7 Feb 2016

....her face.

She hadnt forgotten me, i felt her fingers probing my bra.

" Penny ! What in hells name are you wearing !" She whispered in my ear. I giggled and explained that the old materity bra allowed her to open to have skin on skin access to my boobs and nipples. Nikky said "what a smart idea " as she undid the flap and cup my boob in her hand. I had to lean forward against the table so we couldnt be seen. I never realised how soft and sensual her hands are. She gentley cupped my boob and massaged my nipples between her fingers, i was melting at her touch. She leaned over and said "this would be better in my mouth" my answer was caught in my throat somewhere!

Her hand left my nipple and found my pussy where she started to make little circles over my clit. I was in raptures but couldnt show. By now we were on our third bottle and finished the main meal. The young waiter took our dessert order. He was a good looking kid of about 22 and with a large package in his pants.

Wanting to know Nikky's sexual boundaries and both having consumed to much wine. I propositioned Nikky and said " i'll pay for lunch if you tease the waiter and give him a blow job" to my surprise Nikky ageed. I called the young waiter over and Nikky whispered in his ear. The look of first shock then eagerness was astounding. He lead us both to the accessible bathroom, it was bug enough for all 3 of us.

Nikky went to undo his belt but i said that was my honour as ut was my idea. I kneeled on the floor in front of him and Nikky came up behind me to caress my boobs. I could see the huge bulge in his pants so i quickly undid his belt and fly and wiggled his undies down. Out came this giant cock. It was enormous, smooth and rock hard he was also uncut. I took the head if his cock in my hand and slide his foreskin back, precum rushed to the tip. Being playful i took his precum on my finger a reached and wiped it on Nikky's lips. Her body shook with antcipation. It was to much for our young friend and filled my hand with his cum.

I said to Nikky that we will have to start from scratch. So we sat him down on the floor and Nikky and i traded places. She went down on her knees and started to stroke his cock, licking the tip and underside and stretching his balls. I had never ever seen this side if Nikky and become so aroused i had to join in !

I postioned myself behind Nikky and lifted her light dress. I could see her lovely pussy through her ripped knickers. Nikky wiggled her arse to get my attention. So i removed what was left of her knickers and opened pussy lips gently and lovingly. I slipped to fingers into Nikky and felt her hips rise, so i added 2 more fingers abd started to thrust them in and out. If its possible her pussy got hotter wetter and more open her hips were miving more.

At the ofher end she had iur friend hard again. He was softly moaning as she worked her mouth up and down his was amazing she was taking aĺl that cock down her throat. I now had her rythm and was almost fisting her but i needed to give more so i started to rim her arse....she was koving all so much, her back kept arching up and her thighs were quivering.

I dont know who was the first to cum, im pretty sure it was equal. Our young friend was panting on the floor. Nikky reached round and pulled me to her. She kissed my mouth and passed so mm e of his cum to me. " Friends share" she laughed.

" Well then its my turn " remember i havent really had and sex yet just my clit being pleasured without cuming. I asked our waiter friend if he could go again. He agreed is i stroked that magnificent cock till he was hard, then i whipped off my thong and straddled him.

I knew he was big but my pussy twinged as i rode him. Thank goodness i did take him anally as i was horny enough to do, Nikky cam behind me and kissed my neck what a feeling. His big cock filled me he was very young so had the power to stay hard. I raised and lowered my body feeling his cock deep inside me. It had been a long time since i had a cock this good. My mouth wanted to suck but