Written by young and fun

27 Sep 2012

many years ago, I met rose, she was a mates mother in law, good looking been married for years, but easy to talk to, one day when I popped in to see my mate he was out, but she was there, so we chatted and ended up talking about her hubby and how he hadnt done any thing but straight sex all their married life, and how she ha dnever been with any one but him, I said how boring that must have been for her and touched her hand, one thing led to another and before long she was naked and playing with my cock, I went down and licked her pussy, she jumped and asked what I was doing, I told her what ever I do , just enjoy, and she did, some 10 mins later she yelled as she had her first ever orgasmy, after that she was putty in my hands, letting me do what ever i wanted to her, we met for a few years, and over that time I introduced her anal, she protested at first but I persisted and once used to it couldnt get enought, even doing dp with my mate and me,

then I arranged a gangbang, she didnt know other than it was going to be a mmf and make sure her arse was ready for fucking, so my mate and i turned up and began fucking her, mouth pussy and arse, then 30 mins later the other guys turned up, she was first but as soon as the guys took her she loved it, we all fucked her many times over, at one time she took 2 in her arse and another in her mouth and held 2 others, the smile was huge, esp when they all filled her with hot cum, she had 8 guys use her body and all cum 2 or 3 times each, her arse was leaking cum every where, as my cock went in, by now she was so relaxed it was great, as she took my cock, I eased a finger or two in with my cock, then slide my cock out and worked her harder with my fingers, her mouth sucking hard on a guys cock, then I pushed one hard push and my fist went right in, she just about bite his cock off as she jumped, but soon pushed back on my hand and took more, after letting her get used to my fist, I eased my cock in with it, again she jumped but by now her hole was so open it went in, I pouneded her butt hard wanking my cock as I did, then blew my load to finnish her of, a few of the guys also fisted her pussy and arse before she flew onto the bed totally fucked and happy, we had several group fucks mixing it with couples and biguys and some females too, she took to pussy very well, she also loved seeing biguys fucking my arse and fisted me too,

for a female who had never done any thing sexy before I opened her up to it all, and was happy for her but also sad when she met a guy and moved away, good times for all