Written by Creampie

5 Nov 2010

Hi we are a married couple in our fifties, my wife (Jan) is a sexy looking lady and has kept her figure even thou putting on a few pounds she is 5'7 with36d and a nice shaped ass and i don't know many men that would not make love with her given the chance. We have had a few encounters in the passed with couples and guys which although she was very nervous about it once she got passed that she really enjoyed the experiences and even had a lady play and give her oral which she seemed to like but was not sure about returning the favor. Now for me I’m balding with grey hair and 190lbs with a average dick, like most couples we have our fantasies that we share when making love which helps heighten the excitement one of her is to have me eat her cream pie after I've cum in her and yes at the time we are fucking it sounds great and i really want to try it but once I’ve cum the idea of going down on a wet cum dripping cunt does seem to be so enticing and even thou she has on many occasions try to get me to do it I’ve resisted, now my wife know that I’ve tried bi sex with guys when I was younger and know the idea still excites my the thought of sucking a guy's dick while she watches is every exciting and then her helping him push his dick into my ass and fucking me while she tells him what to do, now the only experience of anal sex I’ve had is when my wife and I have had anal play and she gets her strap on out and fucks me tell me how good it looks to see a cock going in and out of my ass asking me how I’m enjoying it and that she wants me to do it for real for her to watch.

Well this particular afternoon we where home and she said to me that we should clean our selves up and remove our pubic hair as it was starting to grow back and become itchy which I agreed to with a big smile on my face as I know that that meant we would more than likely have a playtime that evening. I went into the bathroom and got towels and the shaving great and took them to the bed room where she was waiting with her lower part exposed i spread the towel on the bed and she lay down i then used a warm face washer and wet the area and applied the shaving cream and continued to shave round her cunt until it was smooth wiped her and rinsed the residue shaving cream away, she then told me to strip off my pants and underwear and lay on the bed she then started to shave my pubic area and my ass until I was also very smooth and hair free, when she had finished she told me to clean the shaving stuff away and get her a wine while she took a shower. When she was finished she told me to get showered. While i was in shower she came in to the room and told me when I finished to dress in the clothes she had just left there, so after I finish the shower I went to see what she wanted me to wear there on the bed was a pair of stockings and panties so I put them on with my dressing gown and went to the kitchen and refreshed your wines, she was chatting on her computer and asked if I'd make dinner so I went to kitchen and prepared dinner. While I was doing this I heard her go to the bedroom and return a short time later to her computer, as soon as I’d finished cooking and had served it up I call Jan to the table and refilled her glass as we as we sat for dinner after dinner we sat and finished our wine then Jan said we should go to the bedroom and see what happens.

As we entered the bed room noticed the heater was on and lights dimmed with the donor turned down, i placed my hand on her butt and gave it a squeeze and climb on to the bed and let our dressing gowns drop to the floor, Jan was wearing a baroques of red with black lace suspenders no panties and black stockings she looked so sexy I started to get hard, thinking to myself I can see why after twenty six years I still lust after her, we start kissing and her hand moves to my panty covered cock and as she rubbed me she ask if I like the feeling of her lace panties and stockings. I replied that they felt fantastic as I freed her breasts by lifting them out of her bra cups and started to lick and suck on her boobs which she found very erotic and she just laid back and enjoyed the sensation and I moved my other hand down her body to her very wet pussy and started to rub my finger round and round her pussy and up and down her pussy lips making my finger wet and started to finger fuck her. She started to move her hips in time with my fingering and I move my mouth from her breasts to her pussy and started to lick my way from top right down to her ass then back again I did this teasing her round and round her pussy getting closer each time to her clit sticking my tongue deep into her wet pussy then slowly to her clit and started to suck on it and licking it as her body became tense and she took hold of my head and held it there as she had her orgasm, as she came down for it she released my head and lay quiet as she recovered and move round and laid next to her.

As she recovered she turned and rolled over on top of me and we kissed I did not notice that she had put her hand under the pillow and pulled out a restraint which she preceded to tie my hands first my left then my right then sat up right and turned and reach to the bottom of the bed removing the panties she had me wear then tied both my leg so I was spread eagle on the bed. She then took told of my already hard cock squeezing it said “I have a special surprise for you to night.” to which I replied “what would that be. “ “If I told you then it would be a surprise.” Was the reply as she started to suck my cock, she know just how I liked it and was not long before I was ready to explode in her but before I could do that she stopped and said “not yet going to make you beg for release before this night out.” and then pinching my nipple as she got off the bed walking to the bed say “time to organize your surprise.” Leaving me alone tied to the bed for what seem ages I could hear her talking but couldn’t make out what was been said which only served to make feel excited and apprehensive about what she was doing. The door opened and she walkover to the bed saying that she had it all organized and he was on his way over. “Who’s on the way over!” was my reply, she just smiled and replied “That right haven’t told you about your surprise have I.” and proceeded to tell me about the guy she had been chatting with on the computer earlier say she had arrange for him to come over and help her with her fantasy of seeing just how good I was at sucking dick then after that he was going to fuck my ass and show me just how a good fucking feels. I had all sort of feeling going through my mind both excitement and fear and not sure which where the stronger, she then said he’s told me to prepare you for him with that she opened the top draw on the bed side and took out lube and butt plug. Lubing up the butt plug and then my ass she move her face to my cock and took it in her mouth and stated to suck on in moving her head up and down my dick at the same time she was inserting first one finger then two fingers in my ass and finger fuck my ass as she felt me relax she took them out and slowly pushed the butt plug in it felt very cool with all the KY lube on it but slipped right in and must say it did feel good all the time she was sucking my cock getting me so close to Cuming and just before I was about to she stopped again. Jan look me in the eye and said are you looking forward to meeting James as she run her hand up and down my stocking legs waiting for my reply she just said “well!’ and I said yes she then said “so your looking to show me just how you suck cock” I was feeling a mixture of fear and excitement and replied softly “yes” “I didn’t hear you tell me again louder how you want to suck his cock louder this time “she was now stroking my cock . I replied loud this time “yes I want to suck James cock” “what else do want tell me” she said with a stern voice “come on tell me how you want to suck and lick his balls and how deep your going to take his dick in your mouth” I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting as she made me tell repeat back to her what I was going to do with James cock. She then turn her attention to the butt plug in my ass and started to push on it and said “after you’ve suck his cock and got it really hard you want him to fuck you don’t you.” I could believe what I was saying as the word fell from my lips “YES” come on tell me again how you want him to fuck you, ”Oh yes I want him to fuck me I want him to stick his dick deep in me and fuck me deep until he cums” she was still pushing on the butt plug and releasing it as she said “after he’s fucked you and I've watched just how good you take dick he’s going to get showered as I tie you to that chair. So you can watch as he has his way with me I’m going to suck his cock deep and long to get hard “ as she said this she lent in and gave my dick a quick suck making my react to her tongue, continued to say “after that I’m going to straddle him and take hold of his big cock so you can see it as I slip it into my wet pussy and ride it as you watch him going in and out of my wet pussy” As she said this she straddled my taking my very hard cock in hand and sat down on it and proceed to move up and down, didn’t take long before I was cumming deep in her pussy as she milked my cock for every drop of sperm.

“Now you’ve do it” she said in a very stern voice “you where not suppose to do that I wanted to be clean for James” with that she moved of my cock and up towards my face and proceeded to place her now dripping wet cunt on over my mouth say “you’ll have to clean me up now” I was so horny and excited that I complied with what she told me I push my tongue out and nervously tasted the my cum now dripping from her pussy it was salty but now that bad as I did this she took hold of my head and sat right down hard say “now lick it clean and do a good job or else” have to say did like the sound of the or else so I did as I was told and started to lick and suck her pussy which in turn gave her the biggest orgasm that I could remember in a long time that seemed to make the cum flow more as she did I could feel and taste it in my mouth a mixture of her juices and my cum, did taste bad at all and continued to lick her clean sucking every drop from her. As she came down from her orgasm she released my ties and climbed of me and lay next to me cuddling each other she said “how did you enjoy your first cream pie” I must admit it was good really loved it, she then said that James wasn’t coming round and that he wasn’t in the first place and she had spoken to him that evening but no arrangement was made and she had used him as a way to get me excited and see just how I'd react to the thought of a guy coming over to play with us in that way but it had given her the result that she was wanting and that was to get me to eat her cream pie as she had always wanted me to but could never get me to do it and this was away to do just that and my reaction was much more than she had expected so she may just invite him over the next time for real. Jan said that she had decide that from now on seeing as I'd enjoyed cream pie so much that I'd be doing it every time as it would certainly cut the cost of the tissues and laughed and drifted of to sleep.