Written by cutecouple4us

10 Nov 2011

The youngish couple were heading to the south eastern side of town. They’d done some research but now was the time for some practical experience to be had. Both their minds were filled with a unique combination of nervousness and excitement. Not the excitement that comes from reaching the front of the que to get on a rollercoaster and certainly not the nervousness one feel one feels for the lead character in a spooky movie either.

“It’s only about a klm or 2 to go I think babe” he gestured to the young hottty Johnny called his wife sitting to the left.

“This was a lot further out than I thought babe,hope they not all just creepy slobs ?? “

“Nah reckon it’ll be ok Beck, you changing your mind ?? We can turn around hon if your not keen anymore.If you just want to do private stuff again I’m fine with that.We don’t have to do the party bit”

“ Nah we’ll have a look we’re here now anyway. Wow the streets are really dark around here aren’t they”

“Yeah they are aren’t they, it might work in our favour though. What’s the number of the house again Darl ??”

“Number 28,there it is on the left over there. God there’s people walking in already, let’s just wait for them to go in first, have fix my hair and stuff a bit anyway “

“You look hot Beck, I don’t know what your so worried about”

“You know what I’m like, you grab the drinks,put them in the red bag,we can use the bag to put our clothes in”

“No dramas babe,hey do you want me to put all your drinks in ??”

“Leave one out hon,I’m having one now,I’m shitting myself and want to calm my nerves down. God I hope we don’t know anyone here”

“Relax darl,I’m shittin too,this could be fun though ha ??”

After Beck had downed her vodka and raspberry,the couple from the north west were set and ventured somewhat in the dark to the front door to number 28 in what most who drove past would simply see as just another run of the mill property in Murrumbeena. For those in the know however,it was far and away different than other run of the mill properties in the area, for this was Debauchary, Johnny and Beck’s choice for their first foray in to swingers parties. Sure they’d played privately before but never at a party. Behind the door a new world awaited. Once behind those doors, the sites seen by many an eye, can no longer be unseen by those eyes such is the depravity of human flesh worshipping that goes on.

“Hello guys, we are Belinda and Mike, we’re the hosts. And your names are ??”

“Ah, yeah, we’re Johnny and Beck”

“Hi guys and aren’t you a yummy looking couple, look at you Beck, you look delicious”

“Hi” Beck replied with a smile. Right about then Johnny felt Beck squeezing his hand as if to say don’t let me go babe.

After paying their cover charge they were ushered in and given a quick run down of the place whereby they were shown the play rooms, the changing room and pointed to where they could put their drinks.

The guided tour was somewhat brief but most of what was said to both Beck and Johnny was a blur. It wasn’t because either were rude to the host, was more a case of it being hard to listen when they felt the hungry eyes of some 90 odd people gazing str8 at them in unison. At this point, for any newbie, inside the house of flesh, this is somewhat daunting.

After a few brief moments the patrons in the venue resumed what they were doing prior to the northern suburbs couple walking in Beck and Johnny no longer felt like they were being viewed like prized pieces of serloin being held up for auction at the local butcher shop. Strangely enough though some people’s eyes still held the pair in their eyes, they were after all, a very good-looking couple.

After nervously changing down in to their chosen erotic attire it was time to mingle.

The crowd was a real bag of lollies as far as ages and nationalities go. Mostly it was late 30’s to early 40’s crowd with a few youngish ones thrown in for good measure. Some were very boisterous and were obviously regulars or natural extroverts but Johnny had put his coin the former. Johnny decided to fetch a couple of their drinks from the fridge where he’d put them prior to changing so discreetly let Beck know where he was heading. A not so gentle squeeze from Beckies hand let him know not to be gone that long. No sooner had Jonny taken off to the house of beveriges when Beck was approached by a nice’ish couple around 29 at a guess.

“Hi there, first time ??”


“Yeah it’s our first time too, we’re really nervy also. We’re Ryan and Stacey”

“You lying bugger Ryan. Don’t mind him, he always pulls that shit with hot little newbie’s. We’ve been here quite a few times before. I’m Stacey hon and what’s your name”

“I’m Becky, nice to meet you Stacey”

“You here with a partner honey” asked Stacey.

“Yeah my hubbies getting us a drink, that’s him near the fridge”

Stacey caught sight of Johnny and thought to herself “Ooh he’s nice, might try and hold a special hello for Johnny later on”

Johnny opened the fridge to grab a bourbon and coke and one of Beck’s vodka’s and

“Fuck me drunk” he says

” Where’s our fringing grog”

He glances over his shoulder and sees not just one but a whole host of people favouring the same drinks they’d brought along.

“Bloody hell, more than half of it’s gone”

Right then he decided, time to put them in the cooler bag and grabbed what remained of their drinks and headed back to stash his booze in the bag they’d brought with them.

“You ok babe” asked Beck

“Yeah I’m ok, just some mongrel’s ripped most of our grog, we’ve only got a few left, it’ll be alright, I’m ok”

“Hi Johnny, I’m Stacey”

“Hey Stacey, you been looking after my Becky here have you Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too Johnny, I’d introduce you to Ryan but he’s already off trying to try his luck with another newbie couple over there near the couch”

Right about then Johnny looked up and saw the couple Ryan was talking to. Instant recognition kicked in for big Johnny, it was Bill and Mary, the couple he received a message from earlier in the week. The message had come from Bill and apparently he was hoping to cook up a xmas surprise for Mary. They seemed a nice enough looking couple, Mary was quite good looking actually and he’d always fancied doing an older woman. With Beck being bi and totally in to guys and chicks, Bill’s idea of getting the girls together seemed like an idea worth pursuing as he’d also let on that Mary was keen to try her first girl girl experience so between them the boys had cooked up a plan to meet up at debauchery without the girls being aware they were the plan.

“Hey Stacey, excuse me hon, can I steal Beck from you for a moment love, there’s someone I want her to meet??”

“No problems Johnny but you owe me for this later on sweaty”

With a big smile and a wink to Stacey they were off but paused for a moment when Ryan gestured for Beck to discreetly cast her eyes to the 40’ish couple talking by the couch.

“You like hon”

“”I like, yeah she’s nice, he’s cute too, but she’s probably not bi,they are both cute though aren’t they

“Ah, I’ve been naughty babe, him and I have set this night up. She’s keen as mustard to try some pie.”

“I hate it when you call it that, hey what do you mean you set it up?? “

“He messaged us earlier in the week and we discussed coming here as she’s really curious about playing with a girl”

“You mean she’s never done bi??”

A beaming smile crossed Beckies face about then, she’d been in this situation once before and she loved helping a girl get to know the intimacies of being with another woman.

Now that the Becksta was in on the game things moved fwd a tad quicker than normal had she not been aware of the situation at hand. The couple of vodkas had kicked in to her small petite stature and the gorgeous woman that was Becky was feeling relaxed and now very very aroused.

Becky and Johnny moseyed on over rather casually to Bill and Mary to formally meet albeit with the knowledge that a game plan was afoot which only 3 of them were now aware.

“Hi guys, we’re Johnny and Beck how are you guys tonight??”

“Hi we’re good, I’m Bill and this is my wife Mary”

About then some bloke yells out what sounded like “Woohoo”

The noise emanated from one of the play rooms about 15 ft from where they’d been standing and a few were now starting to have a sticky beak at the proceedings in the play room.

Some young bloke was riding a hot blond in a doggy posy who seemed to fuck like there was no tomorrow such was her love of the cock. She wasn’t making much nice herself other than the occasional muffled gasp for air between choking down the full length of another fellow at her other end who she’d chosen on a whim who seemed to be suiting her needs quite adequately.

The room adjacent to this one was a beehive of activity of a somewhat different nature as most blokes were idly standing around the perimeter of the room and appeared to be doing nothing more than rubbing their groins whilst watching their respective spouses indulging their own love of female flesh.

The only exception to the rampant girl girl play going on in the room was another youngish buck with blond hair drilling a sexy woman of around mid 40’s. What was strange about this event as for all who were there to witness, was his gorgeous wife a brunette herself, was standing at the foot of the doorway egging him on to give it to the woman even harder. The 5ft tall brunette who was getting hornier by the minute herself even appeared to be issuing tickets to other girls lining up waiting their turn with the young buck who was her loving hubby.

Now some may wonder why the brunette wasn’t amongst the jumbled array of female bodies on the floor. She was not overly in to females, sure she had some mild curiosities but didn’t overtly seek to delve in where the other girls feared not to tread. Her biggest interest lay in a cute well-endowed male or 2 and if they’d gotten her real horny perhaps she may succumb to some female intimacies.

They’d only been here a little while but one room had Mary intrigued. Some cute brunette girl was standing near the door way and she was gorgeous too. Now and again Mary snuck a peek beyond the brunette in to the depths of the room and quietly hoped.

The conversation with the couple who’d approached them earlier was moving along quite well and all were giggling and seemed to be enjoying the proceedings and with so many gorgeous people around all with sex on their minds who wouldn’t be enjoying themselves.

Every now and again since the conversation had started Mary’d been feeling Becky move a little closer but now things had taken off to a whole new level and Becky had gently but not so discreetly been brushing against Mary, first with some gentle thigh movements. About now though, Becky seemed to throw caution to the wind and ramped things up a notch and was openly touching Mary and her hands were so soft, quite unlike the feeling when Bill touches her. She tried hard not to blush and could feel her nipples were now standing proud, a physical attribute that didn’t escape Becky’s keen eye.

The boys made out they weren’t noticing things and pretended to be engaged in small talk but each was fully aware Becky was doing a fine job of seducing Mary to the point of no return.

Now as it , Johnny had seen this before and although it always excited him to watch Beck playing, the thing which excited Johnny more this fine evening was the not so well contained look of excitement on Bill’s face at watching his wife being seduced not just by any woman but one as flawlessly gorgeous as his Becky. A wry smile donned on Johnny boy’s face. Johnny was happy alright, but deep within him he was glad for Bill and Mary as he knew Becky wouldn’t scare Mary off as she was a patient girl who loved the challenge of getting Mary to bloom.

Becky was a master some might say at the art of corruption and uses all the tools at her disposal and one of the biggest tools at her disposal was her hubby Johnny. Becky discreetly made eye contact with Bill and motioned for him to leave Mary alone for a little bit with her and Johnny. Now Bill was no slouch and had the mental capacity to aware he was witnessing a master at work and took no issues with the visual make himself scarce for a bit and told Mary he’d be back shortly. So with a smile and little protests from an obviously horny Mary who was totally lost in the moment off he went. Besides, he’d caught that cute little brunette eyeballing him from the bedroom doorway and thought he’d try his luck in a big city for a bit.

Now Becky new that some girls don’t openly like to flaunt their curiosities and will more fluently let things roll with some added male attention so this is where Johnny boy came in to the picture. Becky motioned for all 3 of them to sit on the couch with Mary in the middle, by now with the juices really flowing readily agreed. Beck started to run her fingers through Mary’s hair near her ear and told Mary she thought Mary was so sexy.

She could feel the excitement building in Mary so decided to use the next tool in her bag of tricks. She tried to in one motion let Mary know where Mary stood in the picture. She placed one of Mary’s hands on Jonny’s groin which she knew from experience never fails to arouse a woman as Johnny’s very well endowed. No sooner had Mary’s hand been placed on Johnny’s member when Mary’s hand seemed to take on a life all it’s own and gratefully welcomed the fifth sense god had bestowed on her, the one of touch.

“God he’s huge Becky”

“Lol, trust me hon,he isn’t even hard yet, hehe. If you want to really see him you have to kiss me first and I mean really kiss me”

“I’ve never kissed a woman like that before”

“You want to though don’t you”

“God yeah”

“Then close your eyes”

“G’day, names Bill, what’s your name “

“I’m Heather Bill”

“So who you here with Heather”

“My hubby love, he’s in there, the blond guy in the corner”

“Oh, he looks a bit busy to talk to at the moment doesn’t he,lol”

“Yeah,he’s been quite popular tonight, it’s our first time here and I’m letting him free for a while, touble is every time he’s been ready to come out, I’ve been throwing another his way, I like to look after my man,lol”

“Seems a rather fun relationship you guys have, lucky fellow”

“It’s not all one way Bill, he likes me to enjoy also”

“So have you enjoyed tonight yet”

“No Bill as a matter of fact I haven’t love”

“Can I get you a drink Heather??”

So by this Stage Johnny boy had gathered his man meat out for Mary to indulge her soft fingers on and the girls had begun to kiss. Mary’s thoughts were racing and for a fleeting moment her thoughts drifted back to that event at the traffic lights a month or so ago when she’d dropped the mobile phone while gazing at that cutey in the beamer. Now she was a good looking girl but right about now Mary was thinking the one she was kissing was tantamount to the sexiest woman alive and here she was, Mary from Taylor’s lakes, kissing her and wow she felt sexy.

“When Bill comes back do you want to go and play??”

“Shit, Bill” for a few minutes she’d forgotten all about Bill and succumbed to her own pleasures never realising this was Bill’s plan all along.

“Lol” was Becky’s reaction.

“What, what’s so funny??”

“Honey, this was Bill’s idea. You see, I only found out a little while ago myself but apparently Bill and Johnny had been cooking this up for some time now,lol.”

Mary immediately turned to Johnny on her left who incidentally was becoming larger and larger in her left hand and smiled.

“You sneaky buggers and Bill acted liked we’d just run in to you out of the blue tonight”

“Apparently, Bill loves you very much and thought we’d make the perfect early xmas pressie for you. Merry xmas Mary”

All 3 of them roared laughing on the couch together and the few other’s around them all looked up oblivious to the joke.

Now Bill was a reasonably smart fella and saw an attraction for him in Heather’s eyes and after some small talk asked Heather if she’d like to play to which she smiled and agreed.

So taking her by the hand they wandered over to the couch where things had moved along leaps and bounds as far as he could tell. Mary was a little preoccupied kissing Becky when they reached the couch but when they’d finished kissing she looked up to see her smoothie hubby Bill had found a new friend. Wow, that cute little brunette by the door was holding Bills hand. About then Mary realised she still had Johnnies cock in her hand and thought to herself how ridiculous it might sound to all and sundry if she protested to Bill about holding the girls hand so she just looked up at Bill and smiled with which re returned the favour.

“Heather, this is my wife Mary in the middle and these are our new friends Becky and Johnny”

Everyone exchanged pleasantries and then Johnny says,

“Lets all go and find a room ha, what do you guys reckon??”

Everyone agreed so upstairs they went.

The only room available had another couple doing a horizontal workout Richard the lion hearted would be proud of but they were oblivious to the five new entrants to the room.

Heather and Bill were a little horny but weren’t quite up to speed as the other 3 had already gotten themselves so they held back and just kissed whilst leaning against a wall. Heather had a very soft appearance in the light and was very feminine by nature and was putty in Bill’s hands.

To help ease Mary in to the pleasures of female play Beck motioned to Johnny to go down on Mary while the 2 girls kissed. Now or never Mary thought to herself and slowly with trepidation slid her hand down in to the moist groin of Becky’s waiting lips. Mary gently squeezed the vulva area of Beck and Mary kissed her harder. This went on for a little while when Becky grabbed Mary’s busy hand and removed it from her own vagina. A moment of panic passed in Mary’s mind whereby she thought she’d done something wrong to Becky and the playing was over. Mary was wrong however and the master worked her magic and placed first one finger of Mary’s moist hand in to Mary’s own mouth followed by another only to find Mary’s tongue greedily lapping up the flavour that was Becky from the north.

She tasted divine he thought to himself, for a woman of 40 odd Mary looked after herself in so many ways and she was so neatly manicured down below that Johnny found himself becoming ever more erect with each passing moment.

Mary whispered in Becky’s ear ever so quietly,

“Can I taste you for real please”

“Of course you can sweaty”

The 3 untwined their bodies and reshuffled themselves to cater to the new and untried event that Mary was about to undertake.

With a smile Becky just casually lied back and encouraged her new student to relax and enjoy as there was no rush. Not wanting to lessen the effects of such a new experience for Mary encouraged Johnny to continue where he’d left off and to orally pleasure Mary from behind whilst she was in the doggy position.

Now this was altogether different for Mary that was plain to see.

The aroma hooked her in, for it just smelt so fresh to the girl from Taylor’s and boy did she enjoy. Wanting very much for Becky to enjoy she worked her both soft and hard. The squirming beneath her tongue increased and soon Becky began to climax but held back for as long as she could.

It was time for Mary’s next surprise to which she’d not been quite aware. Having sampled Mary’s delights with his upper torso it was now time to for her to enjoy his lower half. He gently rubbed the tip of his erection on her outer labia feeling her wanting loins. Ever so gently to start he began to penetrate Mary and careful not to hurt. He wasn’t sure if she was ready yet but the time for pause had passed. With a firm and gentle stroke he fully entered Mary.

“Fucking hell” said Mary

Right about then Heather decided she could take it mo more and simply had to take Bill in her mouth, she was a slave to her carnal desires and a large man down there for her was hard to resist.

The scene was picture book memorable for Bill.

Here he stood, only one month out from the Taylor’s lakes couple’s decision to dabble in the swinging scene together for some spice.

He now had a stunning brunette on her knees willingly taking the full length of his falice down her throat and boy she was good.

To add to that the view beyond Heather going down on him was sublime. Here was Mary, the love of his life, the one that gives him his heartbeat, as far as Billy boy was concerned, going down on one of the hottest pieces of female flesh he’d ever laid eyes on and to top matters off, her hubby who was built like a horse was about to enter her.

“Fucking hell” he hears Mary scream out.

“Lol, go for it baby you have yourself a fabo time darlin and by the way. From your loving Billy boy over here, Merry xmas babe, enjoy, lol”

“You naughty bastard Bill” she began to say before the wonder kid and his girl from the north began to really work Mary over.

Big Johnny wasn’t known to his mates as Ed as a nickname for nothing. To those that knew Johnny well, he’d had this knick name for as long as he could remember. Apparently an old high school m8 had bestowed on him the name of Mister Ed after having seen the tool Johnny possessed between his legs. Over time Johnny grew use to his nickname but with the passing of time it was shortened to plain old Ed and the name stuck.

Big Johnny started to increase in size and girth with each passing stroke in to Mary to the point where Mary, after catching her last glimpse of Bill from over the top of the delicious mound she found her mouth buried in totally became lost in a sea of pleasure so deep, she simply whaled so uncontrollably for a brief moment the entire house became silent other than the moaning from Mary in the top floor.

There was an eerie silence following her initial whaling, until people realised she was being fucked and fucked very well indeed.

“God almighty he’s bloody huge Beck. Bill’s a big boy but Johnny’s fringing enormous.”

“Mary, from Bill, the Becksta and Ed hon, merry xmas babe”