12 Jan 2017

It's 3am; I hear our front door open, my wife comes through, then directly entering our bedroom. My gorgeous, wife saunters leisurely across our room, slowing as she nears me, our bed.

She's teasing me, the pleasure of seeing her after she's been used all night by another man, knowing that I'm desperate to hear all her dirty details. The suspense, the anticipation is killing me. She leans in, kisses me, says, Hi! in a very bright voice. She stands up before me and proceeds to remove her skirt, pulling it down. I watch as it is seductively pushed down, leaving her standing, only in her lacy panties.

Moving nearer again, it's so obvious the gusset of her silky panties is soaked, appearing quite translucent. Shona comes even closer, I am laying on our bed, then with her kneeling slightly, onto the edge of the mattress, presses her pussy near to my face. "Smell anything yummy, something you might like?" Shona asks. She slowly pulls her panty gusset to one side; it sticks briefly to her gooey, sexual, wetness. Now pushing her pussy even closer to my face, she coyly asks "How about now? What do you see? what can you smell? Do you think your dirty wife has been naughty?" She giggles down at me.

She climbs seductively up on to the mattress, placing one knee on either side of my head . . . her thighs now sexily spread.

Her neatly waxed and slick pussy is barely mm’s from my face now. My heart is pounding, my cock is rising, I see her sexy “evidence” her delicious folds are slick and moistly glistening. Her vaginal lips are reddened and engorged; even slightly gaping, contrasting her normal appearance of a neat, pre fucked, vagina. Shona is radiating sexual heat and a sexy unmistakable fragrance of cum, the strong, musky and slightly sour scent is now deliciously obvious. Thick semen starts to dribble down her inner thigh; it's all so incredibly hot, to me...

"Is this what you wanted inside me?" she says sweetly as her pussy lips press onto my open lips. "Suck me baby, suck his thick cum out of me." She utters. When I heard the word "him", it hit me so hotly, making my mind swirl, briefly making me wonder if I was still ready to handle the reality of it. Indeed, what would have been a situation of unimaginable jealousy for me at age 25 became an inexplicable desire by my mid 30's, a raging obsession by my 40's and in my 50's is now a passionate intense fixation. Hotly, a remnant of that early jealousy remains, a catalyst, to fuel my perverse desire: The intense desire to share my beautiful loving wife with other men, to share her body, to orgasm and for me to taste her experiences

She guides my head to the thick run of the trickling semen, moving down her inner thigh. I take in the sight and the heady strong aroma, I stick my tongue out to lick up the running semen, licking up the length of her soft inner thigh, I can taste the sweetness of her excited sex, mixed with another man's salty cum. Her body shuddered at my tongue; she is loving depravity of this act by her husband.

All my senses are overloaded and I can deliciously taste, she's had a very, very active night of sex. The sticky cunt evidence of her lusty night, the strong male scent on her skin, from her thighs to her pretty face.

Now she reaches for the back of my head. "There's plenty more in there" she says to me softly and eagerly pulls my face into her moisture and wetness. "He fucked me hard several times and he just fucked me again- his cock was pulsing and orgasming inside me, just a half hour ago, baby" she says with her back arching, face looking up at the ceiling, my tongue now sucking her swollen clit. "He's got a nice cock, probably a little longer than yours, just a little thicker too; I know that's what you were hoping, I know you love me to fuck a big cock, to tell you what it feels like, way deep up inside me" she continues. Shona is now feeling increasingly reassured, as she reaches down and holds my rigid erection she increasingly grows more confident to share her night.

Now more wantonly, she asks me "Can you smell his fat cock, can you smell his cock scent, all over my skin?" She was herself, becoming more and more excited as she shared "I buried my face on his cock and balls and licked him all over, his cock was hard, wet and sweaty from fucking me; I even tongued his arsehole and fingered his arse. Can you smell his delicious cock all over your dirty wife? Do I smell fucked and nasty? Is that how you want me? Is that how you like to eat and fuck your slutty wife?" She leans down to kiss me, inserting her tongue into my mouth and kissing me lewdly, She rubs her face around my nose and cheeks, making sure I can smell just how naughty and dirty, she has been. Shona trails her especially fragrant finger up around the sides of my nose, as her tongue dives in and out of my mouth. She knows, that was the finger she penetrated his arse with. "I don't think I could have done all those dirty things with a stranger, if I didn't have a couple of drinks first. “I'm still so hot and horny”, Shona says,” thinking about all the things I did with him, everything I did, but you made it clear you wanted me to be as dirty and nasty and naughty with him as possible, You won't be disappointed when I tell you everything, baby. Eat me as I tell you”, she went on “I can’t believe he came four times! Every time was deep inside me, just like I need, my pussy walls were slick and hot with his cum. Does that turn you on? knowing that I just had sex with another man, that your delicious wife just spent the whole night being fucked, hard, by someone else, constantly filled and flooded with his dreamy hot cum, again and again?"

"I tried to keep the entire loads of thick cum in my pussy for you; I hurried back home, but my poor little lacy panties are leaking, they are so cum soaked". To show me, she pressed in a finger into herself, and withdrew, a fair amount of thick white semen, with her thumb and forefinger. Shona surprised me, she pushed me onto my belly and spreading my arse cheeks, she rubbed the extracted cum onto my arsehole. "Is that DIRTY enough for you? Is this slutty enough for you now, I am using my finger that was in his arse. I used the same finger to take his cum out of my cunt and push it now into your arse?" Shona says sexily, laughing. The intensity of everything that's happening to me nearly makes me orgasm, Shona now slowly pushes her finger in and out of my arse, and she knows how much the anal sensation turns me on.

The sight of her sexually pounded and cum flooded cunt, the sour taste and strong smell of his heavy cum and his sweaty cock, along with her dirty descriptive words, her fingering my arse with cum that dripped out of her cunt, has me so excited, so erect. I am grinding my cock into the sheets. My sweet and dirty Shona, she now escalates my sensations to a new level by reaching over and fumbling in her drawer, to retrieve a narrow, four inch butt-plug which she also now unceremoniously lubricates again from her cunt, quickly lubing it in her dripping, well used “fuckhole” juices. Shona slowly inserts the plug deep up my arse. The warm, tingling feeling of it pressed against my prostrate makes my cock twitch and spasm, and I can now feel I am emitting a serious flow of pre-cum, soaking the sheets. I nearly lose my excited ball load and squeeze hard under my cockhead, just to hold the exquisite sensations a little longer. Shona continued to speak into my ear, she nearly made me lose my load again as she leisurely started to ream my ass and asked "Oh, you like being fucked with warm cum from my used cunt, lubing your arse? You dirty man, you love knowing that the thick cum he pumped into your wife’s cunt is the lube, don't you? You know I'm fucking your hungry arse with his “cock juice” that's dripping out of my cunt! Is that filthy, nasty and horny enough for you now?" She asked me rhetorically. She suddenly stopped thrusting and driving my butt-plug, just in time too, to stop me from exploding, I was insane with excitement, I thought she was doing so to hold me back, but she roughly rolled me onto my back, mounted my face, closed her eyes, and resumed her vaginal assault on my mouth, it was all about her excitement. And I was in heaven, I loved it. I tongued her grinding, cum loaded, slick pussy for all I was worth, I grabbed and pounded my own rigid cock, as hard as I could and fuck me, I exploded, I came hard! I came so hard, that I actually shot cum into the small of Shona’s riding back and onto her shaking arse cheeks, I listened to her groan as she also orgasmed, driving her drooling luscious pussy folds, down hard, onto my attentive face. I was nearly suffocating in her fluid flooded, sweet pussy folds, but bloody hell, I orgasmed so hard...I am sure, I nearly tore my own cock off.

Shona stayed mounted on my face, gently moving, softly rocking, after her orgasm had subsided and as she calmed down, she was resting and slightly leaning against our headboard.

All she said down to me was “You are so hot”

What a girl...