Written by fun couple

26 Jun 2012

many years ago, we had a young 17 year old baby sitter, she used to sleep over with her boyfriend whilst we went out, but after 12 months or so, she left him but still sat for us, she knew we went out swinging, and had often talked about it with us,

one night we had ben out fucking and my wife went to bed leaving us to talk, she asked if we had had fun , and I told her about the evening we went to , which was a orgy, she got wet, and was moving around, my cock was hard and she saw it, soon her hand was on my cock and she asked if I had any thing left in me, I smilled , and we both stripped of kissing and touching each other,

as her mouth sucked my cock in, my eyes rolled, mmmmmm she was good, for such a young lady, my tounge found her clit and i went to town licking and sucking in her juices, soon I rolled her over and guided my cock in between her wet pussy lips, she took my 7 inch cock with ease, and my pace quickened pounding her harder now, she had her first cum, I kept going, 2 , 3 ,4, 5 cums and more as she pulled my cock in tight with her pussy muscles, I wanted more, so I got her to kneel in front of me, again pushing my cock right in. she jumped, as my finger found her arse,

I pumped her hard, juices flowing out down her legs as she kept cumming, my finger now deep in her arse as she cum harder still, with some pussy juice my second finger slid in, her cums got harder still, boy she could take it hard, I moved my fingers around and she pushed back,, this was to good to take, so a 3rd finger went in, sheila was going wild her anus was sucking my fingers in,, my cock crushed in her pussy by her young muscles, I kept going but my cock was also getting close, so I slowed and worked her anus more, her cums flooding her body,she went limp with lust, so why not, I thought my cock slipped out and with one move I pushed it half way down first go, her anus now taking my cock, made her scream, a bit, I pulled out and eased back in this time she took it, and pushed back onto me more, each trust going deeper and deeper, until my balls hit her pussy,

she took me full and hard, cums raced tho her quicker than before, for some 10 mins I rocked her world, as my cock strained to find more cum to breed her arse with, this, if i could cum again, would be my 4th for the night, shelia seems to know and her hand found my balls and she played with them as her other hand fingered her own pussy, oh boy I was in trouble my balls now seemed to be over full and wanted relief and quick, whoosshh gallons of cum flooded her arse, my cock not able to hold it all in, as cum ran down her cheeks and legs, shelia rubbing it in her pussy, with her fingers,

I fell gently on to her as we regained some sence of normallity, " that was so hot, you two " my wife said as she moved around in front of us, shelia looked shooked not knowing we had been watched it seemed for some time, sue bent down kissing shelia full on, they seemed to get right into it as both girls touched and kissed for ages, my cock growing once more at the sight in front of me,

but thats for later, as I had to rest while they played for shelia's first bi session