Written by CougarWhore

3 Apr 2010

My husband John and I decided to get a border in when all our kids left home.

We didn't need the money John just knew that I love screwing younger men and

he loves hearing all about what I do with them when he's at work....

John said I had to interview all the applicants and I could choose whoever I

like best. So I put an ad in the paper and along came Mark, a first year uni

student with the sexiest tanned, toned 18 year old body on the planet!! Mark

moved his stuff into our spare room that day.

I was so horny watching Mark carrying in his things that I rang John and told

him the good news as well as that fact I knew I couldn't keep my hands off this

young stud very long!!! John encouraged me to be flirty and make my intentions

plainly obvious, after all I had nothing to lose!!

While Mark settled in, I went out to the pool in my two piece swimmers and layed

on my sun chair. I could see Mark sneaking looks at me out his window so I

removed my top revealing my big tits for him to see!!! I court my young stud

looking from his room so I decided to show off a little more, playing with my

tits and rubbing my wet pussy. I could see in the window reflection Mark jacking

off, he didn't know I could see him but this made me so horny I begin fingering

myself and making loud groaning noises!!! Then I heard Marks go into his on-suite

and decided this was my chance, so I went up to his room and lay topless on his

bed still fingering my wet pussy.

Mark was shocked to find me, a 45 year old sexy slutty wife, fingering myself on

his bed. He stood in the doorway stunned wearing only boxer shorts and I could

see his dick was fully erect so I keeled down in front of him, pulled out his

pulsating young cock and started sucking him off like the total whore I loved

being!! Mark was way to excited and blew a huge, warm load of cum in my mouth

after about 30 seconds!!! I swallowed his juice and sucked his dick clean, then

said to him not to worry we have heaps of time to practice now....

When John came home Mark was out and I told my husband everything which made him

horny as hell so he fucked my brains out on the kitchen bench until he pulled out

his dick told me to kneel on the floor and then cum all over my tits!!! The next

morning I sucked off my hubby before he left for work. While I was sucking his

dick John told me to go and fuck Mark soon as he leaves for work!!!

Soon as John had left I put on my red crotchless suspenders and red CFM boots,

then waited until I thought Mark was in the shower before entering his room.

Mark was in the shower but one of his mates was laying on the floor reading a

Playboy as I walked in dressed like a slut! This young guys jaw dropped when he

looked up to see me, I blushed red when I realized another young man was in Marks

room but then became instantly horny about the whole thing!!! I introduced myself

to this new hot stud and asked if he needed any help with that, noticing his hand

on his cock!!! He told me he was Pete and that he'd heard about me from Mark.

I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to Pete squeezing his cock between

my tits and licking the head of his dick!! Mark came out of the shower in a towel

to find me sucking off his mate on the floor. Mark dropped his towel came around

behind me and keeled on the floor then pressed his erect dick against my pussy

before trusting his hard cock hard deep inside me!! I came instantly with young cock

pounding my pussy and in my mouth!! The boys swapped around several times before

Pete exploded his sticky white cum all over my tits and face while tit fucking me

followed by Mark filling up my pussy with his load of cum after pounding me with my

legs behind my head!!!