Written by Pepperberry

10 Feb 2012

What I would do if you were sitting in front of me, oh you might imagine anything! Something!

If you were sitting I front of me, on an armless chair, I might be wearing a red tank, a short floaty white skirt which would flutter softly around my ample thighs, my feet bare as I would walk towards you. 

My lips might curl into a seductive smile as you realize that my nipples are erect under my tank, no bra in sight.  My breasts move a little as I walk towards you, you shift in your chair.  Don't move off the chair I would state. As I walked around you on the chair, my hand lightly caress your shoulders as I walk around. Your eyes follow my ass as it passes, your hand is batted away as you try to grab me. 

I suddenly straddled you swinging one leg high enough so you'd see that I'm wearing a white lace g string.  Your hands grab me as I settled, pulling me down onto your lap, my nipples graze your chest as your mouth finds mine for a hot passionate kiss, lips crushing as tongues collide. Your hands squeeze my soft ass cheek roughly and I feel you get harder under me. A smile curls my lips as we kiss. I suddenly jump up breaking the kiss abruptly.  I stand as you try and pull me back down...again I bat away your hands. I turn my back to you just out of reach of your searching hands. 

I reach under my skirt and pull at my panties, I hitch the skirt up just a bit so when I bend over to remove them you see just a fleeting glance of my femininity. I hear you release a groan from the back of your throat...I turn around, I can see your thick, hard shaft straining against your pants. 

A smile lights my lips again, I take a step forward and kneel. I quickly release you from your confines, you run your hands through my hair, knowing what might be coming. 

I lick my lips and look up at you as I lean forward, my hands sit on your upper thighs as I suddenly take you in as far as I can. You gasp! I pull you out as I do, my tongue is swirling and twisting  up the length.  One hand wraps it's self around the base. Squeezing and rotating as I take you in again, your hands are tugging at my hair. I k

My hand slides up as my mouth reaches the tip, flicking over the top and back own as your member reaches the back of my throat. I repeat several more times, in, out, flick, down, swirl.... I can taste you, your very hard now, your breathing is labored I look up again, your eyes are closed, your hands  pulling at my hair gently.  Going down again, I then pull out, just as I can feel you staring to tense up! I stand and tip your head up as I straddle you once more. You capture my lips as I settle on your lap, you guide yourself into me pushing up with your hips as I sit.

This time I moan, one arm snakes around your neck as our kiss becomes deeper and our hips start moving. My other hand grasps the back of the chair....  I push down, you push up, I rotate my hips a little rocking back and forth,  slowly, our tongues match the pace set by out hips.  Your hands reach for my ass, grabbing it and holding it tightly as the pace starts to quicken.  I rock more violently as you push up off the chair each time, trying to get in that little bit deeper.

I break the kiss as I can feel me coming close, you tense up more as we rock back and forth. You hold me hard as you push up one more time, I close  my eyes and moan as I lose control, my body exploding as you climax deep inside me moaning with me. 

You hold me close as I rest my head on your shoulder, breathing heavy you are still buried in me, you can feel my post climax spasms, slowly getting softer.  

I build up the strength to stand, slowly as  I pull you out of me. I stand and take your hand, you look up at me as I pull you up.

Let's go to bed....