Written by MrSnoo

4 Jan 2018

3 Apr. 2017 at 11:19 am

It was summer and the weather was warm. Mid-morning on a weekday and they'd both been looking forward to this for weeks. There were a surprising number of people around, enjoying their morning exercise or a walk in the park with their dog. As they found a quiet place to lay down on a blanket, she was feeling shy and nervous. They'd met before and had been chatting for months, but the thought of his hands touching her and the anticipation of a first kiss had her feeling butterflies.

She had the most amazing blue eyes and he could've gazed into them all morning. He wanted her to feel at ease, but knew she would be shy. He desperately wanted to kiss her, if for no other reason than to break the tension. She must've had the same idea, because the instant their eyes met, she leaned towards him; her beautiful pouting lips moist and inviting.

She smelt amazing and the touch of her soft lips on his sent a shiver of excitement up his spine - a sensation he hadn't felt for such a long time. His cock started to twitch and swell and he could feel himself getting hard.

Realising they were out in the open, with passers-by sneaking the occasional sideways glance, they decided to move somewhere a little more discrete. As he stood up, his now firm cock bulging in his pants, he wondered whether she'd notice. He kind of hoped that she would and didn't bother to hide it.

Laying down beside her, he brushed back her hair and stroked her cheek as he kissed her... softly at first, then more passionately. His hands began to explore the beautiful curves of her body... her shapely thighs, her magnificent arse... her hips... her waist.. and her full breasts. She felt every bit as good as she looked and after all the waiting, he could finally feel her body close to him.

Her stunning blue eyes had him utterly captivated. He'd caught a brief glimpse the first time they met, but this was the first time he'd had a chance to gaze into them. He wondered what she was thinking and hoped that she was feeling what he was. The tingle when they touched, a gentle ache between her legs, the frustration of having to show some restraint, rather than surrendering to the desire surging through her body.

He could feel her body responding to his touch and the sound of her soft moans when his kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear was a huge turn on. He wanted more....

As he unzipped her tight denim shorts and slowly slid his hand between her thighs, she gasped. The look that washed across her face was so erotic, he instantly felt his balls tighten and his cock swell. Desire, lust, vulnerability... her eyes widened and she drew a short sharp breath as his fingers started to tease her moist, swollen pussy. As he gently caressed her, she moaned softly. There they were... in a park, in each other's arms, hiding under a blanket. His hand between her legs, his lips on hers... both of them all but oblivious to the people around them!

As he slid a finger inside her tight little pussy and began to rub her g-spot, she let out a little gasp. It felt so good. She laid her head back and started to rock her hips toward him. He could feel her twat clenching around his finger. He desperately wanted to go down on her... to wrap his mouth around her pussy. He wanted to feel her clit under his tongue... he wanted to taste her. But here, in the park... he knew that wasn't going to happen. Regardless, he wanted her to feel pleasure. Perhaps somewhat selfishly, he wanted to watch her, feel her and listen to her cum!

He was utterly captivated... she was stunning and he couldn't get enough of her. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt desire, passion, lust like this. Hell, he couldn't remember the last time he'd cum!

Writhing around beneath the blanket, she started to undo his jeans. His head was spinning! He was so turned on... he'd never wanted a woman as much as he wanted her at that moment. As her hand slipped inside his jeans and started to stroke his long hard cock, he gasped. He couldn't quite believe what was happening.. there in a park, in broad daylight. His cock was so hard.. his balls were aching and the feeling of her stroking his cock was bliss. He could feel pre-cum on the head of his cock... What he heard next sent a shiver through him and took his breath away. "I want to feel you inside me.... fuck me!"

She slid her shorts down and rolled onto her side, thrusting her gorgeous arse towards him - her hot, wet pussy aching and ready to receive his long hard cock. He grabbed her hips, pulling her close, ready to penetrate her gorgeous young body for the first time. He could feel the warmth of her moist pussy against the head of his cock. She desperately wanted to feel his long hard cock filling her. As she arched her back, she could feel his cock slowly forcing its way insider her.

As he thrust gently, the sound of her moaning and the feeling of her tight young pussy enveloping his cock made him tremble. She felt amazing... and the realisation of what was happening was the most erotic experience he'd had in years - shear, unbridled, overwhelming lust and desire.

As people went about their day enjoying the park, they were enjoying each other. He was gripping her curvaceous hips firmly, while slowly but forcefully, thrusting his throbbing cock deeper inside her. She was moaning softly as she arched her back, taking him deeper insider her silky, wet pussy.

Her pussy felt amazing and when she clenched tight around his shaft he could feel his balls starting to swell. Oh fuck... this amazing woman was about to make him cum! No, not yet...! He gripped her tight and pleaded with her not to move..

The sensation was intense... as if drifting in and out of consciousness, any awareness he had of the park or the people around them faded away. A feeling of blissful ecstasy washed over him as he thrust his cock deeper inside her. She was going to make him cum and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Try as he might, he couldn't hold back.... as his throbbing cock plunged inside her hot, wet pussy he could feel the first little twitch deep in his balls. For a fleeting moment, he realised that someone in the park was watching them! He pulled her close and tried to stop, but that last thrust was all it took to tip him over the edge... he was cumming... and harder than he'd done in years. He was oblivious now to everything but the gorgeous woman thrusting her hips towards him and the sublime orgasm coursing through his body. He grunted "argghh fuck!!" grabbed her hips tight and thrust his cock inside her as his hot sticky cum started to flood her pussy.

While his conscious mind was telling him to stop... aware of where they were and the stranger looking on, his primal sub-conscious was screaming to shed all inhibitions and ravage this stunning woman he was inside of.

In the end, the reality was somewhere in between. His stifled orgasm was as intense as anything he'd felt in years, but neither of them was truly fulfilled - they were both left aching and wanting more. Neither of them had expected this would happen, though perhaps they'd secretly hoped that it might?