Written by 46wife

27 May 2016

Hubby & I went camping in the Sunshine Coast hinterland & were having a great time relaxing, getting away from the worries of the world. He was off fishing a lot while I relaxed around the campsite reading my books & generally chilling out.

We were into our 3rd day & I thought i'd check my phone so I turned it on. To my surprise there was a text from an old lover who had moved to NSW & I hadn't seen for a while. I replied to him & he came back straight away telling me he was near our home & wanted to catch up. I told him we were camping & he asked if he could come out to say hello. Of course I said yes as it had been a while since I had the pleasure of his rather large cock.

I organised that he come out at a certain time as I knew my hubby would be off fishing again. When he arrived he walked straight over to me & gave me a massive bear hug & I could feel his manhood was already hard & he was pressing it into me as he told me how much he missed me. That made me feel extra good & I wanted him more than ever. His hand went straight up under my top & he grabbed my boobs & told me how much he missed them. I then went straight for his crutch & released his cock to wrap my hand around it, it felt so good to feel it again.

The next thing I knew we were stripped off & fucking each other up against my car, we didn't make it to the tent. It was a wild shag out in the open, I had missed it so much. He was driving me from behind as I leant against the car & it wasn't long before grabbed my hips tight & unloaded his big cock inside of me. It felt so good to feel it again.

As he pulled out we got a round of applause from a couple of guys that must have been walking past & stopped to watch the show. I got very embarrassed & grabbed my lovers hand & took him to our tent. In there we laid down on the mattress & I took his cock in my hand & started to blow him to bring him back to life again. As soon as he was hard I straddled him & felt his long thick cock fill me again. I rode him until I had an explosive orgasm again & again. He then got me on all fours as he drove me from behind as hard as I remembered him doing it in the past. I was loving it. He shagged me for a good 10 minutes like that until he blew again. We then laid on the mattress & chatted for an hour or so catching up on what has been happening over the last 12 months since he left.

It was time for him to leave again & I knew it would be a long time until I seen him again so I got him hard & we shagged for a 3rd time to make the best of the moment & then he was gone.

Hubby arrived back on dark with a few fish that he caught & we had that for dinner. I was going to tell him about my bit of fun but I thought I would keep that for myself, although I did eventually tell him & he loved it as he always does.

I am still yet to see my lover in the 18months since then but I hope it wont be too long.