Written by swingers32

27 Sep 2010

my wife had arrange to meet a guy for lunch and a afternoon of fun, i was also lined up to meet a single lady for the afternoon to, so it came as some surprise, when my wife was at my meeting place before me, her date had been a total flop, as we talked my lady turned up , so we sat drinking a coffee and chatted about my wifes stuffed afternoon, but deciced to head back to our place any way , we soon stood chatting and playing half naked, kind of heading for the cool pool out back, but my wife headed for my cock in stead and gave me a good sucking, within seconds we were on the bed going wild, our guest had never had a bi 3 some and wasnt even thinking of going that way, but soon as hands and mouths started heading south, all thoughs of stopping disapeared from her head, being more experianced my wife started to lick her pussy as my cock slipped in and out of a new found mouth, it wasnt long before Lissy, our friend was on her knees 69 ing my wife and me fucking her doggy, between us we did every thing we could to lizzy and more, fingering and fucking each and every hole, until she exploded in one almight orgasmy, then gale got her toys out and we started on lizzy again, this time dp ing her pussy and arse with toys and cocks, all the time Gale getting a good licking, at one time she had 2 vibs in her and my cock wedged in her mouth, she took all we give her and it seemed possible some more too, I switched my cock to gales wet pussy and fucked her hard, knowing she was ready to blow, and she did, with lizzy licking hard on her clit as my cock exploded deep in her, soon my cucm was running out straight into lizzys mouth as she lapped it all up..

I watched as the girls played with one another, for some time, and felt my cock growing once more, it was soon grabbed and slipped into lizzys pussy , and made to feel welcome,

all up we must have played for 3 hours or so, and ended with Lizzy screaming as she hit one last and huge cum, that was to much for me and she felt my cock shoot hard inside her now swollon pussy,

as she left she looked and said , she had never felt so well and truly fucked before, roll on the next time