Written by hard cock

26 Mar 2013

We had asked a good lady friend to look after our house while we were away on holiday, she didn’t mind as we have a pool and she loves swimming,, she knows we our nudist and when we spoke on the net I said to her about swimming nude, she did giggly and say yes she was and enjoyed it too, on our return to our state, I phoned her to say we would be staying at our nudist club for 3 or 4 days before returning home and is that a problem, she said no, and that she was going for a swim around lunch tomorrow, as it was going to be a warm day,

The next day I told my wife I was going shopping for some hardware and might pop in home, If I found myself near enough, well around lunch time I pulled up on the drive, our friends car was there, so I went in, looking though the rear door, I saw her swimming, she was naked, mmmmmmmmmmmm she was a larger lady with double E boobs and a firm but large figure, I went into the bedroom first to set up a few things, then stripped of and walked outside, at first she didn’t see me, then when she did she stopped dead in her tracked and tried to cover her large tits up, I walked into the pool saying wow they look good,( let me tell you a little bit about her too, she hasn’t had sex with her hubby in 5 or 6 years ) and with that walked over to her and gave her a cuddle and said thanks for looking after the house for us, she didn’t pull back as we carried on cuddling, my cock now sticking out proud, as I moved back, she looked down and said steady boy, with that I flicked my cock and said to late it’s got a mind of its own and laughed, we talked for awhile her telling me about a few things that went on while we were away, without realising, I was now playing with my cock, she looked and said I was being naughty, I touched her boob and said sorry but with you standing naked and those lovely tits staring at me I can’t help it, she smiled this time with more than just a bit of sensual look, I moved her nearer to me and began to suck on her nipples, she leant back making sexual noises as she did, now my hands were playing with her, rubbing her boobs as I kissed and nibbled her nipples, then why not one hand went down between her legs, at first she didn’t help but slowly opened her legs to let me fingers flick her clit, fingering her clit she had her first orgasm, then a second and third, boy she was a quick cummer, then I moved her around and eased my cock towards her pussy, she bent over the edge of the pool to let me get in easy, my cock went deep and I fucked her like that for awhile, before saying let’s get dry and go in,

Once on the bed, I went down and ate her out, cum after cum ripped though her body, now I turned and put my cock at her mouth, she sucked me in swallowing my cock whole, then I returned my cock to her pussy, fucking her missionary first, working deeper each time, then I rolled her over and fucked her doggy, it was then I grabbed my dildo, easing it into her pussy with my cock, she looked back at me and asked what was I doing, I told her to trust me and kept pushing the dildo in, soon cock and dildo were deep in her pussy and she rolled out cum after cum,

I let her rest for awhile, and she said that never had any guys done that to her, I said that we did that all the time to one another, she looked puzzled, I said Yes that wifey does anal fuck me too,

Her face lit up, which was strange, then she went on to tell me about one of her first boyfriends being bi and how they had swung with bi guys for some time, I pulled out our strap on, and my bigger toys, she looked and said can I take them, of course I said, with that she stood up and pulled the strap on on, and grabbed my biggest dildo, I knew what I was in for, so kneeling on the bed waited for her to fuck my hole, she lube’d the dildo and eased it in me, building speed until she was all the way in and going strong, I also have anal cum’s and began moaning loudly as she got me going,

She kept fucking me for some time until I pulled away and rammed my cock back deep into her wet pussy, I then began to finger her arse, she didn’t stop me so I then slipped my small dildo in her butt, working her hard she was going wild now whipping around on the bed, me trying to stay on board, then I pulled the dildo out and rammed my cock in deep, she knew I was now fucking her arse, as orgasm after orgasm raced though her, my balls were now over flowing, swelling and gushing gallons of cum into her raw butt, we both fell onto the bed, she took my cock in her hand and played with it, as I rubbed her clit, as we spoke about what we had just done she was purring like a kitten, wanking me harder, I told her we might have to arrange a rematch soon, she went down sucking my cock as my balls exploded once more filling her mouth with cum, that was unexpected, I hardly ever cum twice that quickly, as she licked my cum of her lips,

Well we do meet now and then when we can, and each time we explore new things with each other