Written by Anonymous

26 Feb 2020

One very boring hot and humid evening, I was so over wraught with lonliness and boredom, I found myself looking on sites that I could find a quick easy hook up without all the chatting and lets get to know each other bullshit,,

STRIKE !!!! up he pops with a profile that went against all of my grain and mental capacity, YES I answered a message to a man who was very clear on what he did and what he wanted and who the boss will be,,

I thought really dude its a request of your needs not a command,, oh how wrong can one silly lonely frustrated woman be..

Yes I met him at his house, Yes he was gorgous, Yes he was very strong looking and very very direct in manner,,

One glass of merlot, only one was allowed.

He then proceeded to measure me in height then told me to get on his scales so my weight was precise to him,

Although I was little excited I felt an urgent need to know how to escape,, as far as I could scope around me ,, I knew I was in a little bit of trouble, there will be no escape ,,

I wasn't to speak to him which was fine by me as im thinking hes just a rude pig,

I was then made to apply makeup ,, he placed black lipstick and very bright purple eyeshadow on the table, I was then instructed to apply it on very thick , then he just left the room,,

He returned around 40 minutes later , I was in a mass internal panic by now but I knew I had to try and stay confident and a act a little experienced , which I was far from ever being in his dominant world..

His attire on return was black leather shorts with purple braces and very high purple sparkly heels,,

Oh shit I thought ,, I cant even walk in heels that high,, he had no problem prancing around in them , making sure he heard every step echoing off his concrete floor..

He said 3 things and only 3 things that stick in my mind to this day,

Take off your clothes bitch

Get on the floor

Sit with your back to me,,

That was all that was said in that room for 4hrs,, Silence was demanded and there was no arguing from me,,

I was trembling and he was hard as a rock, I knew this without being allowed to look at him , as he was squatted behind me with his high heels sticking into my arse cheeks and stroking my back with his cock..

Within seconds hes grabbed my hands and full force pulled them behind my back and vigourously wrapping them with what felt like silk or something soft but strong fibre,, let me tell you I already knew my left shoulder was in a very bad position and I yelped loudly, and for that yelp I received a blow to the top of my head with what felt like a meat tenderiser,, Im now feeling very dazed but not completely knocked out,, Im playing dead now , im tied up and as I could feel the warmth of my blood trickling into my left eye Im playing dead because I believe that's what hes going to want in the end,

As I layed there completely naked, bound, helpless and punishing my own mind for even being there,

I love the way natural instincts come over a human to survive,, I listened to every sound in that room and I mean every sound,,

He stood up and those heels clicking around me so slowly, just wandering around me, click click click , it seemed like he circled me for a good 3minutes muttering under his breath, to this day im not to sure but mainly his repeatitive ramblings were , daddys toy has arrived and what will daddy do with it,, over and over,, I lay there , I cannot cry or he will know he dosnt have complete control over me,,

Im dead to him,,

I heard the strutting of his heels slowly go to a far corner and I spied quickly to see what my painful last chapter may be,,

He was applying lipstick carefully with precision . I spied quickly one last time and he was trying to put a cock ring on, getting angry with himself as if something wasn't going his way,

As I moved my hands a little I realised he hasn't tied me aswell as he may thought, thinking I was knocked out he got a little lazy with his intentions.. I wriggled them a little more and my left hand came free and I was now in full survival mode,

I slowly got both my hands free and not once did he look around to check on me, still struggling with his cock ring and flacid manhood, of all things I was thinking how was he so hard whilst dominating me then to be struggling with a limp dick, cursing himself and blaming someone called renee,

I slowly crawled towards him and thought everything in this room is now a weapon,, I had an array of choices but the thing that stuck out the most was the bottle of merlot, cheap and nasty merlot,, I gently grabbed the bottle and crept closer to him and saw a studded small club which was obviously what he hit me on the head with,,

I slowly poured that merlot all over the floor behind him , trickling it out ever so quietly and made an almost artistic path of red wine behind him,, as I stand there naked and a little dazed now, I feel nothing but inner strength and the smooth handle of his studded club in my hand,,

He finally turned around after fussing and cursing about his inadequate manhood and intentions of me, He was fully erect to the point his cock looked a purplish blue colour and his face redenned with frustration and relief that he could get on with his business in mind for me,

Our eyes met , My eyes were greener than green im sure and his were blank, almost like he had to adjust his mind back to a reality he was not prepared for right there and then .

His first step towards me as I just stood there waiting was my favorite memory of all !!

One step into my canvass of artistically spilt merlot was his last step towards me ,, so much for being a performer, in his I must say beautiful purple heels, Oh I even heard the complete snap of his ankle ,, glorious music to me,, he was down slipping and sliding and still trying to scrape his way over towards me,,, Now im the master and he will do what I say !!

I gave him 3 commands as he did me,

STAND UP ,, which I must say took a while

TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES,, that took even longer

BOW YOUR HEAD ,, he cried as an amateur sub would, not much choice if you know what I mean !!

I then strutted around him bare foot, not too close but I did hear his ankle snap and he was feeling it bad in his stance,

I relished in how beautiful the smooth handle of his club felt, it was rather arousing to be honest.

as his head was still bowed and he still has his high heels on, struggling deeply now to stay standing,

I leaned towards him and gave him a blow to the left side to his head that I thought was only fair as that was my first bestowed injury from him,, He fell hard and I hit him again to his mouth, the sound of that one tooth tinkling on the concrete floor was the sound of victory to me,,

After I smoked a cigarette and glorified in my survival, I carefully removed his beautiful purple heels,, I proceeded to write a love note, roll it up, and oh so gently place it in his ass that said NEXT TIME BUY A NICE BOTTLE OF CABERNET SAUVIGNON ,

I wiped the hidious make up off my face , I put on his beautiful purple heels, that fitted perfect and proceeded to strut the fuck out of there like a BOSS,

moral of the story !!!! Masturbate at home ,,