Written by Cassy_Lee

4 Feb 2015

Ignoring my request, hub took by clammy hand and lead me to a dimly lit room. In the far corner lay the naked silhouette of a man and a woman quietly going at it in missionary position. The couple had an audience of three men wearing white towels who were strategically seated up on a long cushioned wall bench. My new environment was very intimidating. My husband Craig instructed me to take off my panties ... I began to freak out ...Erratic thoughts racing through my mind... 'What the hell am I doing here?' 'I can't do this!' 'What the fuck was I thinking?' 'I must be crazy...' . Without hesitation, Craig grabbed me; using his strong arms to pull me close to him. Suddenly he inserted two of his largest fingers inside of me whilst simultaneously kissing me hard and forcing his tongue into my mouth. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled it back ensuring my ear met with his lips now whispering in a firm voice, 'Now take them off'. Instantly my sexual instincts kicked in .. my pussy began to throb ... my heart began to pound .. I immediately did what I was told to do. I handed Craig my red laced nickers. 'Now be a good girl and lay down'. Without hesitation, I again obeyed Craig's instructions, laying on one of the mattresses provided. Feeling like a fish out of water, I looked over to Craig for further guidance. He reciprocated by slowly mouthing, 'Spread your legs and play with yourself'. Although I wasn't good at touching myself in front of an audience of men; I knew that I had to do what I was told. Less than one minute later one younger man jumped off from the cushioned bench and came towards me.... Oh my God I think my fantasy it just about to become a reality!!!