Written by happy 4 somes

7 Dec 2010

it was a warm sunday afro, when we walked along the nudist beach, choosing to sit close to the only other couple on the beach that day, we stripped of and lay in the sun for awhile, then i walked to the water to cool of and swim, soon the other guy from the couple joined me and said hi, he looked at Linda and said how they had both talked about her lovely boobs, dd and well tanned, i thanked him and he asked us to join them, as we walked up the beach, i noticed he was sporting a semi, and not to bad either, his wife was a size 12 with nice c cup boobs and a great looking body too, taking Linda in hand we sat with them and chatted, brad and sue were regulars at the beach, like us but it was the first time we had noticed one another, it was so easy to talk to them, sue was looking hard at Lindas boobs by now and spoke about wanting her increased in size to a d, linda is a dd and not to shabby either, i said there was nothing wrong with sues boobs as i do like a nice small tight set ot tits to play with some times, but sue was still asking about how they felt and so on, I said why not feel them and se for yourself, well I might have well gift wrapped them as sue was foundling them quick as, saying how good they felt , then smilled and said to brad you feel them, which of course he did all to quickly, Linda was loving it, 4 hands playing with her boobs, and a mouth, sues found it way to her nipple, she sucked hard and Linda moved to make it eaiser for her to get at, brad looked and just had to join in too, I was starting to feel left out lol,, so i moved over to sue and played with her lovely jugs, it wasnt long before brad said that maybe we should move into the dunes more, which we did,

as Linda lay down sues mouth found her clit and she began to lick Linda to her first bit orgasm, brad was now at lindas mouth, his cock pumping quickly , I eased myslef behind sues bum and slide my cock deep in her pussy, mmmm it was so wet, my cock found its full depth very quickly, as i fucked her hard, i saw linda give brad a smile and move for him to fuck her wet pussy too, and his cock , and nice 8 incher, slide quickly out of sight into her wet mound, the 2 woman kissing one another, as us guys pumped away, Brad gave me the eye as his cock fucked linda quicker and quicker, his face now showing signs of a wetter pussy cumming up, and with one huge thrust and load moan he unloaded deep in her, my cock also was telling me it was time to unload, and with a few more pumps sue took my cum deep in her wet hole,

the woman moved around and 69 one another licking our cum out of each others pussies, brad smiled as he to went down on sues pussie eating my cum out, Im always keen to have a feed after fucking, so i went down on linda and tasted his cum ,

we sat talking, and swapped numbers arranging to meet the weekend after at our place, seeing as have a spa, that week went fast and saturday evening they turned up.both dressed in very revealing gear, mmmmmmm we were naked and so were they very quickly,

after a drink we went out into the spa, and chatted, but not for long, we were all to horny to waste time, and soon hands and cocks found new holes and boobs to play with, we soon chose to dry of and head for the bedroom, brad asking me if i had enjoyed licking his cum out of linda the week before, I said yes, but i liked to get the cum straight fromthe cock too, he soon moved and shoved his cock in my face, and i sucked hard on his manhood, the woman looking at us and smiling, as they played with one another, brad then down and sucked my cock, getting all 7 inchs in, as he did so I turned asking sue, if brad was ok with anal sex too, she smiled a big smile at me, so with this i lubed my butt and turned to take his cock deep in my now willing arse, he pounded my butt for all he was worth, sue sucking my cock as he did ,and linda licking sues pussy for her, he must have been horny as his cock grew and my took the full force of his cum, running out onto sues face, which she soon scooped up and sucked of her fingers, my cock was growing to and soon it filled her mouth with fresh cum, this worked on her as she let out a load groan and came big time with linda still licking her clit, when we had settled some we looked at linda, and smilled, she knew she was going to have us all taking care of her need, and we did, cocks hands tounges worked away at her every way they could her cums rolling out load and clear, my cock was hard again and i pulled brad to me and slide deep inside his hole, he moved as i hot hard home but soon grew to take it all, the girls loved our show, sitting playing with one anothers boobs and pussies we i fucked him hard, some 20 mins later, I shot my load and filled his arse for his first male arse fuck and cum load, i was surprised he was able to take it so easy,

we have met them several times now each time we try new things, but thats another story