Written by MsD (MrMsD)

28 Aug 2016

Another day in suburbia, the early morning sun and intensity of its warmth through the bedroom window indicated another scorcher in Brisbane. Millie rose and showered, enjoying the pounding of the water on her arching body and washing the scent of sex from her tired pussy. Her long blonde hair wrapped around her ample curves and the lubricant and cum from her locks. She wrapped the towel around her body noticing her reflection in the mirror, her green eyes red from drinking and small bruises on her breasts, necks and thighs from her lover’s passionate kisses and bites. She entered the bedroom, her lover still slept locked into his dreams, mumbling and snoring intermittently as light filled the room. Millie sat on the edge of the bed toweling her hair and then applying moisturiser to her face and body. She eased herself back into bed, conscious of the need to dress and work, but overcome with the feeling to be lost in the warmth of her lover again. She lied next to Mike, using her fingers to stroke the curve of his back and stoke softy his beautiful hips while nuzzling in to soft fur on his back and smelling his scent, she sighed and thought of their first online encounter. The couple they had been conversing on through Swingers for many weeks came for dinner and drinks. Mike and her had been both nervous and excited at the thought of meeting and hoped that the attraction was mutual and play would equally be as comfortable as their chatting online. Millie greeted George and Sue at the front door, kissing both on the cheeks and quickly ushering them into the living room. Mike was in the kitchen preparing light refreshments, his hands shaking as he poured the hot water into the teapot. It had been a while since he played in his early thirties, now 50 he had nearly forgotten the sweet yet salty taste of cum and longed to suck cock in the most wicked way. As for Millie, she had never played so he was unsure of her reaction especially when he devoured hot throbbing cock in front of her, yet he was excited at the thought of showing his expertise and enjoyment. Mike could feel his cock and balls growing as his heart beat quicken and adrenaline surged through his veins. Millie held the conversation keenly watching the couple and noting the qualities that made them both engaging and attractive. Mike entered the room, pushing a trolley filled with yummy refreshments to sustain them into the evening. There was a knock at the door and Millie rose, excusing herself and commenting that she had a surprise quest as she exited. Mike laughed nervously knowing Millie liked sharing little surprises, never would she be a dull woman and he loved her for it, but his nervousness never the less was growing. Mike continued speaking with George and Sue and found George interesting, long black hair with a hint of silver, tied back into a ponytail and dark almond shaped eyes rimmed by lines showed he had lived and Mike knew that he would enjoy play with this exotic man. Sue was seriously Aussie with blue eyes and cropped hair with an easy going smile and curvy shape and he felt comfortable with her and hoped that she would enjoy his hard cock. His lusty thoughts were interrupted when Millie entered the room with a tall leggy blonde, her friend Debbie from work. Debbie was perfect in every way, her breasts were large and Mike noticed her nipples were hard through her top, her legs were long and tanned, very muscular in fact. Millie introduced Debbie to George and Sue and turned to Mike. Millie launched into the reason for inviting Debbie, “Debbie had some unique qualities that I thought we might all like to share ” Mike cleared his throat waiting for George and Sue’s reaction first before commenting. George grabbed Sue’s hand and asked if she was comfortable, she nodded and said yes my love, let’s just play, I love a surprise.

The night proceeded well, the couples plus one were immersed in conversation and good wine. Sue rose and sat next to Mike, patting his leg initially and then running her hand to his crotch. Nice balls Mike, how’s your cock, it’s about time you let us ladies play with you. Mike heard George laugh, George said mate when my wife wants sex, no use holding back, just enjoy it, but remember leave some cock for me. Mike rose and starting to strip, he was nervous but knew his cock was now hard and ready for play. Sue stayed sitting but removed her top and bra and keenly waited to bounce on Mike’s cock. Debbie taking the opportunity moved to stand in front of George, similarly she removed her top to reveal large firm breasts and started to pinch the nipples, George smiled and tuned to Sue – asking is it all right my love, Sue nodded and said enjoy baby. With this confirmation George rose to stand against Debbie he touched her nipples and lowered his head to suck these delicious morsels, he heard her groan. Mike turned to face Sue and she looked at his large cut cock and licked her lips as her head moved forward, she grabbed his arse and pulled him forward then placed his cock in her open eager mouth. Sue nibbled the tip, running her tongue down his shaft and tasting the yummy precum that Millie had spoken about. She felt him getting harder and groaning louder, from the corner of her eye she saw Debbie now sucking her husband’s cock, but now where could she see Millie. George was going to explode, Debbie sucking his cock was unreal, dam off the chart with sensations, she started to finger his arse and he clinched as her fingers entered his hole, omg this was great and just when he thought he couldn’t take any more she licked the rim of his hole and poked her tongue in…swirling it in his hole at punishing pace. George lifted her skirt wanting to feel her wet pussy, his hands stroking her strong thighs until he reached their summit. He edged her panties open and snuck his fingers in to delight in her wetness. She was wet from precum with a surprise, a large uncut cock stiff from excitement. George had always been proud of his bisexuality and open with Sue about his experiences and love for men, but he had never had a tranny before and wanted to take advantage of this moment, bless Millie for this. He said to Debbie, hey honey take off your clothes, I want you to be proud of your body and let me play with all of your beauty. Debbie was happy and stripped, George edged her down onto the lounge, he licked her hard cock and played with her breasts, he wanted to fuck her but not on his list of activities planned for tonight. Debbie groaned and just loved the taste of George’s arse and cock and wanted more, she begged him to sit on her face and he obliged. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked the man juices as they flowed and then gushed over her chin and she gladly swallowed what remained. George was elated and exhausted so collapsed for a brief moment, with enough energy remaining to finger Debbie until to his delight her arse hole exploded, bringing her cock along for a delicious wet ride.

Mike was enjoying the oral with Sue, now locked in an oral embrace head to toe, her juices were delicious, her and equally she enjoyed licking his cock. Sue felt his tongue run up and down her dripping wet pussy, his fingers exploring her cunt and sending tremors up her uterus and blowing her mind. His naughty nibbles on her cunt lips, teasing her and making her hips thrust against his face. Mike want her cum, he launched into his final attack on her clit, focussing his tongue and its strength on making her cum and it worked, he felt it harden and her breath became louder, her hips jerked and the cum squirted from her cunt into his open mouth and he gladly took it all in. They laid for a long time, although his sperm was not spent, he was tired from the intensity of the exertion’. He looked over to George who winked at him and then he looked at Debbie, what the hell! Debbie was a tranny, Millie was certainly good at surprises, but where was she, certainly not in the room. George rose and went over to his wife and gently covered her with a blanket while she rested and kissed her swollen lips. He lowered himself to the floor in front of Mike and said mate I hope you have left some juice for me, I have enough energy to blow your load and I want to do it now. Mike smiled as George lowered his mouth onto his growing cock and started to lick and suck him, dam he was good and he just let the sensations overwhelm any other concerns at that moment, although in there was a creeping concern for his lover, this woman who secretly won his heart many years ago. To be continued!