Written by Cosmic Love 2some

16 Jul 2016

Me and my partner had been getting naked on SKYPE for the delights of others a definite skype and wipe experience, OH yes juices were flowing freely on computer screens around the globe .

We got to talking one night and said what if we done this for real and decided why not and give it a try, so the people we were talking to on our computers cum to life in a very own home, no more messy sticky computers screens it was sweaty hot sex on the sofa, on the floor, on the bed, on the table we knew there and then we would enjoy what lies ahead we have met people from all walks of life from middle class, to millionaires, to down right freaky weirdos, but have also met some long term friends that we still play with to this day.

It has been Nerve racking, Boring, embarrassing, and down right Hot, Hard and Sexy !!!! It has been exciting and we have enjoyed every Hot, Wet, Sexy moment and look forward to meeting the next Hot n Sexy person or couple to experience each other on that Sexy Cosmic level where time stands still, and u part feeling like u have just experienced something only few people get to experience and enjoy !! Woww !!

Could u be the next person we get to be Hot n Naughty with...Who Knows ???

See you soon :D xx