2 Oct 2016

This all started from an erotic dream I had.

I awoke one morning, erection rigid and the most erotic visions, still wildly vivid in my mind. I rolled into a spooning position behind Shona, with that I open her arse cheeks and press my erect cock against her inner warmth. I pressed against her and she presses sexily back.

Mmmmm, she murmured, nice dream? Shona asks as she softly grinds her arse onto my erection, her eyes remaining closed.

Dreamily Shona asked, will you whisper your dream to me?

So my words just flowed.........

As my erotic dream story unwinds, we both quickly begin to get so turned on & before long we are feverishly feeling each other up. Our sexual excitement becomes so intense, I grab some gel & smear it on my fingers, my hand is straight on Shona’s pussy & I start vigorously rubbing her up. Shona is laid back her right hand firmly wrapped around my erect cock, her body begins to writhe against my roaming, exploring fingers, the excitement of my erection in her hand, her sexy mind’s dirty imaginings began to verbally spill from her sweet lips adding to the telling of my dream.

I continued on, so in my dream Shona you are blindfolded, splayed, belly down, across the bed, dressed for our visual excitement in a red corset and black lace underwear. You have previously encouraged, no instructed me, to invite various men to join us. You want to be wanted, and you want no choice in which men I chose. Shona wanted the men to be completely anonymous to her. Shona wanted to be completely unaware of their ages, bodies, faces, names, etc. “My only interest would be the surprise of sizes and number of cocks” she said.

Shona now continues, “I want to be sexily laid out flat on the bed, on my belly, when the men enter, my body a willing offering as they undress, my waiting in anticipation, laid like that, will turn me on, baby. I will be so getting so fucking wet as I hear them, talking about me, getting naked and then finally starting on me”

As I continued whispering my dream to Shona she is adding to my dream, she begins to share her sweet fantasies. As we lay together sharing thoughts Shona is whimpering & grinding her hips, driving her body towards an impending orgasm. Shona rode my hand, guiding my touch, not too fast, not too slow, a little higher, a little lower. Shona wanted this burgeoning orgasm to build, nice and slow, riding the wave of her wild fantasy into a long and intense orgasm.

In her fantasy murmurings, Shona wanted to be used, she wanted to be taken, the centre of all the pleasure. My mind is on fire as I hear her saying “I want to suck cock, to be pounded, to be thrust into, to be pushed and pulled about, hotly desired, and just - "well fucked” Shona continued on. “I want to take cock after cock, all those cocks, driving into me, turning me on, but most of all I want to cum, I want orgasms” Shona wanted to extract them from her unknown men, she wanted her own mind blown, she wanted to cum, and she wanted to eventually be left in an exhausted tussle of sheets and men.

At this point Shona intensely orgasmed on my fist, she groaned out loudly, raised her hips, grabbed my fist and drove against me hard.

The moment her orgasm had subsided sufficiently, I could not contain myself, I spread her legs, drove my cock in and I furiously fucked her.

As we both come down from our climaxing Shona whispers softly in my ear how much she gets turned on by my dreams, how she loves sharing them with me.

But it’s not over yet, we have finished our fucking but Shona continues her fantastic fantasy. Shona tells me how she wants the men to leave, she does not want to know them, she has used their cocks and they have used her body, but then it would be done and in the afterglow of such an intense fucking and sucking session Shona just wants to remove the blindfold, to lay only with me, exhausted in my arms, the only remaining visible evidence of the male visitors.......

A delicious stack of used and full condoms...delicious toys, for a little later...