, if it hasn't been already...

I was so horny when I arrived at the first guy's place, I felt the all too familiar nervous excitement heighten my senses and cause my pussy to ache hungrily for a reaming satisfaction. I'd had brought a dildo and lube. My new man had told me the door would be open and to wear no underwear. I tried the door to the one-story home and sure enough it was open. It was minimally decorated but the quality of the items was evident. The bedroom I could see from where I stood and I could also see the naked horny form that occupied the large bed, stroking an already hardened cock.

Resisting my every sexual urge to just run over to cram that horny swollen meat into my mouth, I instead sauntered over sexily, wiggling my ass, stripping as I went making a show of my every curve, breasts and sexy assets. I felt a lace bra he would appreciate seeing. As my skirt dropped to the hardwood floor and my top was carelessly discarded, it was nothing to kick my heels off and crawl submissively along to his rigid cock, I willingly was to be his suck and fuck slave, directly to that thick veined cock and start going down on it. I locked eyes on my soon-to-be-on-top new man and seductively went as far downwards, as deeply as I could swallow, on his fat dick before my throat began to protest. I drew a deep breath and repeated swallowing his cock a few more times before just focusing on the conquest of my own throat completely, I looked down towards his fat balls and went hard, I deep throated it fully, I was finally in control! His hands drew down to my head and held me down, burying my face into his pubes. The scent of a sexy man's cock is an intoxicating thing and I could not help but inhale his cock musk deeply. His hands roamed over my back and I could tell he craved my body already.

With a tug at my hair, he pulled me off his bulging cock and manoeuvred around me, on the bed, swiftly to position himself behind me, he kept firm hold of my hair and kept me on my knees. His free hand went to grab the lube I had let roll to the side, when I initially crawled onto the bed, he wasted no time opening it and applying generous amounts onto my holes and then his swollen manly thick cock.

I want to make sure you know, he said out loud “I have… a fucking huge load of cum for you…" “Mmmm-hmmm,” I purr, I was so pleased. “And I’m gonna shoot it all inside you, Its what you want, he says” “Oh, God yes,” I plead, “Of course. Of course I do, I want your cum! I squealed”

He says “It feels right to make myself ready, to fill your willing, fertile, open pussy and ass with heavy spurts of my creamy, sperm-laden cum, it feels so good to make and carry for you an ample wad of my potent seed. I love spurting strong jets of my sperm-rich semen into your writhing body as we cum together and I fill your sexy body to overflowing”

“And finally I lust holding you in a position to keep every hot drop of creamy cum inside you...too have your body absorb it all..” He smiles down at me...

"When I fuck your holes, you will take all of this, he waves his fat cock at me! I don't care how much it hurts, you better get every inch in that tight cunt," he ordered and with that he began to push his cock into my cunt hole. He slips in a finger, "Oh, baby… You feel so good… So wet…"

"No condom?" I asked, trying to resist and pull forward just a little so he didn't go in fully, but his free hand now pushed down on the arch of my back as he was pulling my hair to lower me down onto the thick thing. His cock head already half way inside my body, then suddenly he pulled out!

"You said you liked anal as well, right?" He said, and without stopping, removed his cock from my cunt and pressed into my anus, into my protesting ass, and began to drive in, inch by inch with tight ease. I bit down myself because I could tell he wasn't going to stop and I confess...I did not want to stop him either. His uncovered naked cock was hot against my skin...

"Yeah, but I..." my words were lost in a sudden gasp of pleasure as his hot cock drilled in most wonderfully and I relaxed my ass, opening my ass tube invitingly for his urgent, lusting cock. He pushed deeply, the rest of his cock into me and fucked at, full on, ball slapping speed right from the start. I bit down desperately, again moaning and arching my back, totally subserviently to him, allowing him to take my ass hole again and again with every thrusting. He relentlessly pounds my submissive, available and stretching ass.

"Oh Fuuuuuck me baby!" I whispered, breathlessly, as he hit places in my ass hole I hadn't felt opened in such a long time. His cock was one of those rigidly straight sorts, one that you can feel just how badly it wants to make it to the deepest and darkest part of your ass, to finally plant his sexy man juices as deep as possible in my body. I was just going to be a cum dump for him and it stunningly turned me on even more, I was soooo fucking horny. “Shoot me, baby,” I squealed to him, “Shoot that load of huge cum in me…

Smack. Slap. Smack! Slap! His cock, hips, and balls were slapping and crashing against me and he was so fucking deep inside me, pounding with total animalistic fervour and intent. Then I heard his animal grunt! He drove his rigid cock, once more so goddam balls deep, and held me down. Should he pull out? He says. in answer, I just spread my open legs, even wider. His cock then lurched, spasmed and throbbed inside me, with each hard, deep, thrust he pulsed and pumped cum deep inside me, so powerfully, he sprayed and splashed surprisingly gallons of hot thick spurts of cum onto my ass tube walls. I could feel his cock expand and pulse with every hot jet of seed he shot into me, totally bareback, his load, fully successfully being delivered, up my ass.

I really felt each and every one of the searing streams of cum ribbons splattering the walls of my ass tube and fill me deep and easily. He held me there, a few minutes longer, as he squeezed the base of his cock before he finally began to pull backwards, milking the last ribbons of his cum into my, used up, reamed ass tube. I was savouring the memory of his huge cock exploding inside my ass, just a little longer, but I still concentrated on milking his cock, making sure he drained every drop from his balls, into me, before he pulled his cock out.

"Sorry I came so quick, I've really been needing to fuck you, I've been fantasising about your body" he said sounding rather pleased with himself.

"It's no problem," I replied with a small smile, not wanting to say I loved to be bred, fucked hard and fucked fast, I did not care at all.

"Well, don't leave plan to leave, I am not finished with you yet, he said. He tells me to "Turn around to face the door, lay on your sexy belly and spread those sexy legs again," He commands me with a cheeky grin. My heart quickened in excitement as my again ignited craving for his magnificent tool took over my thinking - meaning "I didn't think at all and was happily prepared to be again the, obedient little fuck hole he, oh so desired" Cum in me as many times as you want! I said out loud.! I laid myself down, legs wide... I arched my back and waited patiently, not even wiggling my ass unless commanded or if he grabbed or slapped it for his visual pleasure. It was maybe three minutes before he was full on hard and got up to swiftly drive back into my already cum-filled ass, once again.

"Fuck you baby, your pounded ass is full and so juicy," he laughed, "You're going to be gushing silky cum everywhere when my mate gets his cock into you, he'll just love that, he laughed." Damn, that's good, as kinky, and especially as risky as this was still just the beginning of my "fuck date", I thought to myself.

If this bloke had just expected to fuck, fill and use me, I had a feeling, his even more hung mate, would be anticipating much the same action.

I was so fucking ready...

What a sexy scenario I gotten myself into!