Written by luckyanrobbie

26 Jul 2014

And there you were, arms out stretched and welcoming as I walked into the main hall of the Gold Coast airport...I was tired...long flight....immigration..customs...it had all been demanding

Your gorgeous smile light up the room.....Then we were in each other's arms hugging and kissing, just holding on to each other.

You took my hand and lead me outside to the waiting taxis. There was the short drive to the hotel, then collapsing on the king size bed. I was too exhausted for any monkey business but just to hold you and cuddle you was so indescribably wonderful.

I had been away for three months and although I had had a wonderful time it was nice to be home and in the arms of this beautiful and amazing woman. We talked and dozed, then talked some more. Ordered room service and didn't go out much.

We stayed at the hotel for three nights, making love many times but really it was your company I enjoyed the most, your smile, your laughter, and our comfortable silences where I felt so relaxed.

It was around 2.00 am one night, we were both awake but drowsy when you told me more about Simon. How you had seen him another two times after your initial visit to his apartment. You told me what an awesome lover he was, his great tongue technique and his beautiful penis. I was so happy for you, and for me. I would always get so aroused when we discussed him.

It had concerned me that I felt this way towards him. It concerned me that it just wasn't "normal" to want the woman I loved to have awesome sex with another man. As always it was only after we had discussed it in great detail that I came to accept that it was just the way I am. As you said, "darling if it gave you pleasure for me to have sex with handsome men then it was ok by me." That was cute.

"Do you want to meet him," you asked over breakfast the next morning.

I pondered the question, it had been on my mind a bit lately...do I want to meet my partners lover?

Of course I wanted to meet the man who had given Simone so much pleasure while I was away

Of course I don't want to meet him cause he will be more handsome, younger and just plain better than me.

You had to prise out of me the fact that I was just plain scared of not being good enough compared to your younger lover.

"I would like you to meet him" you finally stated....."We are going through Brisbane on the way home tomorrow I will call him to see if he is free."

"Ok" I replied.

He met us at the door of his apartment and gave you gentle kiss on the lips.

Simon this is Ed.

We shock hands, he was as handsome as you had described. We stood awkwardly, facing each other. It was your laugh that broke the ice. You guys look so funny, then you hugged us both and started to kiss us playfully.

"I am the luckiest girl in the world" you exclaimed as you squeezed us both tighly.

"I am super horny and I want you two gorgeous men to satisfy my every need"

Your wish was our command.

I am going to let you two pamper me, caress me and fuck me repeatedly, now come here.

You grabbed us both and dragged us into the bedroom.

There was lots of laughter as you undressed us, but the laughter quieten down as your clothes dropped to the floor.

While Simon kissed your lips my hands were removing your cute little knickers.

I have always loved the fragrance of your pussy, the taste, the texture.

While you lay back and enjoyed Simons kisses, my tongue was exploring your pussy, licking, sucking, the way you liked it. I looked up to see Simons mouth on your nipples...so sexy

My fingers slid into your vagina, while I licked you. Your moans told me how much you enjoyed the attention of both of your men. As I caressed the inside of your vagina with my fingers, I reached up, took Simons hand and placed his fingers on your clit.

Your moaning increased in volume immediately. With both of us playing with your pussy it wasn't long before you shuddered, gasped loudly, then gushed a little into Simons hand

I licked you some more then slid my cock into your very wet pussy while you sucked Simons cock. I was so horny, your pussy felt wonderful and to look up and see your mouth around Simons cock.....this was heaven

You loved it when I would plank you, it was our variation of my gym exercise. I couldn't do it for more than 60 seconds however, it's very demanding. Supporting myself on my toes and hands so only my cock and your vagina were in contact....it was intense

It's an exhausting position however and I had to say to Simon, "your turn I need a break". He wriggled down the bed then got into position. He lifted your legs up high so that your knees were near your ears and so exposed your pussy to him. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of you was just breathtaking.

I could see he was giving you so much pleasure, the way you wrapped your legs around him, your moaning, I adored watching you both. We had spent a long time looking for a suitable fuck buddy and by the look of enjoyment on your face it seemed we had hit the jackpot with Simon.

Simons grunted loudly, held you firmly and then thrust his gorgeous cock deeply into your body, exhausted, he collapsed on top of you, I could see his semen dribbling out of your pussy when he rolled off. While he was getting his breath back I gently massaged your pussy with his semen, it made a great lubricant.

We are so lucky to have found Simon I told Simone on the drive back to Toowoomba. He is just perfect....

"I know" you replied.

We have been playing with Simon for a number of years now, we mostly go to see him in his apartment in Brisbane. However while I am away you and Simon regularly get together. Our boundaries have changed too, and sometimes you spend the night with Simon rather than drive home late on Saturday night. One boundary has never changed however....no sex before morning coffee.

Over the years over love making has improved as we discovered what each of us enjoys the most. Threesomes are still my favourite, even if I just watch, I am such a voyeur.

Today I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for having such a wonderful woman like Simone in my life.

I am grateful that we have found such a fantastic lover in Simon, and I am grateful for the ability to enjoy all our pleasures without guilt or jealousy.