Written by 5inchshaved

6 May 2014

Five days on a house boat cruising Port Stephens, 2 couple, hot days, even hotter nights with plenty to drink.

As we were all excited about our get away leaving the day to day things behind, my wife Jill packed the food while I stocked the esky and off we went to meet our good friends Lyn and Peter. Once we met up off we went to Nelsons Bay to board the large 10 berth house boat we had booked for five days and four nights.

The temp was hitting 40 so we were glad to hit the water the normal do's and dont's were explaned off we went. It didn't take long and Peter & I were in the water cooling down. Back on the boat and a few coldies the flirting started, then the dares start and as I was not one to say no to anything or not much anyway, before I knew it I was naked standing at the front of the boat waving to all passes by, a few waves back, a few cheers and the fun started.

The wifes went down to the lower deck to set up the bedding, once naked why put clothles on again (not for five days anyway) so I positioned myself at the opening above the lower deck beds with my dick hanging in to say hello to all below. A few comments heard from below then a set of lips sucked my cock in, I started to get hard and tried to look down to see my wife sucking my now hard cock when my wife walked out back to the main deck area, I then realised it was Lyn sucking my cock and I got so excited I blow a load of cum into her mouth. Well that's when the party started.

That night being so warm we all descided to sleep on the front deck, all naked with myself then Jill, Peter then Lyn all in a line and with all the drinks we were off to sleep. When I woke with the sun rising my wife was facing me, see smiled and rolled over, as I woke with my cock hard I moved in and found my wifes pussy very wet, I slide rite in and realised her pussy was full of cum, she had been fucked by Peter while I selpt next to then. This got me going and I pumped away at jill's pussy. I look up and seen Lyn getting up and I held my hand out to her, she grabbed hold and I pulled her down kissing her and then sucking on her beautiful D size titts. It wasn't long and I gave my wife a second load of cum.

As the day went on Peter and I fucked both girls at least 3 times and we both got the best cock sucking we had ever had.

That night well that's for next time...........