You for Dessert... Romance

As very special evening at home...…

You (my husband) have just made us the most amazing meal. It tasted wonderful, and was complete with my own juices you creatively added after having made me cum like a perverted woman with your fingers as you prepared. I teased my husband during the cooking of dinner saying, “I want to taste you then for my dessert.” We played ‘footsie’ under the table as we ate and we maintained eye contact with both of us smiling all the way through our… Read more

Soiled and delicious... Romance

A most delicious afternoon to arrive home...…

My wife was in our “walk-in” robe as I entered our bedroom. I lean into the “walk-in” and kissed her, she smiled a cheeky smile and pulled away, “with you in a moment,” she said..

I spied, laying dishevelled, discarded on our unmade bed, were laying her pretty morning panties. A red lace and satin pair, I remember thinking they were so sexy on her arse. I had watched her pull them on this morning.
To me, this morning, they we… Read more

Mind Fuck # 3 - Spoiled Romance

She was addicted to his touch. He knew it, yet he was more so to her body. He worshipped her.…

It was her night to be spoiled, pampered, and to indulge her sensual self without concern for anything else but pure uninterrupted pleasure. Her man was ready, clean shaven, freshly showered, wearing nothing but underwear and her favorite cologne. His lean muscled body assured her that his Yang energies would draw out her Yin, once again into perfect rebalance.

The room where she was to be pampered was warm and dimly lit. A scented candle and… Read more

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Blue moon Romance

The city of raunchy…

The thing is women are so good at sizing up a mans mood.... I'd hot hauled down to the old lion the xu was parked and the sun was going down I pushed in through the glass windowed door big brass handles and I glance in looking for my friends and see a really good looking african american girl as I close the door she's way down the long bar and I look away and spy Craig and Kezza supping suds mates from way back a coopers with a dash o lime … Read more

If it really turns you on that much, then I think we should just do it... Romance

If it really turns you on that much, then I think we should just do it...

Date night…(Part 1)
The Preparation...
Entering the bathroom, I see you leaning forward onto the vanity, not yet in the new red dress I had seen you carry in earlier. For a moment I stop and just watch, you are so sexy in just your lace bra and panties, leaning forward over the vanity counter, carefully applying your makeup in the mirror, getting yourself ready fo… Read more

Lust ? Romance

She was to meet him in the gardens, behind the rotunda at exactly 12.15.
Their last meeting had been a short meeting. With only coffee and lots of flirting involved. There was a definite spark between the two which neither could ignore.
It was 12.10, her nerves were starting to play havoc with her mind and body. Scenarios were going through her head "what if he doesn't want me?" "What if he gets too rough, should I have told somebody?" "What … Read more

Shudder... Romance

You are sitting in a very busy coffee shop, but at a booth table tucked away in the corner. As I enter the coffee shop I look around and I notice you sitting at the table in the corner. I make my way through the crowd across the floor, all the way to your table, and not once taking my eye off you. You didn’t see me yet. I get to your table and I also order myself a drink.
We are chatting and laughing as I slide my hand up and down your thigh s… Read more

I'mmm Back! Romance

When I arrived back at our weekend cabin recently, I found that wife had fallen asleep on the main bed…and she was almost completely naked!!
My wife only had on her cossie top, pulled up to reveal her breasts, and her legs were spread wide open! I have no idea what she was doing before I got home (Well actually I did, haha)…but her pussy lips were parted open slightly, and glistening wet…Her cossie bottom lay loose spread, tossed onto th… Read more

Dangerous Liaisons Romance

Dangerous Liaisons

The rendezvous - a park. The uncertainty made them both very nervous. Pulses racing. No descriptions given. The abyss. The unknown. The dangers that lied beyond. Yet they were both there - willing to take a chance. The thrill, the excitement, the moment - all far too much to turn down. The complication of determining who among the throng of people at the park was the one with the flame in their belly to pursue such madnes… Read more

She is hot Romance

I'm dripping wet erect stimulated heart pumping as I round the massage table her purple vulva and piercing a visual delight spidery clear webs of precumm clinging to her labia and the top of her dark tanned thighs ....I slowly drag the cold fork from her perineum through her anus and along her spine to her neck she inhales sharply and raises her muscular butttocks brown leather belt smacks down onto her labia and she moans and squirms agai… Read more

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Baby doll nightie Romance

I told my Ric that I had left my baby doll nightie, freshly covered in cum, over at my new studs home. Ric was disappointed I could not wear it all wet and spunky for him later tonight, so I asked Ric to drive me back over, as we later went out to visit friends for dinner, so I could pick my spunky, wet, teddy up for him. I made sure Ric's cock was rock hard as he ran me over there. I was rubbing Ric through his jeans … whispering in his ea… Read more

Another life? Romance

We once swam together, you and I;
In some viscous, tropic sea, aglow
With phosphorescence; corals spread
In vivid chaos, like rumpled bedding
Beneath our naked bodies.

I felt your legs brush mine; soft
As the touch of lapping wavelets and so
I stroked your stomach, watching
As your wriggled, magic sea-thing
Beckoning me to follow as you swam to shore

Where, caressed by wavelets, you took me
Into your being, rising and falling with … Read more

The Musician Romance

Written for Mrs—, in appreciation
FP (NormLindsayadmirer)

“This is ridiculous,” she thought. It was the fifth time she had checked the bedroom. Would he even notice the trouble she had taken. Don, her husband, would of course. And even though he knew that she knew his interest was only perfunctory he was always sweet enough to compliment her and kiss her on the cheek.

A plain, pearl grey doona cover and pillow set; abso… Read more

Valentines surprise Romance

It had been a few days now since my hubby left for business to Japan, of all the days he decided it was a good idea to leave me by myself for Valentine. I decided to make the best out of it, planned to rent a movie and have some nice takeaway...what else would a mid 40's woman do all by herself on Valentine. The day before Valentine I went to check my mailbox (not the electronic one :)) and amongst the post was a big white envelop, addressed to S… Read more

This all started from an erotic dream I had. Romance

This all started from an erotic dream I had.
I awoke one morning, erection rigid and the most erotic visions, still wildly vivid in my mind. I rolled into a spooning position behind Shona, with that I open her arse cheeks and press my erect cock against her inner warmth. I pressed against her and she presses sexily back.
Mmmmm, she murmured, nice dream? Shona asks as she softly grinds her arse onto my erection, her eyes remaining closed.
D… Read more

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Never say never my love (part 2) Romance

Another day in suburbia, the early morning sun and intensity of its warmth through the bedroom window indicated another scorcher in Brisbane. Millie rose and showered, enjoying the pounding of the water on her arching body and washing the scent of sex from her tired pussy. Her long blonde hair wrapped around her ample curves and the lubricant and cum from her locks. She wrapped the towel around her body noticing her reflection in the mirror,… Read more

Please, have me eat you... Romance

My wife straddled my legs and leaned forward. Her soft breasts hung over my thighs. My wife swayed them from side to side and her breasts gently smacked my hardened cock. My teasing wife stroked along my hardness with her nipples. I groaned and moaned my pleasure. Drops of leaking excited precum flowed. My wife smeared my oozing precum on her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmm I love your warm precum on my nipples, don't you? I love how wet it feel… Read more

Never say never my love Romance

Mike touched her face and stroked her long blonde hair, Millie purred and felt his love engulf her mind. His long lean body she eagerly touched, caressing his back while smelling his masculine scent and she rubbed her face into the long soft grey hair on his strong chest. Millie reached and pulled his face to her nibbling his full bottom lip and flicking her tongue to meet his, then swirling and entwining their tongues and their lips into … Read more

Deep Dreaming Romance

Miranda breathed deeply, her heart beat pulsing as her mind buzzed. Her lover kissed her wet lips gently nuzzling them open with her eager tongue and Miranda surrendered herself to the hot wetness of Megs mouth, her tongue darting and seeking a response....which she gratefully gave. Meg stroked Miranda's hair moving her hand gracefully to her pert breasts which were small and sweet and there they lingered until Meg could feel the pink nipples h… Read more

Lust & Passion part 1 Romance

It’s a warm night in Brisbane, the lights are bright people are out and we have just finished an enjoyable dinner. I offer you to come to my place to sample some home made chocolate ice cream cake. As we walk and talk I can’t stop looking at you, enjoying the sight next to me. Your body, your smile, your laugh…intoxicating.
We reach my apartment, you take off your jacket and we walk to the kitchen and you ask where the plates are. As I get… Read more

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the accidental swinger Romance

my wife and I went to a swingers meetup in Perth but didn't like it that much. The men were too hungry, it was all just too obvious and predictable for us.

We are very erotic and have a really sexy background when we were younger. We have had a threesome with a friend and it much more fun than a prearranged, predetermined thing. He was kind of shocked at first when I made the suggestion and soon got into the right frame of mind and fucked my p… Read more

My husband begs me to talk filth as ... Romance

My husband begs me to talk filth as we are have oral sex. I will oblige and constantly tell him how delicious his cock tastes between my drooling and sucking. I will not simply say "your cock tastes great" I feel a naughty need to be creative and say things like "Oh baby, this goddamn fucking hard on of yours has got my cunt so fucking gooey and wet." He loves me to kneel between his legs while he is flat, naked, and on his back. My luscious … Read more

We parked the car and stepped out... Romance

We parked the car and stepped out into the sweltering heat of the day. The heat seemed to radiate off the bare rocky ground, the water in the bay before us was beguiling, best of all, it appeared we had the water below, exclusively to ourselves.

"I am soooo excited," My wife said.

"Me too, I need to get into that beautiful water," I replied.

"I want to swim naked!" My wife surprisingly said out loud. She was not normally a naturist, but… Read more

A day at the footy Romance

I thought about you sitting with a few friends watching a football game. You're all sitting on the fence, with you legs locked over the middle bar and you arms draped over the top. You hang back off the rails sometimes letting your long hair catch the breeze.

Sometimes the game catches you attention and you point out onto the field, but I really can't tell as I can only see you from behind. Your shoulders are bare and you're wearing a skirt an… Read more

I relished how the feeling of his thick bare cock... Romance

For a moment, I relished how the feeling of his thick bare cock sliding against my slick pussy lips made me reckless. “I want to be inside you,” he said to me. I felt a dizzying freedom simply for having told the truth, dimly aware of my earlier warning to him. “But… I… I could…” As these objections and more died on my lips, I found myself reaching between the two of us to grasp his straining cock, and he raised himself obligingly. … Read more

Girls Lunch ......Part 3 Final Romance

Nikky was standing over me and her erect nipples were beyond my reach.

Then it happened, i could feel his cock start to throb inside me as his cum raced up the shaft, my orgasm was starting, so i slammed my full body weight down on his cock. I thought i was going to split but my orgasm started. I was aware that Nikky was working my body, i could feel her sucking my nipples, caressing my clit and then pulling my hair and tickling my arse. My bo… Read more

Girls Lunch ......Part 2 Romance

....her face.

She hadnt forgotten me, i felt her fingers probing my bra.
" Penny ! What in hells name are you wearing !" She whispered in my ear. I giggled and explained that the old materity bra allowed her to open to have skin on skin access to my boobs and nipples. Nikky said "what a smart idea " as she undid the flap and cup my boob in her hand. I had to lean forward against the table so we couldnt be seen. I never realised how soft and… Read more

Girls Lunch ......Part 1 Romance

Hi my names Penny and this is the start of my story, after rereading my words I can say this is the start of a better life. It was a hot summers day and Nikky and had arranged to have lunch at our favourite little restaurant near my home. I liked the banquette style seating and the starched white table clothes, they use beautiful wine and water glasses as well.

Nikky has been my best friend since school and we are both nearing the mid-forti… Read more

paul's not home cum in Romance

My mate Paul and I have known each other since kinder. Birthdays Christmas etc were always spent together. His mom has ginormous boobs which seem to struggle to stay in her shirt. Although I suspect she had seen me look and never said anything but a smile, recently when I went over..

I knocked on the door. She answered and invited me in because she had sent Paul for eggs and milk. So I went in. She led me into the kitchen and popped them out.… Read more

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The Cougar got me Romance

There I was at the hotel bar. My friend who going go go with me to the football called in sick. What to do? Do I go to the game? Call it a night? I decided to finish my drink and see. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her come across. She leant over my shoulder letting her scent do its work on my penis which responded in the appropriate manner. She whispered the room number in my ear. "Give me five to powder my nose." She was late forties possibl… Read more

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