Written by lucky guy

21 Aug 2013

As I woke, strange noises filled the air; my senses slow, as I began to remember where I was, the sound of my wife Lynn having an orgasm was not normal for me to hear without knowing about it, but as I looked over I could see her legs up, and over Al’s shoulders, his cock pounding her pussy as they fucked on the hotel room table, my morning woody took control, I walked over guiding my cock between her lips, she smiled and sucked me deep, Al was to far gone, his movements, as he stood in front of my wife, his cock just a blur as he fucked her hard and fast, soon turned, to the all to familiar sound of him about to cum.

I knew what my wife would be feeling, his cock begin to swell inside her, his cum starting its journey, to end deep in her womb, as he shook and shuddered uncontrollable again, forcing his cock deeper, in spasmodic bursts, taking a couple of minutes to regain control, slowly he eased back, white cum, began to ooze from Lynn’s pussy, I just had to lick her clean, going down eating his cum, licking it from below her butt crack to her clit, she shook in excitement.

I drove my tongue in deeper seeking out the last drops, before forcing what was left back in her, as my cock found her love nest. Al had kissed her and gone to take a shower, soon coming back, dressing, and apologising for having to leave for his first business appointment. We said our good bye, and told him we will leave our address and phone number for him to call us this evening.

I returned fucking my sexy wife some more, as she lay on the table, I leant down kissing her, I have never seen her look so good in the morning. I asked how long, she had been playing; a look of guilt seemed to stop her from saying much.

I told her I was so happy things had worked out well, and what ever she had done was fine by me, reminding her that only last night Al had fucked my arse too.

She told me, she was woken by his cock in her pussy, as he fucked her slowly while she slept, then they moved, so as not to wake me, fucking for some times on the table, then Al had lead her to the bathroom to take a shower to freshen up, fucking her bent over the basin, and then in the shower.

It was then she seemed to stammer, and not continue telling me she had been doing, I told her I was happy for her, and had enjoyed every thing we had done last night, so nothing was going to upset me. She kissed me hard, looking in my eyes; she began to tell me what happened.

Al was fucking her in the shower, and then pushed her down to suck his cock, my face lit up in a huge smile, and then she blushed,

“What “I asked, she really looked shy, “I’m ok with what ever you did,”

“I love you” she said, and then she started to tell me more,

He had pushed her down to suck his cock, and she was enjoying taking him all the way in, then he pulled out, and without saying any thing, began to pee over her face and body, As Lynn told me that, she had tears in her eyes, but carried on, the biggest smile ever swept across my face, seeing this she spoke more.

She was ok with it, although it took her by surprise, she found herself holding her head back for him to pee over her better, and then licked his cock as he dried up.

She said she was so horny, it turned her on, (we have never done water sports before) and then they finished the shower, and came back out to fuck on the table once more.

I kissed her so hard, my cock straining to get further in her pussy, I could feel my cum rising, as she held me tight in her, I was so hot now, and with a wicked smile, I said “want more water sport”. As I helped her up, she took me in the shower, playing with my rock hard cock, and then sucked the full length in her mouth.

It’s hard to pee when you have a woody, and especially when you want to try some thing new, so I told her to let me just fuck her some more, turning her and sliding my cock in her doggy. After awhile I pulled out and managed to pee, spraying her bum and back with my hot juices.

To my surprise she turned, going down and pushing her face under my cock, so I was now peeing on her face and boob’s, I nearly blew my load then and there, wow, what a hot sight, she then sucked me dry, standing to kiss me fully, and smiled. My cock soon buried once more in her pussy was ready to blow. As I did, she held me tight, kissing me and thanking me, I should be thanking her.

We cleaned up, dressed and left the hotel, my sexy wife getting some hot looks from the desk clerk as her mini dress showed all, it wasn’t until we got in the car I noticed our cum running down her legs still. No wonder the desk clerk had smiled at her.

I had to work, and soon went out, after changing at home, telling Lynn to relax for a busy night tonight. She said she was horny, and looked forward to more fun.

Around 1 pm I got a sms from her, saying popping out for awhile, back in an hour.

I arrived home at 5 pm, horny as hell, and saw Lynn, walking around naked, and looking red hot, she kissed me and looked a bit frazzled, but after last night I assumed that was all it was.

We had a light meal, and got ready for tonight, Al was meant to be calling in around 7.30 or so, it was then Lynn asked me if I though she could handle 3 guys?

My face lit up, “Darling you could handle a dozen,” I said,

“Good” she said, “so one more tonight will be ok then”,

I was puzzled, what? She had found the reply’s to my advert and called one, that is who she went out to meet at lunch time, she said.

“Did he fuck you?” “No, but wants too”, but she turned her eyes away, “So I told him to come around tonight.”

My mind was going wild; my shy wife had arranged a gangbang for herself,

At 7 pm Brad arrived, he was older, but in good shape, and seemed to be a nice guy; I was told he was a widow, for 2 years and wanted to get back into having fun. And thought this might work out, seeing as they had been into swinging, for years as a couple.

I told him we might get a bit kinky; he smiled and said that he would go with the flow.

Lynn wanted to get started, her pussy was eager to play, so Brad and her began to kiss, as they got to know one another.

Soon her boobs dropped out of her skimpy top, as Brad played with her, My cock slipped in her mouth, and received a good sucking, Brad was bit slower, going down to eat her pussy, but she responded well, her first orgasm hit home with in minutes, I turned her around, fucking her pussy now as Brad stripped of too, his cock going right down her throat, No wonder she asked him over, he was huge, around 10 inch’s long and thick, Did she know ? As my cock pounded her faster, he enjoyed her mouth on his meat.

It was then Al turned up, I went to open the door, telling him also that we had a 3rd guy, and was he ok with it, “Of course” he replied, stripping of and walking over to join in,

Lynn said hello and a quick intro, as her mouth never left Brads cock, I knew she was good at giving head, but seeing her take him all was amazing, Al also looked on in disbelief too, but found her clit, and began to eat her out..

I now felt like a third wheel with no where to go, then Brad moved back and Lynn sucked my cock as Brad played with her boobs and clit, Al returned his cock to her pussy and started to work her hard, then Lynn moved, pushing Bard under her and sucking me, and Brad’s cock in turn, we fucked her like that for awhile, then I saw Al aiming at her butt, and quite easily entre her, slowly worked his cock all the way in


That was my queue, moving Bard out I pushed my cock in her pussy, as Al kept his deep in her rear hole, Brad again in her mouth, Lynn was going wild, 3 guys, 3 cocks and every hole filled, what a sexy view I had, She screamed thought a few more orgasm before we swapped around, Al now going under her, I told Brad to try her butt, Lynn looked back over her to him, smiled as 10 inch’s began its slow journey in.

It took awhile, but soon he was in, I just had to watch Lynn in action, her body pushing back onto these two lucky guys, She gulped my cock down as I watched, then Al began to make those noises, Brad of course would feel his cock swell, and the look on his face told me, it had the right effect, Brad also joined Al, in filling Lynn’s body with cum.

I was turned on so much, both guys held on as Lynn shook and sharked to, going into a wild orgasm, which didn’t want to stop. Both guys had slowed and lay exhausted, as their cum run out, pushed out more by Lynn’s orgasm, I lapped it all up, tonguing her pussy and butt, then fucked her butt, before succumbing to her heat, flooding her with my cum.

Al then went down eating my cum; keeping Lynn on a high, for awhile, before relenting to let her rest.

Brad had the biggest smile ever, and thanked Lynn for getting him back into having fun, saying he enjoyed the ease that she took him, I told him last night she was a swinging virgin, and that this was the second time we had played, No way, she’s a natural, he replied.

Lynn then did some thing strange, she took one of her toys and pushed it in my arse, Al smiled, Brad looked on, a bit shocked, but took another closer look too, then Al moved up fingering my butt to, my heart began to race, I wanted this all day, as Al lubed his now hard cock and knelt behind me, Brad was again a bit shocked but kept looking, as Al’s cock went in, I pushed back harder by the inch, soon he was pounding me hard, Brad standing by the bed watching as Lynn sucked his cock. For me it was great, Al just having cum stayed hard and fucked me for ages tonight, each anal orgasm getting better for me, as Brad again looked on, I think Al fucked me for some 30 minutes, Brad and Lynn either sucking of fucking next to us, then I knew Al was ready to cum, oh boy it felt even better tonight as my butt was more used to him, the size and pressure of his cum forcing its way inside me, as I had one last huge anal orgasm.

Brad just looked on, not saying much, as Al moved away I began to move. A hand on my back held me in place, as Brad began to push his cock in my butt, what the? Hell his cock is huge, can I take it, these thoughts all rushed thought my mind, but to late he was just about fully in, as he began to fuck me quicker, pushing more in each thrust. I was so horny, I took it all, and when his balls slapped my balls, I knew he was fully home, his pace now flat out, going right out, then right back in, all 10 inch’s.

I never thought I would have enjoyed a monster cock in my arse, but here I was going from one anal orgasm to another hoping they never stop, as I saw Al begin to lick Lynn’s clit, she had a huge smile on her face as she saw me taking Brads cock, Fuck he’s good, not slowing at all, as my butt now takes him easy, he too is lasting, his second cum, not so urgent as his first.

Lynn slid under me, Al fucking her missionary, as she sucked my cock and balls, I could also feel her licking Brads cock too, as he continued to pound me. Of course Al’s cum would be running out of my hole, we carried on like this for some time, I got to suck Al’s cock too now and then as he pushed into my mouth,

Then Brad’s cock took a different angle, and speed, this looked like it, he made a few noises, I could feel his huge cock grow’ bigger still, and wham, he cum, what a feeling, sending me into a huge anal orgasm, as his cum raced down my anal passage.

I could hear Lynn lapping up his cum, as he kept going, not slowing at all, My cock jerked and shot gallons of hot cum over Lynn’s face, her attention turned to eating my cum now as Brad began to slow and pull out.

It was then Lynn again turned her mouth to my butt, as Brads cum now leaked out, I could see white juices dropping down onto her, as she took what she could, Al now going behind me, licked up Brads cum too, setting off another anal orgasm for me. I dropped to the side of Lynn as we rested.

Brad, was the first speak, saying he was glad we were bi, as that was one thing he had missed most, I replied “I’m glad’ you were both great, and I’m really getting to like this anal sex too.

We carried on for a few more hours, with Brad and Al taking turns to fuck us both, or both at the same time, and often all of us fucking Lynn at the same time, she loved it,

After the guys had fucked her for some time, Al went to a bag he had brought in with him, taking out a present for Lynn, as she opened it her eyes lit up, then she looked at me with a wicked smile again, then she pulled out a strap on, and a 8 inch vibe,

Al said, this is to keep you happy while I’m away,

Lynn put it on, and took great pride in showing the guys, how she fucked my butt, as they took turns fucking her butt, from the rear as she did, it was so hot. Then Brad took his turn again, fucking me once more, then slipping all 10 inch’s in Lynn’s butt, he filled her with hot cum, Al then took his turn, refilling her, then myself, her butt was over flowing, as all 3 guys took turns eating her butt out, she was going crazy.

As they left, we thanked them for a great time saying, see you soon, and we lay cuddling and chatting about our evenings fun.

I asked Lynn about her meeting with Brad at lunch time, shyly she told me, she had seen his reply, and saw he was well hung, and good looking, so she rang him, turns out, he lives 20 minutes away, so they arranged to meet for coffee.

I said “AND”

She meet him at a park and had a coffee, talking about things in general, when she said about being well hung, he suggested, she see for herself., so they walked into the park more, where he pulled his meat out, and she was blown away at the size, going down sucking him off there and then.

I told her “Naughty girl” but had a huge smile on my face as I did, “did you swallow”?

Of course, she replied.

My cock again took control, as I slid it in her pussy,

Fucking her for some time, then I fucked her butt once more, again exploding deep inside her bowels, as I slipped out, she moved up sitting over my face and pushing my cum into my mouth, I ate it all up, laying next to me, with a devils grin, she said, “Wait till tomorrow night, your butt is mine to use all night”

I said we better get some help then, as I want some cum as lube too.

Sleep took over, and tomorrow Al and Brad might get phone calls again. .