Written by me4u

12 Feb 2013

I was reading the adds on craigslist ,noticed an add asking for trades people to help out,the woman 56year old had a tiler fixing her kitchen and needed a plumber i'm a mechanic so I sent a message saying if she had any car problems i could help her out .

She responded to my suprise she replied telling me her 'x' husbands car wouldn't start and she be happy to 'PAY' me if I could help her.We organizes a time and I left home telling my wife I had a job for the morning.On arriving I found the tilers truck in the drive,she came out to meet me in her dressing gown explaining she had just woken up, her gown loosely clinging to her,[she was in great shape] she showed me to the car and after 11/2 hours had it running,It had been sitting for 6 months under a tree and was covered ib crap so I told her we should clean it before the paint was damaged.So she got me suds and I started to wash it.I was offered a coffee and while i was drinkin it the tiler came out and we stood admiring the scantaly clad woman.

I stepped back looking shocked as her b/f [about40] came out of the house naked his cock was at least 9" long. the tiler blushed and walked back inside quickly we said hello he shock my hand and my ego sank[im only 5-6"] she excused herself and said she hard a payment to make and hurried inside,from the moaning and groaning from the bedroom window he was getting paid well.

I finmished washing the car and was invited inside by the b/f he made a coffee we talked and he got dressed and i helped him dissmantle a trampoline he then showed me pics of him and the woman fucking others foursomes threesomes and vouyer pics on highways and busy streets.he offered me a pill like viagra and i took it without any questions.

she emerged with the tyler and he had a smile from ear to ear