Written by only4fun

26 Nov 2013

True story, only names changed.

Now and then we make the few hour trip to the house of a couple who we are friends with to play around a bit. We met them on this site and got along great! Sometimes they come to our place, other times we make the trip down to them.

This time it was the 30th birthday of Loz, James's girlfriend. My wife Jade and I (Daniel) made to trip to their place for the weekend.

The plan was for the four of us to have a bit of fun together on the Friday night then enjoy the costume party for Loz's birthday the next night. Loz is a slim girl with great tits. Both of which are pierced. James is fit with a dick that seems to make my wife very happy each time we meet up with them!

On Friday night I tried my best not to drink too much as I didn't want to be too hung over to have a big night Saturday. We all agreed that a semi early night would be smart.

With dinner out of the way we headed to the rumpus room where James put on some tunes and the girls danced. I can't say I remember a massive amount of what happened that night. I remember Loz was wearing nothing but a fishnet bodystocking over her awesome body. I also remember my wife going down on Loz on the couch as a bit of a birthday gift. What a site... I'm lucky enough to have a photo of that happening.

Saturday: Well I had been a good boy the night before it seemed as I wasn't hung over and I was very keen to drink heavily! The four of us got in costume. My wife and I were dressed as pirates, James as Ali G and Loz as a very sexy Alice (wizard of Oz). James, Jade and I were all enjoying how VERY short Loz's blue and white dress was. A slight bend and her bright red underwear was there for all to see. I wondered what her family members who were coming would think of this. Guests started to arrive and the drinks were going down so well! A cute hippy girl had caught my attention. She was tattooed with black dreadlocks, piercings all over and glasses. We chatted away in the kitchen while the guests speared from room to room. Dancing to music down stairs, smoking outside and chit chat in the kitchen and lounge room.

I made my way down stairs to where I found Loz. She told my wife and I that the hippy worked as a stripper part time. Awesome I remember thinking! A while later most of the family members had left and some of the other guests also. A few more drinks and dancing and I find out my wife had been chatting to the hippy girl and sorted out a bit of a lap dance for Loz, James and I a bit later on. Something to look forward to I thought. My wife had been dancing on and off with many people but often with Loz's brother who was dressed as an army man. They were getting closer as the night went on and while Loz and I watched on from the couch next to the dance floor they kissed! Loz was very shocked and thought this might upset me. Very much the opposite, what a turn on!

It was apparently time for the lap dance so Loz and I stayed where we were seated and enjoyed the show. James came to join us leaving the music to someone else.

I could still see my wife dancing with the army man and I caught her eye long enough to gesture that she should take him upstairs to the spare room we were staying in for the weekend. Off they went. To have a smoke I thought? Or was he also keen to take things further?

I sat back feeling very excited. Partly because of the lap dance I was getting from this cute hippy but mostly thinking about what my wife was up to with this man she'd just met. I enjoyed the lap dance with Loz and James a little longer. The hippy had her top off by now. Nice little boobs, a very slim and neat little package she was.

It was now time to go looking for my wife I thought. Leaving James and Loz to enjoy their cute hippy friend. I snuck upstairs and turned off the hallway light so when I opened the bedroom door the light wouldn't make them aware I was there or freak him out. The army man didn't know the arrangement my wife and I have. I could hear moans through the door WoW It's on! I opened the door and as planned no extra light entered the dimly lit room and I quickly shut the door behind me. I was already pretty hard just thinking about what my wife was doing but when I saw, I was rock hard!

I sat down against the wall at the foot of the bed and was treated with the sight of my wife and her army man completely naked, him on top thrusting away fast! Her legs high in the air. These two didn't waste anytime. He was younger then my wife and really enthusiastic. I sat back and filmed what I was seeing on my phone. She was so loud. Clearly he was doing a good job. Eventually Jade noticed me over the shoulder of her army man. She rolled out from under him, pushed him back onto the bed and began to ride his cock hard and fast.

It was then Jade told her army man that I was watching but he was too drunk I think to really take in what she was saying.

I went over to join them, stripping off as I walked. He finally noticed me and gave a smile. Not deterred by my presence at all.

Jade slid up his chest resting her pussy on his mouth which he eagerly went to work on with both his tongue and fingers. Jade leaned over the side of the bed and began sucking my very excited cock. Yet another moment I filmed on my phone.

The army man slid out from under my wife's very wet pussy and started fucking her hard from behind, slapping her arse. I stepped back from the wonderful head job I was getting and went back to filming. He was slamming into her so hard he had stated pushing her off the side of the bed! He waved me back over, wanting to watch her lips wrapped around my member while he drove into her from behind. Filming had to stop again.

So many positions were tried and enjoyed. Me fucking my wife while watching her mouth being filled and at one stage Jade and her boy toy in the 69 position in the middle of the bed. Jade on top grinding herself onto his mouth. By the sounds of her groans from around his cock he was doing a great job yet again. A kodak moment once more I thought, taking out my phone to film.

After listening to Jade cum over and over I thought I might leave the two of them alone for a minute. I put on some clothes and I walked out in search of more alcohol and check out who was doing what.

Right next door is Loz and James's room. On their bed I found the very drunk Loz laying there with a girlfriend of hers chatting away. I thought Daniel, these girls need company, you should join them. So join them I did! We chatted for a short time, talking about her brother next door giving Jade a great seeing to. That grossed her out a bit but we had a good laugh about it.

So that led to the questions us who are in this kind of lifestyle get from those who are not. Loz's friend shocked and interested in how I'm 'ok' with what my wife was doing next door and the other things we have done. She clearly had no idea what Loz and James got up to in their spare time Hahaha

I got up and went to check on how my wife was doing. I found Jade yet again ridding her new fiends face hard and fast. Another shirt video and back to Loz with the update on what was happening.

I guess Loz was a little horny maybe due to hearing Jade's screams next door, so much so she didn't mind asking me while laying inches from her friend for a kiss. How could I say no to the birthday girl? We kissed for a short time while her friend watched on. After telling me she always found I was a good kisser she said to her friend that she should try. WoW I thought. Rolling off Liz and into the gap between the girls I began to kiss Loz's friend. Kissing led to groping and then to removing the clothes of both girls and mine again.

Loz and her friend kissed as I went down on a girl I only met a very short time ago. It wasn't long after Jade came into the room a little surprised and glad I'm sure. Her army man friend had gone outside for a much needed smoke break. Jade joined us in a chat on the bed. A few kisses here and there from each other and we were finally joined by James! What a shock it must of been to walk into his bedroom and find this. James began to undress and Jade saw to giving him a blow job. Loz's friend now a bit in shock didn't seem too keen on taking things further with her two friends. It can be a little strange to play with friends for some people. Playing with friends is common for Jade and I though. Being that she wouldn't be running into us again anytime soon I guess she didn't object to the idea of playing around a little with my wife who was happy to drag her away back to our room leaving me with James and Loz. I fucked Loz for a little while. It was all a drunken haze by that stage. I hope my performance was up to scratch for the very sexy birthday girl! I then took off to see what the other two girls were up to. Finding my wife's face buried in the other cute girls crutch was nice. I joined the girls on the bed. First fucking my wife then the other girl. Finally I was ready to cum and I pulled out, unloading over her stomach while my wife played with her tits. What an awesome night!

I've always loved reading other people's stories on here. This is the first time I have even written my own. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think good or bad.