Written by ddcouple

6 Mar 2014

Only a slight glimpse from across the room and I could feel the air tighten around us, our wait worth every moment. I knew you wanted to come closer but we’d agreed, the location, date, time all premeditated for this moment the mere thought exploded our sexual senses.

Time ticked still that night as I watched hard bodies pounding against each other, refusing each and every offer, I was frustrated. My hot pink lingerie clinging tightly around my large bulging breasts with a soft material falling around my womanly hips and curves for you only to devour.

My calves tight with the glittering high heeled stilettos I wear, as I glide in with pure sexual presents, a young man standing caressing his harden cock near the door way fantasizing about slipping his cock into my wet pulsating pussy, I slightly lift my lingerie teasing him with my thigh covered in lace suspenders, as I move the fabric from my lingerie over me he arches his back and grips tightly to his cock, groaning and flinching, he lifts his head and the moment takes him, he sends me a subtle thank you with his seductive eyes.

I look over, your eyes fixed and I can see the suspense torturing your mind, body and soul. I bend over to seduce your eyes and slide onto the stool, the stool hard and cold making me even more erotic. I slide my hand down my body as you watch inserting my fingers inside, I open my leg to show you a small glimpse, you puff your chest in overwhelming excitement, I jester to come to me , ‘it’s time’ I mouth to you from across the room, you slowing place your drink on the table and walk to me, it was all worth the wait….