22 Aug 2016

My wife straddled my legs and leaned forward. Her soft breasts hung over my thighs. My wife swayed them from side to side and her breasts gently smacked my hardened cock. My teasing wife stroked along my hardness with her nipples. I groaned and moaned my pleasure. Drops of leaking excited precum flowed. My wife smeared my oozing precum on her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmm I love your warm precum on my nipples, don't you? I love how wet it feels? Do you love your warm precum, wet, on my hard nipples?"

"Yes, yes I do" I said

"Do you want to lick the sticky warm precum off my nipples, will you do that?" My wife asked?

" Fuck yes" I said back to her.

My lascivious wife rubbed her nipples all over my dripping cock wetness, then my bold wife crawled up and pressed her nipples to my lips.

"Do you want to lick that precum now? Say it." She giggled.

"Yes, I want to taste myself, I want to lick my precum from your hard nipples." I said, her wet glistening nipple suspended, directly over my mouth.

"Say please, "Please let me taste my precum." She teasingly continued.

"Please, let me taste my precum." I begged.

"Well then, since you asked," My wife said. She lowered her wet nipple into my mouth. I licked my own precum and then sucked her hardened nipple into my mouth, savouring the salty wet taste.

"Do you like it?" My wife asked, smiling.

"Yes baby, I love it." I said

"Do you want to taste more?"

"Yes please, I do." I said, knowing my cock was hard throbbing and well dripping.

My wife brought both breasts back to my cock head and lubricated them again, she then brought them wet and sticky, back to my mouth.

In her next movement, My wife straddled my chest, she checked my bondage wrist straps for tightness. I could definitely not, move my hands or my legs.

"Do you know what I was reading recently?" my wife asked.

"No, what?" I replied.

"I read a story that you posted online. It was called "Feed me"

I stared blankly, I'd forgotten that my horny wife read and masturbated to my SwingersHeaven stories sometimes. But she remembered that one.

"Uhhh yes well..." I stammered.

"Do you remember writing that story, do you remember what it was about?" As My wife questioned me, my wife was humping her open, excited vagina over the head and shaft of my cock, but not actually inserting me into her body.

"Yes, I remember." I admitted.

"It was about some guy and his sexy wife, how she sucked his cock, and then he fucked her hard. But especially the way he wanted to eat her pussy after he orgasmed inside her. Do you remember that, baby? Do you remember how he ate her pounded pussy and sucked his thick creamy cum out of her open, hot, freshly spermed, vagina?"

"Uhh..Y..Yes...I remember, but it was just a story that I made up, No one really, I don't really...."

"Shhhhh" My dominant wife whispered. You just licked and sucked your horny precum off of my nipples didn't you? didn't you just love it?" Your cock certainly says "yes"

"Yes but.." I said

"But what?" My wife said as she again naughtily smiled down at me.

"Precum it's not a full load, it's not cum, it's just precum" I said.

"Do you like the way my excited cunt lips are teasing your cock head right now?" She asked.

"Yes, oh yes I do" I stammered.

"Do you want me to ride you, to fuck you, and bring you to orgasm?" Would your cock like to fill me? she asked. My wife sexily leant forward, I would like you to flood me with gallons of your cum, my wife whispered into my ear...

"I..need, I want, god, I want to fuck you" I said straight back.

"Then you can't hold out on me. You are going to cum inside me, deeply inside me, and then I am going to "pussy ride" your manly face and your sweet mouth, you, my subdued husband, are going to eat and suck your thick cum out of me, until I say, "I've had enough, it is all gone baby" I am going to orgasm myself, I am going to cum all over your face as I ride, Do you understand?"

"I, I am not sure I want to eat.."

"Shhhh...yes you do baby. You will want a mouth full of strong cum, and I am going to feed you. I read all your stories, in nearly half of them you have a desire to suck "slut fucking" cum out of me. And tonight, my sexy, hard cocked darling, is the night, you eat cum!" She cried out, laughing.

I was nervous, but fucking excited. I really had wanted this to happen, I really knew I did. I wanted her to mercilessly "cunt fuck" my face, forcing me to eat any hot jism and now it was finally going to happen, I wouldn't stop it, I wanted it, so badly! I was bound to the bed, so couldn't just get up and leave, but I would never has missed this moment.

My wife had planned this very well.

My wife finally buried my cock, to the balls, riding up and down, taking her own sweet time. She leaned forward and kissed me. My wife held my face as she sucked my tongue. My wife made her tongue stiff and began to "tongue fuck" my mouth. "If I had a cock I would fuck your mouth like this, she said to me. Mmmm, my sexy man, and I would cum squirting my thick cum on your lips" My dirty wife now licked down to my hard nipples, she began to suck them. My nipples, were so hard and excited. My wife pushed her hips down and impaled herself, even harder, onto my cock. My wife slid down and back up, the full length of my raging sexual organ, all the while sucking my hardened nipples.

"Do you like that baby? Do you like your excited nipples sucked?"

"God, yes, you sexy animal, I love it." I urged her on...

My wife impaled herself again and again, then she surprisingly, climbed off.

My wife slid up my body and positioned herself, opening her pussy lips, over my mouth. My wife lowered herself, her wet parted cunt lips covered, smothered my face. I rolled my head to suck her sweetness. My wife pressed down harder and "pussy fucked" my face, as I licked her to an orgasm.

"Mmmm, oh yes, lick up, lick way up inside me. Yes, like that, Ohhh yessss" She cooed. I continued to probe my tongue about, along her wet lips and deep inside her, she rode me to a quaking orgasm, taking her time and her full pleasure. My beautiful wife's orgasm subsided and she slid down my body, her breasts on my chest.

"That is how I'm going to fuck you next time," My wife said as she licked at my lips, surely tasting herself there, "but next time, I will be full of your fuck juice. baby. If you ever want this level of hot sex with me, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are regularly going to eat my cream filled pussy. Do you agree?" She demanded.

"Yes, I agree" I said, still tasting her excited wet orgasm on my tongue. My heart, and my cock, still pounded with raging excitement. I loved having this excited, raw, dirty sex with her. My wife slid down me again, licking my nipples and sliding her vagina lips over the head of my penis. My precum oozed and made the contact so, super slippery.

"Oohhh baby, your cock head is so hot on my little clitty, I want to fuck myself on your hard cock. May I baby, may I please? May I? May I fuck myself with your hot cock?"

"God yes, oh God please." I was begging now...

"I will baby, I will now, I will fuck myself with your fat cock, and then you will flood me, you will squirt hot thick cum up into me, the same thick cum that you will eat. Say it!"

"It will be the same hot thick cum, that I will suck out of your fucked cunt. I will, I said. Please make me, make me eat it, please feed that creamy pussy to me. Feed me my own thick hot cum."

My wife groaned as she fed my cock into her body, all the way, then all the way to the top of my cock again. My wife pressed forward, beginning to fuck me hard, her cunt was like a wet slippery hot tunnel of lust, fucking my soul. I couldn't hold back, I couldn't hold back, even if I wanted, I felt my orgasm coming up from my toes, " I'm, I'm going to cum, I'm going to blow my balls into your sweet little cunt!" I cried out.

"Oh baby shoot, shoot your hot creamy juices into me, squirt all your hot cum, The cum you are going to eat, say it out loud to me, as you cum, say it as you cum!" She demanded.

"Yes, oh fuck yes, I'm going to eat cum... eat it all...!" I began to groan, thrust and squirt, shooting ribbons of my hot cum deep into her body, so many electric jolts of cum! My body jerked, bucking with an entire body orgasm. My wife squealed and rode, "oh yes baby, fill me, fill me... I feel the heat of your cum. Fuck that is hot cum, oh fuck baby, shoot all your hot spunk into me!" She cried out loud...driving hard...

I was fucked, completely fucked and spent as my wife finally slid up my body, "Eat me, eat me now, baby." She whispered into my ear. My wife squatted on her knees, over my face, as she held onto the head board. I couldn't move anywhere, not that I would have, as my sexy wife knelt above my face, opening her pussy with her hand and lowering herself, beginning to ride, sliding along my face with her open, fresh fucked pussy. She was so wet, so slick and slippery, she had the strong intense smell of cum inside her, mixed with her sweet orgasmic juices. My wife began to lather my face with her pussy, as I eagerly and obediently licked and sucked at her drenched hole. I ate, I feasted. I swallowed my thick cum, as never before. My wife blissfully face fucked me. My wife quivered as she rode herself to blinding orgasm on my face. Her intense womanly orgasm, splashed my face, mingled and mixed with my strong cum.

After catching her exhausted breath, my wife slid down to my sticky wet cock, she sucked my cock into her throat, cleaning and pleasing my organ. "That is your reward for being such a fucking sexy man, such a sexy cum eating man" My wife said, before again swallowing my entire wet, cum cock, once more. I loved having my creamy cock in her soft mouth, but having just exhaustingly orgasmed myself, I was only getting softer. My wife then untied my legs, and then my wrists and collapsed beside me.

We lay there, both of us exhausted, both of us with wet faces and we smiled.