Written by kissinkell

17 Sep 2012

I lay on the couch in my satin purple nightie with my favourite pink rabbit vibrator, im so wet that it slides in easily and the tickler massages my clit bringing me almost to climax.My back door is open and he pops his head in hearing the sound of the buzzing rabbit and my gentle moans of pleasure. Ive been waiting for him aching for his touch. He walks over and gently kisses me takin my vibrator out of my pussy and using his fingers i arch my back because his touch feels so good and my pussy is tingling with anticipation.Faster and faster probing his fingers i cum all over his fingers, im dripping wet and he smiles knowing he made me that way.

I sit up can hardly wait to see how hard he is for me i undo his belt and pull his jeans down. mmmmmmmmm ooh yes so hard i want to take him in my mouth i cant resist. I lick and suck making him moan. I want him inside me and he wants to be inside me! hes so hard im so wet!. He rubs my pussy and clit with the head of his cock then slides his cock inisde me ooooooh god it feels so good.My pussy muscles clench around him again as he brings me to climax.

I want to ride his cock so i take him to my comfy bed. Sliding down his hard cock mmmmmmmmmmm again and again he brings me to climax my legs and body are shaking.He sucks my nipples and slaps my ass mmmmmmmm such a turn on

layin side by side he enters me again mmmmmmmmmm i want him inside my ass lol he doesnt refuse! rubbing my clit he slides his cock inside my ass ooooooh soo tight i rub my clit harder and he reaches and puts his thumb inside my pussy massagin my clit also it soo intense i can feel my body burning. I explode squirting all over his cock and balls mmmmmmmm feels so good, so wet.

It brings him to climax knowing he made me squirt and he cums inside me. mmmmm

Not even a moments rest hes inside my wet pussy again, im absolutely dripping. I love how this man can get so hard so quickly!

He makes me cum yet again but we run out of time and he should really shower and return to work.

After his shower he still has a raging hard on how can i let him leave like that so i take him in my mouth again. mmmmm

Lickin suckin hes so hard , he reaches down and massages my wet pussy his touch is amazing and he makes me squirt all down my leg it turns him on wildly so he explodes all over my breasts. My nipples dripping with his cum.

I kiss him and he dresses finally to return to work.