11 Nov 2015

I told Shona she could tell me because I am now really curious as to what had happened upstairs. Shona said she was, at first, so nervous going to the bedroom door, and stressed she had never done anything like this, she had stood outside the door for just a moment, her body filling with liquid excitement and shaking with girlish nervousness. Shona said she finally just walked in. The sexy stranger was naked on the bed, and kind of, jumped up, startled. Shona said she was close to running out of the room acting like it was a big mistake. The sexy stranger called out “Hi baby, you are a sexy surprise”. “Ric said I should come up” I said to him. The sexy stranger moved aside what was covering his obvious erection, and started to stroke his extraordinary cock, real slow, looking me directly in the eyes. Shona wasn’t sure what happened but before she knew it she was on her knees between his legs, his perfect cock, staring her in the face.

“Fuck me Ric; his dick was so nice, so thick”.

My dick turned to stone when Shona said that.

Shona said she was still thinking of me as she grabbed and started stroking him. She kissed the tip. Stroked him more, then ran her tongue around the tip, he was leaking precum and I lapped it all up! she smiled at me. She said he was moaning with so much pleasure she decided to take his entire cock and drive it down her throat! I wasn’t sure, she said, when the moment was, that my sexy situation changed from “I can’t believe I am doing this to, I really need to fuck this delicious man” I don’t know what came over me, Shona said to me, He and I made eye contact, my lips were around his cock and I just blurted out, I said “I want you to fuck me”. Shona said within seconds she was pushed onto her back on the bed, his sexy face was urgently buried in her pussy, deliciously lapping at her moisture, I was already so excited, already so soaked, she said. Shona said, she was so turned on, there was just so much intense pleasure, the instant his tongue touched her pussy, warms waves of pleasure started rolling through her body. Shona said “I was so lost in that moment” an orgasm engulfed me and I pulled myself to him, hard, I bit his chest to muffle my squeals of pleasure, suddenly he entered me! She said it was like a base ball bat had been drilled into her cunt, stretching her wet opening to its limits. After a while he started to slow down, driving slow and deep, he grabbed her arms and pinned her down, she said, I could feel his fat cock pulsating, swelling inside me and his cum release was scalding hot, splashing my cervix and filling me up.

“We were bareback, I didn’t have any protection, I let him unload his balls into me and it didn’t even cross my mind until he finished drilling me that I actually didn’t care, it made the whole thing hotter, dirtier and so damn sexy. I thought he was done, but he started his driving rhythm back again and he kept on fucking me. My cunt, by then, was slick and hotly lubricated with creamy and thick semen and fuck me he did,

Shona smiled at me, blushing just a little.

She said to me, “His creamy flooding set me off and another orgasm just rolled, uncontrolled, through my body”. Shona said to me, “after my third and fourth orgasms I told him I need to ride that monster, I needed to feel his dick invade me to the roof of my cunt! We switched positions and I rode him, she said. All of a sudden he pulled me down tight and hard onto his cock, he slid forward with me impaled on his erection, cum running down his balls, to the end of the bed and stood up. He carried me over, on his cock, to the wall, bracing me there and he fucked me standing up. “I had not done it in that position for ages; it was so incredible, my legs were high in the air, it was so exhilarating to be under his complete control of my body and my senses.” She said, as our tongues were locked together, kissing, she could feel him deeply groaning and those hot sexy pulsations began inside me again. The stranger said to me, after hotly cuming in me a second time, that we should get back to the party.

Oh baby, Shona said, grabbing my rigid erection through my pants, his balls have left me a leaking mess, the gusset of my panties is not holding, I am leaking cum, I have his creamy cum running down my fucking legs, you had better get me out of here, get me home and fuck me yourself, I am cum lubed and hot for your cock Ric! Fuck me, Ric; I need your cock inside me, right now!