Written by xrim9

15 Mar 2011

We chatted on swingerheaven a few times. We set up a meet at the nude beach but they got caught up at work, we met but i had to leave so we only had 10 minutes together. None the less i walked to the beach with them and watched as they stripped, she is fantastic, full natural boobs that defy gravity, and the longest nipples i have ever seen. He has a thick strong cock, much thicker than my own but about the same length.

We decided to meet at the porn shop at one of their viewing booths. We met outside and walked in together, got our change from the attendant and made our way to the booths. At first we could not get a booth that would allow me to watch them so we had to wait. We chatted during the wait and she although nervous seemed to relax a bit. Eventually two booths became free, but i decided to ask if i could join them and to my joy they said yes.

Once inside the booth they stripped quickly and started to kiss and fondle each other. Then he turn her doggy style and entered her from behind. He started to fuck her hard and only paused to motion to me to join in. I started by fondling her breasts and softly pinching her long, long nipples. Then i reached down between her legs and played with her clit. At first she only moaned softly but once i got a rhythm on her clit she started to get loader. They paused a few times to kiss and for him to play with her pussy and arse. He motioned to me to finger fuck her for a while, so i put three fingers inside her wet pussy and started to work my finger in and out. She put her hand on my cock, through my jeans. I was rock hard, she tried to undo my jeans and pull them off, i stepped back and helped her remove my jeans and jocks. When my cock sprang free she started to wank me slowly at first then in rhythm with his resumed fucking.

I again reached between her legs and played with her clit, this time with long strokes that also rubbed against his cock. This was the first time I had touched another mans cock. I rubbed up and down feeling where he was entering her and making my way up to her clit. When she came it started with a low moan and then her legs started to shake.

We repeated this three times and she had a huge slutty grin on her face. It was great to see her fullfilled and satisfied.

Then he announced he was going to come in her pussy. He started to pound her hard. I held her shoulders while he fucked her hard. Then he started to grunt and stated he was coming.

She grabbed some tissue and cleaned her pussy, then he asked if i wanted to some on her tits. Of course i said yes. She kneeled in front of me and started to wank me more. I played with her tits and nipple as my cum started to build in my balls. She started to talk to me, and tell me to come on her, it didnt take long before i covered her chest in sticky cum.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, "didnt you forget to say something?", he asked her, "oh sorry, yes, thank you for your cum" she stated.

i thanked her, and we started to clean up together. We are trying to arrange to get back together. This time i want to eat her pussy, and see how far i will go touching him. I am also hoping we can Dp her soon. I am sure she will enjoy that.