Written by kymar

30 Jan 2013

Across the divide

We had both played a little with some friends, nothing too serious , it wasn’t something we had discussed in great detail . The day came when we openly discussed our fantasies, it was reveal to each other our deepest desires. We spoke of threesomes, and moresomes, my desire to see my lovely wife being pleasured by another man, how much I wanted to see her making love with another woman . I was to say the least surprised when she mentioned that this was pretty much what she fantasised about. The sex afterwards was amazing. So where to from here? We looked around the internet for likeminded people and found our way to Swingers Heaven, little did we know the world that was about to open up to us. After joining up we started to mingle in the chat rooms , slowly getting to know the other people , watching some very sexy couples and singles on Camera and getting in on the chatting , we quickly made some contacts and arranged to meet up for a chat in the flesh. The couple we first met were terrific, we quickly developed a rapport and we both liked what we saw. On the way home we both spoke of our desire to hook up and see where things would lead to.

After a false start where we had to postpone our meeting and then the venue we finally made our way to their place. On the way we reinforced our desire to enjoy whatever eventuated, we discussed ground rules and signals if either of us felt uncomfortable or unsafe. Arriving at their house we were greeted by mister wearing nothing but a smile, my wife was barely able to keep her eyes of his member. We talked the usual small talk until Mrs arrived and once the greetings’ were taken care of we sat around engaging in small talk , all the while feeling more comfortable , we spoke of normal things like kids, work , and of course some sexual banter always crept in . After a few drinks and some dinner Mister suggested that a massage would help relax everyone and we made our way to the bedroom. The ladies stripped and lay on the bed, my god what a sight, two very sexy women naked and waiting for our touch. Mister started by lighting some candles, which he dripped the hot wax from onto my lovely wife, her nerve endings fired up at the sting of the hot wax and he gently ran his hands over the area smoothing the waxy substance over her tingling skin. I took the candle and followed his lead by dripping the hot wax over Mrs, she sighed as I gently massaged the area where the hot wax had dripped. As happens hands started to wander to the more sensitive regions, gently brushing against thighs, and across waiting pussies. I watched almost transfixed as my lovely wife adjusted her stance to accept misters gently probing hands while I reciprocated with Mrs, gently brushing her clit as she opened her legs slightly to accept my touch. Both ladies were by now moaning and sighing softly as hands were positioned to gently tease their pussies, my lovely lady was now lifting her arse into the air presenting her by now wet pussy to his touch. Mrs followed suit and I gradually worked my way down her sexy body gently kissing all the way until I was able to very gently run my tongue over he r pussy , her reaction was to let out a sexy moan , I continued gently caressing her while gently licking her wet pussy , gently probing with my tongue as she moaned with pleasure, I glanced up to see my lovely wife accepting similar treatment form Mister , my god she looked sexy , her eyes lighting up to his touch, I was entranced watching this beautiful woman of mine receiving pleasure while I looked on . I turned Mrs over to her back, again the hot wax followed by gentle massage, by now her pussy was wet and waiting for my touch, my god these ladies looked so sensual. I worked my way down her sexy body, stopping briefly to take her pierced nipples into my mouth, she moaned slightly as I gently bit her nipples before working my way down to her pussy, I gently brushed my tongue over her clit, tasting her delicious juices, as I looked up I could see Mr attacking my wife’s pussy with a ravenous tongue, her hips rising up top meet him, all the while moaning loudly, my god she was looking more sexy by the minute . I turned my attention back to Mrs, driving my tongue into her pussy and flicking it across her pierced clit, taking it into my mouth and sucking it while flicking my tongue over it again and again. By now the room was alive to moans and sighs of pleasure as Mr and I worked on their pussies. After a short while the ladies decided it was our turn , stripped of we lay on the bed , I watched as my lovely wife took Mr’s cock into her mouth expertly running her tongue around the rim , swallowing his cock deep into her mouth, again I was transfixed on the sight before me , my lady was the epitome of sexy as she bobbed up and down on his shaft , Mrs took my cock , licking along the shaft running her teeth across it as she worked her way up to the tip , my god I was in heaven as she expertly took my cock into her mouth , sucking and licking like there was no tomorrow , she held me at the edge of climax as she teased and sucked , jerking me to within a micro second of coming then relaxing me slightly and starting again . I glanced across at my wife expertly sucking on Mr’s cock , he moaning with the pleasure , I was growing impossibly hard watching my lady devour his throbbing member while Mrs attended to mine . Mrs went off to get some ice cubes and mints, a special treat I was assured, while she was out of the room I walked around to my lovely wife and thrust my throbbing cock deep inside her while she continued to suck on Mr’s cock the excitement grew along with my cock, I thought I would burst then and there, what a sight the magnificent arse presented to me while I pounded her pussy, her sucking Mr’s cock like no tomorrow. Mrs re-entered the room with the ice and mints , I pulled out of my lovely wife and lay back on the bed , Mrs took my throbbing cock into her mouth tasting my wife’s lovely juices , she looked across at my sexy wife smiled and let out a sexy “yum” . The addition of the ice and mints was electric , shudders travelled through my whole body as she alternated between the two , my gorgeous wife followed suit with Mr , we were in heaven , I don’t know how long this lasted but it felt like hours as the two sexy ladies expertly kept us on the edge of climax. Mrs reached up at one stage and gently pinched my nipples, electricity ran through my body tingling and exciting every single nerve ending and finishing at the tip of my cock, I couldn’t stand this much longer as she teased me, my sexy wife all the while looked ever more sexy as she worked on Mr’s cock , sucking , licking and jerking him to the edge. My cock was ready to burst, the combination of this sexy woman working on my member along with the sight of my wife devouring Mr’s cock was almost too much to take . After a while Mrs climbed off me and I quickly positioned her to take her from behind , her sexy arse cheeks and dripping pussy inviting me to enter her, across the bed Mr was positioning my gorgeous wife for the same . I looked across at her as I entered Mrs and Mr entered her , the look on her face was pure sexual dynamite and I almost came as I thrust into Mrs , it was almost too much the handle watching my sexy wife being fucked by another man while I fucked Mrs , I had to slow down my thrusting and control my rampant cock or it would all be over too soon. Try as I might the sight of my beautiful sexy wife enjoying his cock was sending me over the edge , I was so excited I thought my balls would explode at any moment , try as I might I could not hold back the flood that was coming while watching such a sexy sight.

Mrs and I departed to the spare room where we could continue. Once in the other room we embraced and I slowly entered her, the wetness of her pussy making it easy to glide deep inside , I could still hear my gorgeous wife moaning and screaming as Mr thrust into her and my excitement grew , A couple of positional changes followed all the while my cock felt like it would burst , I flet the muscles of Mrs’ pussy tighten around my cock as her pussy convulsed , gripping me while I thrust inside her .I felt the flood approaching and pulled out , thinking I had held back the tide but my cock pumped and burst a heavy flow of cum that landed on my chest .We lay there spent , the noise form the other room had also stopped , after laying there for a few minutes we cleaned up and we all met in main bedroom . All of us showing the tell-tale signs of a fulfilling sexual experience . My gorgeous sexy wife had the most amazing look about her, I had never seen her look so sexy or desirable. Afterwards we sat around talking for a while, and when we went to our rooms that night I gently made love to my beautiful wife. I had always thought of her as the sexiest woman alive , this night only built on that view , it opened up a new experience for us and strengthened the bond we share together . We left the next day around midday, the drive home saw us with silly grins on our faces, and we talked about the night and almost had to stop on the way home to quell our rising sexual tension. Our hosts that night were amazing, we always felt comfortable and safe, there was no pressure and we enjoyed there company both in and out of the bedrooms even during the sexually charged heights of the night there was still playful banter and plenty of laughs. They had taken us across the divide into a world where there are still plenty of wonders to discover. It is baby steps for now, we are enjoying the journey, it has brought us closer as a couple, I look at my beautiful wife with a renewed desire, she is the sexiest woman in the world to me and it is me that she chooses to be with, how lucky am I? We hope to play with our new friends again sometime soon and look forward to the journey of finding more friends we can share experiences with. Til next time