4 Nov 2017

The weekend began at Launceston Airport, it was a Thursday just after noon, and I had taken a day and a half leave from work and had finished work at 12. Shortly after 12.30, I met Jenny as she exited the secure area. We shared a nice warm hug, not too long, enough for a relative, but not like a lover. After collecting bags, and going to the car, we shared a more appropriate welcome kiss, away from view.

Jenny is a big beautiful lady with wonderful curves, and dark short hair, not overly tall at around 5’ 4”. Jenny & I had been introduced by a friend, some time previously, and had shared dinner together and that led to a threesome, however, as the friend Valerie & I had been occasionally intimate, and had been friends for about 10 years, Jenny was the 3rd wheel, and only participated in a limited way, as it was Valerie’s first experience with another lady, and the emotions and feelings took some getting used to. Jenny was very considerate at that time, being gentle and considerate, which made for a wonderful time and yet left much unfinished business. We both enjoyed a very good mental connection, and yet circumstances had not allowed it to be explored at the time. Some months later Valerie met Greg, and they became partners, and decided to get married, in a traditional monogamous relationship. I was very pleased for them both. It also made it possible for Jenny and I to see each other again, without it being improper. We had met over 2 days in her hometown and discovered that our connection was very good, in every way. It is such a shame that an ocean lies between us. This story describes the third occasion we were able to spend time together.

We started our weekend by going out to lunch at a restaurant in Newstead, and generally spent time chatting and catching up on events, just generally enjoying each other’s company. By the time we had finished Lunch, it was possible to check in at the motel, The Old Tudor in Summerhill. It is a good and inexpensive venue. The Old Tudor is well appointed, though a little way out of the main business district.

On arrival, we retired to the room, and wasted no time in holding each other close and sharing deep passionate kisses, with lots of tongue play, this was intensely arousing for both of us. We undressed and joined each other naked in the bed. I played with Jenny’s breasts while gently sucking and flicking my tongue over her nipples, which became rather pleasantly hard with my attentions, on lowering my hand to feel the insides of her thighs, as my fingers parted her labia it was most enjoyable to find it very wet, and my fingers moved easily through the folds of her pussy. It is always a big turn on for me when the lady I am with reacts and demonstrates her arousal, I was feeling very horny, and yet before entering her, I needed to taste the nectar between her thighs. I enjoyed spending a long time with my tongue and lips playing with her pussy and clit, Jenny enjoyed this immensely, and I enjoyed the way her pussy continued to increase in wetness, and with little intense changes in taste as my tongue probed inside, and around, feeling Jenny contract inside as the taste changed. After some time I returned to kiss deeply and passionately and tangle tongues, sharing the tastes of our lovemaking. I was so horny and had an intense need to enter her.

Positioning myself above Jenny with her feet on my shoulders I entered her at first slowly, gently, as too much would make me cum too fast, and I wanted it to last. Fortunately, Jenny was very very wet, and this helped by limiting the friction, allowing the session to build in intensity, and speed until I swelled and pumped my seed into her, with several hard spurts. I was able to remain hard after cumming, and we continued to fuck in a slightly slower rhythm. This continued increasing in pressure and tempo reaching a second climax. After this we lay side-by-side, holding each other and playing. I was particularly enjoying running my fingers through the wet inner thighs, with the slippery and sticky feeling, and playing with Jenny’s labia, it felt really good and was such a simple but arousing thing to do, Jenny mentioned how hot and horny it felt for her as well. Some time was spent playing kissing and talking and cuddling, it was really enjoyable. Once again I wanted to run my tongue over Jenny’s very well creamed pussy, it is always most enjoyable sharing the tastes of hot and horny sex. I licked and sucked and run my tongue over every fold of Jenny’s pussy, and then we kissed very deeply sharing a great deal of lust and passion, very intensely sharing our combined juices.

I stood at the end of the bed and mounted Jenny doggy style, holding her hips tightly and rutting hard until I climaxed. We lay together and spent some time coming down from our highs, just holding close, and snuggling, finally covered by the blankets. The time available for our first session was at an end. We showered together, and I got dressed, cuddled and kissed and parted company.

For many years my wife Maree and I had been actively swinging and had hosted number of hot tub parties, Though as time went by we had settled to mostly just playing regularly with one couple about once or twice a month, where we were great friends in and out of the bedroom, indeed spending time together for family events, and a couple of times going away together. Unfortunately though it came to an end after about 6 years. In more recent times my wife suffered from a number of conditions that had conspired to reduce her libido, to a point where sex dwindled to only a few times a year. As my own desires and needs, and ability to enjoy a great sex life has not diminished, my wife and I came to an arrangement, where she did not object to me seeing lady friends sexually, to prevent the frustrations from damaging our otherwise excellent relationship. As part of the arrangement I had made with my wife Maree, included being discreet, so our kids do not become aware of my activities. As far as they were concerned, Thursday and Friday were to be normal workdays, and Thursday night I was going out to a function. So the first session with Jenny had to finish at the time I would normally finish work, (4.30) and I had to go home for dinner. After dinner, I was able to get dressed and go back to the Old Tudor, though I had to be home by midnight. Staying overnight did not occur.

On arrival back Jenny had brought along a memory stick with a number of photo’s she wanted to show me, and she played these through the TV in the room and gave a bit of a commentary, which I thought was rather nice. We talked about her friends, and sitting up in the bed, with my arm around her, became close and intimate, after the short show, we kissed and cuddled becoming increasingly aroused, and got undressed, and cuddled and kissed. I then moved to orally please Jenny, which she told me she really enjoys, and can’t get enough of, which I took as a fine compliment. I find it most satisfying when she gets increasingly wet during my ministrations. We then attempted to 69, which was not a really good fit, as we were unable to both connect orally simultaneously. Unfortunately it is not something that works for Jenny and I together. We switched to having me lay on my back with Jenny on top and sitting fairly upright, this was very hot, and Jenny was able to ride me leaning forward slightly I was able to play with her breasts while thrusting deeply into her hot and very wet pussy, the pleasures continued in this way for quite a while until I shot my seed deep into Jenny, We lay side by side cuddling and playing and talking, enjoying the raw sexuality and the closeness, that you really only get with a lover. After some time I again orally pleased Jenny, enjoying the tastes and wetness from our combined lovemaking, again kissing deeply sharing the combined tastes, which is an amazing erotic experience for me, and which Jenny judging by the enthusiasm with which she kissed also gets very aroused by. It was a most memorable evening, and the shared intimacy was really a joy and great pleasure to share. At about 11pm I showered and got dressed to return home.

Returning home I climbed into bed and kissed my wife goodnight, sleeping soundly until having the alarm go off, starting the normal routine, shower, having breakfast together, and leaving at the regular time of 10 to 7, with Maree walking me out to the car, kissing me goodbye and wishing me a great day, knowing that I was going to spend the day with my lover. It was really very important to me that Maree is able to accept, and support, my having a lover. The day was to be anything but regular.

When I left late on Thursday evening, Jenny had given me the room key so I could slip in quietly, when I arrived early Friday morning. I undressed and climbed into bed beside Jenny, she was already awake, and it was most enjoyable to hold my arms around her, holding her close and just enjoy the skin-to-skin contact. I related to Jenny how I had woke at home with an erection, which was pleasing, and I was certainly easily aroused. We talked a bit about how the day was planned, we would spend a couple of hours in the room before getting dressed and going to see a few sights, Jenny had not been to Launceston before. The cuddles and closeness certainly made us both aroused, Jenny was very wet and I was hard and ready to go.

I spent some time playing with Jenny’s Pussy gradually stretching her until I was able to fully insert my clenched fist, while I was inside, I used my tongue to flick and tease her clit, which worked really well, Perhaps the most pleasurable is when my hand was pulled out. We played in this way for a while, and then I positioned Jenny on the edge of the bed and entered her from behind with me standing and Jenny kneeling on the bed, It amazes me how quickly she was able to tighten up after having been stretched wide open, it was indeed most enjoyable, we had avoided fisting play on Thursday in case it left Jenny feeling sore. Fortunately that did not occur, prevented by using a generous amount of lube, and proceeding slow and carefully. Immediately after removing my fist, I was able to fuck, with my arousal building slowly, and eventually squirting my cum deep into Jenny. The cuddles after hot and horny sex are such an important part of lovemaking.

The connection we share is a good one, and is much more than just the intense sexual part, we are yet to have a disagreement, and there is no angst or anxiety at all, Jenny used to be part of an automotive repair business, with her first husband, and while that does give us some common ground, as I also used to run a repair business, there is quite a lot where we find ourselves on the same page emotionally, this is a big advantage we are most fortunate to be able to share together, being able to be a soul mate, as well as a lover, I think is a really rare thing to happen, but also very special when it does.

We showered and got dressed to be able to go out and enjoy Launceston. We went to the gorge, a most picturesque natural valley carved out of the rock by the river, and walked across the suspensions bridge and did a lap around the gardens, admiring the natural beauty, and several strutting peacocks, talking and sharing. We then went for a drive, around the Tamar valley, crossing the Batman Bridge and stopping for lunch at the Exeter bakery, which is always excellent. On the way back we stopped briefly at Brady’s lookout, and then returned to Launceston and back to the Old Tudor. It was a good way to spend some time with a close friend and lover.

One of the nice features of the Old Tudor is the indoor heated pool, and spa and sauna, when we got back we decided to go and try out the spa. Jenny had a swimming costume that cheekily had a skirt but was worn without the matching panties, which was really quite daring; I just had a regular pair of board shorts. The spa was a good temperature, and we were able to snuggle close, and spent a while talking and fondling each other. Jenny was able to mount me in the spa, which was more playful than hot, though it was quite a turn on knowing we could have been interrupted at any time. Being winter the sauna was cold, and though I turned it on before we got changed, it turns itself off, after a fairly short time, which wasn’t long enough to let it warm up, let alone get hot. We returned to the room, for another good session, which involved another fist play, where we took a couple of photos. On cuddling afterward we are both becoming aware that our time together is almost over. At 4pm it was time to have a shower and get dressed to go home.

Maree had asked that I stay home on Friday night as family time, which I agreed to. A very quiet night at home on Friday night, and up early Saturday to return to Jenny.

Saturday morning I arrived and we climbed into bed; it was quite an intense session, after having the evening off, and also knowing that our time was short. We were just enjoying a post-orgasmic break when my phone rang, it was my boss, I had to go to work. I was not impressed, I had arranged to be covered for Thursday and Friday nights, but was on-call on Saturday. Fortunately the problem was quickly resolved, and I was able to return, stopping off on the way back to pick up some breakfast for both of us. Jenny had been able to arrange a slightly late checkout, which was most appreciated. We had a last session with Jenny having her feet on my shoulders while I entered her most deeply, and looking into her eyes, it really was a fabulous weekend, and very special. I felt very privileged that she had gone to the expense and time to visit, and that Maree had been most supportive of it. We went to Evandale and had a coffee at one of the café’s until it was time to take Jenny to the airport. I dropped Jenny at the airport but didn’t take her in; I hardly ever go to the Launceston Airport without seeing people I know. It’s important to maintain discretion, for the sake of my wife, and our children.

Afterwards, you have to return to reality, and that was a very hard come down.