Written by Goodtimes4me

13 Feb 2014

It was a very quiet trip home in the car as Denise stared stony faced at the road. The first time she spoke was as we hopped into bed. "So tell me what happened" she enquired with a twinge of anger in her voice. My conscience kicked into overdrive as I thought of what to say. The notion of swinging had been on my mind for years and secretly I harboured the erotic thought of being involved in the scene but knowing that Denise never commented when I'd talked about it in the past i'd always assumed that she was against the idea. Mmmmmmm I contemplated, "Do I tell her the truth or what" She decided for me, "Don't lie to me cause I'll find out ok". So I retold the whole scene in all its erotic glory. As I finished the I realised my cock was rock hard and Denise's hand was casually stroking it, she gently cupped my balls and lightly squeezed them causing me to gasp. She knew I was turned on and pushing aside the blankets she lowered her head to my member. My wife is an absolute artist at giving head and I lapped up the attention as her tongue teased back and forth up my glans, she really knew how to turn me to putty, the sensations were amazing as her lips and tongue toyed with my shaft, her hand cupping my balls now moved to my arse as she slipped a finger up my hole, she knew I loved that and after a few strokes I could feel my cum surging towards her mouth. Although I'd cum less than an hour earlier I filled her mouth with a load reserved for my youth, it had been many a year since I had shot 2 massive loads of cum in that short amount of time. Denise gagged slightly as she struggled to swallow it all. As my cock wilted I slid my way down her body to find her thighs dripping wet with her juices, parting them I could see her engorged clit poking its tiny head out of its hood, her labia were puffy and red as if she'd been fingering herself, I dove in with my tongue, bathing my face in her juice. I nibbled her clit with my lips and rammed my tongue up her juicy hole. Denise was writhing around the bed as I attempted to stay with her. She was moaning loudly and her thighs had put a vice like hold around my head, I sucked harder, taking her clit between my teeth, teasing it, biting it, it was so hard, so erect, she loved it. Then she tensed up, her special ritual before she orgasms, but this time it felt different, it felt like when we were younger, her whole body shook, she screamed and went stiff as she came hard, I was caught in her thighs, suffocating but alive, feeling her body pulse as wave after wave swept over her, she hadn't had one of these for ages, fuck it felt good as her body pulsed.

She relaxed her grip and I breathed again, what an experience as we fell into each others arms. "Are you ok" I asked, she just smiled and curled up as we drifted off to sleep.

Denise had a zing in her step as we picked our kids from her parents place. "So"I asked, 'What was that about last night', she went on to explain that Sharon had caught up with her inside and begged her to stay. Sharon also explained that Ian and her were swingers and that Alyssa and Eddy were a couple of their close swinging friends and that there were others in our network of friends who also liked to swing and if she hung around she could find out. But Denise was too shocked at the revealation but not too shocked that she didn't watch us in the spa. She found it exciting and even mentioned she loved the part where I came early on Alyssa's chest. 'So where to from here' I asked hesitantly not wishing to betray my excitement. 'Well' she paused 'I'm interested, but not with everyone, I mean I don't mind Ian and Sharon but not Alyssa and Eddy'. My heart skipped a beat or two then began to race, I tried hard to hide my excitement. "I called Sharon this morning and we're going for tea next saturday". I wanted to reach out and kiss her but barely managed an ok!!

My mind raced all week as I thought about the forthcoming weekend, curiously, Denise and I refrained from sex in the days leading up to our rendezvous, both of us physically and mentally preparing ourselves....be continued.