Written by nude nomads

11 Jan 2011

A number of years ago my wife and I travelled down south to maslin beach. We had booked in to the van park above the beach for a two week stay taking in the weekend of the beach carnival which we wanted to see. I had always thought till then that the nudist beach was strictly a no sex area. I soon discovered otherwise. We had stopped off at several other nudist places along the way and despite the rules of no sex my wife was propositioned at every one. After our first day of our maslin stopover we were leaving the beach and were halfway up the steps when we came across a man jerking off quite openly near the toilets. We continued up the rest of the steps and at the top as we passed by the parked cars saw another guy sitting in his car naked with the door open also having a wank. My wifes not a prude, she likes looking and as we passed by she was taking a good lookin the car so the guy got out and said hello. There was no one else about, not that we could see anyway and so she stopped and chatted to this guy while he stroked his dick in front of us. My wife was so horny as we walked along the narrow track to the van park after leaving this guy she stopped and jerked me off. Next day on the beach we had been there most the morning and were about to return to our van for lunch when the guy from the previous day wandered along his cock sticking out hard in front of him. He saw us and sat down nearby and immediately started wanking laying so my wife could see. She no longer wanted to leave but decided we should stay awhile and watch. I gave her a little kiss and told her she better show him her cunt then. She didn,t hesitate but very deliberately turned with her feet toward him and opened her legs. The guy grinned and flashed his tongue at her as if to say he,ld like to lick that. She responded by running her hand between her legs and caressing her cunt lips. He watched for a moment than got up and approached us still rubbing his cock. He asked if he could join us and my wife told him we weren,t staying long. He took that as an o.k. and sat at her feet and asked if we minded if he jerked off. She told him go for it and that she liked to watch so he jacked off over her feet. We had intended to return to the beach that afternoon but the weather turned bad and unfortunately got worse next day. By the third day even though it was cloudy we were on the beach again. There were a few cars parked in the carpark at the top of the steps all with men most having a jerk I think. As my wife and I began climbing down the steps we were followed by the guys from the cars. I told her she seemed to have a fan club and she laughed. My wife was the only woman on the beach and our spot was soon surrounded by every man on the beach that wasn,t gay. She gave them plenty to look at spreading her legs and oiling herself up while they watched till there wasn,t a soft cock to be seen. She spent the morning pointing out the ones she thought looked best and telling me how horny each one made her. She,s a bit of a size queen and picks out all the biggest ones. She told me if the guy the previous day had have had a bigger one she might have helped him jerk it. We stayed till about 2.00pm then returned to our van. My wife had a good audience as she dressed and made sure they all saw she had no panties under her short skirt. As we climbed the steps one of the guys passed us by and my wife and my wife apologised for being so slow and holding him up. He turned and told her it wasn,t a problem. He had a towel wrapped round his waist and tied at the front and his big cock was sticking out the gap where the towel was tied. As he hurried on ahead I gave my wifes arse a squeeze and asked what she thought of that and she said she wouldn,t mind having a play with it. When we got to the midway point he was there stripped off and having a wank by the toilets. I told her now was her chance almost daring her to do as she said. I got quite a surprise when she waved for him to join us. He walked over still nude and cock at attention , introduced himself and shook my hand then turned to my wife. She shook his hand but then also kissed him on the cheek. As she kissed his cheek he put his hand on her arse pulling her close enough that his cock head brushed against her skirt.

“my husband has dared me to feel your cock”she said.”would you mind? “

He didn,t need to answer she already had a hold of it and as she fondled it his hand on her arse slid under her skirt for a proper feel. Two other guys that had been following stood on the steps watching and wanking as my wife pulled this guy off and got felt up at the same time.