Written by Cassy_Lee

9 Feb 2015

I felt his warm hands touching my inner thighs. I quivered and quickly closed my eyes. The time had come for me to let myself go and be taken away on a sexual journey... I didn't want to know who this guy was - I just wanted him to touch me, feel me, finger me, and fuck me. I felt safe knowing that my husband was in the room and it turned me on knowing that he was watching. He began to want to feel more of my body .. Momentarily he stopped; to put on his protection then without further delay his hard penis began stroking the outside of my moist pussy. This strange guy guided his shaft inside of my me .... It felt so good that I began to moan and groan. Oh yes, Mr penetration had started me off on my way to meet Mrs climax... Without me realising it, my moans and groans became louder and louder ..., consequently attracting more men to the room whilst also disturbing the quiet couple in the corner. Apparently she stormed out of the room rambling, 'I can't compete with this!' I was in my zone now .. Next thing I knew he had cum... I hadn't - my orgasms were just getting started. I opened my eyes to be greeted by what seemed liked a swarm of men .. cocks everywhere - this was amazing!!! I felt like a pawn star!! Instincts kicked in and I began to pull and suck two well hung cocks whilst other men took off my top.. (yes, I somehow still had it on??) Two guys were now caressing my breasts, one was touching and stroking my legs and inner thighs and another began fucking me in doggy style. Every guy wanted to feel and touch every part of my body .. I was now experiencing what felt like constant orgasms ... taking things to entirely new level. The high levels of intensity was causing me to drip with sweat ... I had to stop a couple of times just to catch my breath. There was one guy there who seemed to be particularly fond of me. He took extra good care of me; ensuring every guy respected my boundaries and fed me water as required .. It was like I was a sexual goddess in a dream. It was all happening so fast ... I didn't have to look; I just felt many men touching me; wanting me; waiting in line to f u c k me. I had one mission - to make each and every guy cum! Mission almost accomplished. Every single guy that entered me came with the exception who had previously blew his load not long before my arrival.

Just when I thought that I had finished pleasing all of these cocks... Along came a really fit guy with a huge cock. Apparently my husband asked him to finish my night... WOW and what a way to end it. This guy really knew how to fuck .. He fucked me so dam hard and fast that after he finish blowing his load of my stomach; my legs wouldn't stop shaking!!!

I left the venue very exhausted but more than satisfied. Craig and I returned to a private room. I was grateful to my husband for allowing me to have sex with multiple men so after I thanked him for a night that I shall never forget I gave him a blow job to be remembered ...