19 Apr 2017

RIC: "Hey, you're...home a bit later than I thought you'd be."

RIC: "So, you uh, ready to tell me about your night?"

SHONA: (In a shy tone). "I don't know... she grinned...

RIC: (Emphatically). "You have to, Shone! That was the whole point of it! It's the main reason I agreed. I couldn't take knowing it happened and having to-to...imagine it. That'd drive me horny crazy!"

SHONA: (Draws in a deep breath and nervously, grabs Ric's hand). "You don't have to talk me into it, baby. I am really looking forward to telling you." (Pause). "Now let me tell me about what happened."

SHONA: "Let me say right off the bat...I know you're the one I love. Steven was a load of...he was...interesting, but not gentle and loving like you."

RIC: "First things first. I gotta know know...was he—?"

SHONA: (Giggles). "Let's just say he wouldn't be embarrassed in a changing room." (Looks away, fidgeting).

RIC: "What's wrong, Shone? He understood the rules, right?, didn't he?"

SHONA: (Nodding her head). "Just we all agreed."

RIC: "So what's wrong? Something else happened...what was it?"

SHONA: "Kiss me, Ric." (They share a kiss, then Shona peers into his eyes, but can't help blinking).

RIC: "Come on, Shone. Tell me what happened."

SHONA: (Sighs). "We had just started. Steven was sitting on the couch and I know...kneeling. I had him in my mouth. (Closes her eyes and confesses), "His friend came over. He just walked right in...some guy named Brent."

RIC: "Damn honey. You must have been embarrassed."

SHONA: "Of course I was. I guess Steven forgot to lock the door."

RIC: "Were you able to get things started again after he left?"

SHONA: (Looks down and admits), "He didn't leave."

RIC: (Jolts in place). "Oh, shit, Shone!"

SHONA: "Don't be worried, Ric, please! I was, you know...sucking on Steven when he walked in. I was totally naked...on my knees. I was finally doing what I waited all this time to do. I felt horny and free, and then the door just opened and there was this new guy standing there. I wasn't gonna just get dressed and leave. Do you want me to tell you any more or not?"

RIC: "It just surprised me. I guess I can't blame you. Did you know...two guys at once?"

SHONA: "Not at first...well...yes, then no, then—" (Pauses). "Let me just tell the story. Brent threw his clothes off like they were on fire...he didn't even ask us. He just plopped down next to Steven, so I knelt between them and sucked on one while I stroked the other. I gave them each half a dozen slobbering sucks, then switched back."

RIC: "Damn, Shone, That's one of the things we talked about. Next you'll be telling me one of them came in your mouth."

SHONA: (Leans against him). "I'm getting to that."

RIC: "You gotta be kidding me!" "I guess it took someone else to bring you to do that, was it hot?"

SHONA: "Don't be silly. Your confidence in me brought me out. I knew you wouldn't mind."

RIC: "Any more surprises?"

SHONA: (Whispers), "You'll need to listen and find out." (Shona slides up close and speaks in sexy voice), "I crawled in front of Brent and rested my cunt lips onto his cock. That's when I felt Steven's hands grip my waist...and his big cock head prying my cunt, trying to open me as well."

RIC: "He didn't get you ready? Slicken you up?"

SHONA: "He didn't need to. I was oozing litres of nectar, I was so horny. My cunt slicked the warm skin of his rigid shaft as he gained a cm' of access, then a few more...and more again. Before I knew it, he sank his stiff cock to the hilt. As he pulled back, I sprayed him like a bitch on heat, squealing then as I rode onto Brent's hot cock. Steven gave me a moment to finish washing his thighs with my cunt fluids, then reamed his way back into me. His ball were soaked with my cum as he broke into rhythm. I felt Steven's fat balls slapping against my slit as Brent's thick girth thumped in my mouth and let loose warm spunk jets, he started splashing loads of cum across my tongue."

RIC: "You-you swallowed it all?"

SHONA: "His ball sack was as big as a couple of oranges when I started. As I swallowed the last of his spurts, I saw his balls dangling like two golfballs, he came heaps."

RIC: "So you...liked the taste?"

SHONA: "I could take him or leave him, but there was something about swallowing his seed and knowing it would run through my body for hours." (Shona Leans in close). "His cum, It's in my belly, I am digesting his creamy, thick cum as we sit here. His potent, warm cum is moving into my bloodstream right now. Even, as you get yourself ready to fuck me yourself, all that cum will still be coursing through my body...

"What about my breath, is his semen still on my breath?" She asked...

RIC: "N-now that you mention it—"

SHONA: "I can still taste him. He never went soft, you know. So I just kept sucking and cupping his balls in my palm. Steven pulled on my hips, pressing his groin against my butt cheeks as he then groaned out loud. I felt his cock punishing my cervix, deep to his hilt, the dirty bastard, then he let go, his erection was started twitching and pulsing against the walls of my cunt, he flooded a torrent of his horny seed, deep into my open, wet, very appreciative, cunt."

RIC: "But that was it, right?"

SHONA: "Not quite. Brent and Steven switched places after that. Steven sat now onto the couch, still oozing cum from his tip. I leant onto him and sucked out a few final dribbles as Brent then slid into my freshly seeded pussy, he really hammered into me as well, he was so horny, I was in sexual ecstasy!

I sucked furiously on Steven's gooey cock, as Brent took his turn and properly reamed me. Brent, he had a wonderfully thick cock, you should have seen it. She smiled...

I was sucking Steven and he had just gotten hard again, when his brother Troy called him."

RIC: "The poor bastard! Did he answer his phone?"

SHONA: "Troy didn't call him on his phone. It turns out he was in the kitchen the whole time.

Shall I continue, baby?" Shona asked, grinning...