20 May 2015


Well it’s been a while since we all got together as a group, ( like other stories 4 of them ...on page 3 and back), like we use to last year but the couple we all partied with were unable to find the time for fun. They both worked long and odd hours so it was very difficult for them to find the time to play which was a shame because like in my earlier stories of our Fuck nights they were so enjoyable and such fun.

It also meant that we had to find an alternative venue as well which was so good of Len to allow us to hold the parties at his place. A couple of weeks ago we were able to have the first of our meetings with a couple but instead of the usual Sat night we all decided to meet at 12.00 noon on a Sunday.

Jim and Jennie were already at Len’s place when I got there not long before I arrived. They were sitting on the couch opposite Len so I sat down next to Jim as we all had a drink and talked waiting for Mick to arrive.

Jim like me had shorts on while Jen his wife had a short skirt half way up her thighs, with a low cut top and a bra that pushed her tits up and out her tits showing a deep valley between them ... they looked gorgeous and she looked nice sitting there quietly sipping on a glass of wine. Mick came in and after putting a couple of things on the floor to one side he stood to have a sip on a beer.

Rather than sit in the other chair he sat down on the arm of the sofa next to Jennie to join in the general conversation and take in the lovely view of the long deep line between Jennie’s tits before it disappeared down into her black bra …. he was so horny and her low cut top didn’t help much either. Nothing much happened for a while and when she talked I see she was a little nervous with her lips trembling a little as she spoke and she didn't seem comfortable… who would with 3 horny guys she hadn’t met before giving her all their attention.

After a little a while I thought it was time to break the ice so I got up and took my shorts off so everybody could see my small white pair of bikini see through panties which showed the outline of my cock and balls …. I love wearing them, so sexy and horny. Mick didn't hesitate and did the same saying it was time for the show to start as he ran his hands across Jennie’s tits.

I was siting next to Jim and I could feel his leg against mine but he didn't seem responsive so I got up and stood in front of Jennie joining Mick as we both felt her tits and said to Jennie "Your tits do look so nice." Mick already had a raging hard on, he didn’t have to stroke it with his hand because it was already hard before he took his shorts off thinking how he was going to fuck Jennie.

His 8inch cock stuck straight out like a flag pole and so easy for Jennie to wrap her hand around it. Both of us helped her to stand up as Mick took her top off while I undid her jet black bra at the back. Her nice hand sized tits felt beautiful, so soft and sexy as she stood there with her hand wrapped around Mick’s raging hard cock... she knew she was going to like it.

It wasn't long before Mick and I on either side of Jennie, slid her short skirt down to see her black sexy panties and as Paul joined us she sat down on the couch and opened her legs which showed the neatly trimmed black hair of her pussy. Jim was sitting next to her watching everything so Mick went straight up to him and faced him with his hard cock sticking straight out in front of hjs face. He didn't hesitate to suck on it, it looked so suckable while Len and I finger fucked Jennie. She loved it with a sweet smile, especially with two fingers hard and fast making her so wet and hot inside.

Jim looked really enjoying himself as he swallowed all of Mick's cock and gagged on it from time to time as he had to take it out of his mouth for air. The gagging noise he made on Mick's cock made all of us watch him as Mick continually face fucked Jim with lots of little short sharp strokes so none of his cock could be seen….. his nosed banged hard up against Mick’s stomach…. as he swallowed all of Mick’s 8inch throbbing cock.

All this time Jennie sat there quietly watching out of the corner of her eye occasionally smiling as Len and I were kissing her and running our hands all over her body. I stood near the arm of the sofa near her face as she sat there so she could suck on my cock while Len vigouresly finger fucked her.

Mick thought it was about time to fuck Jennie as he pulled his cock out of Jim’s face when he had to cum up for air, gagging on it. Jim’s saliva and Mick’s precum literally dripped from his cock in large clumps as he stepped across to Jennie and pulled her out from the couch to the edge and knelt down between her open legs. His cock went straight up inside her because she was so wet too because Len and I had taken turns in sucking her… she tasted so sweet.

Mick was so horny and fucked her really hard and fast, so fast that every time he was at the top of his stroke there was a loud bang as his balls slapped up against Jennie's pussy. At the same time her tits shook like a bowl full of jelly as we all watched both of them in action… fucking. I held one leg of hers up in the air to make it easier for Mick to ram his big hard cock up inside her which was just what as she wanted….every inch of all of it.

Jennie seemed rather quiet with all of the attention she was getting as Mick fucked her. She came a couple of times which also made her squirt a little from the glass of wine she had, so much so Paul had to put a towel on the floor in front of the couch underneath her to soak up the moisture !! Jim was enjoying himself as he watched Mick fuck his wife.

He took great delight at how Mick would pull out of Jennie for a second, the head of his cock right there next to the entrance of Jennie’s cunt lips that lay, slightly open, all wet and waiting for another burst of hard fucking from Mick. Mick certainly knew how to fuck and the casual smile on Jennie’s face said it all. He had a good look at how Mick knelt down in front of her and how gently he eased his thick hard cock slowly into his wife which wasn't any trouble because the whole length was so wet with his saliva and Mick’s precum.

Mick thought it was time for Jennie to do her bit and lifted himself off her open legs and with his arms around her waist, swung around to exchange places with her on the couch. As he lay there his hard cock lay on his stomach waiting for Jennie to take it in her hand and guide it into her cunt as she positioned herself on top of him to ride him just like a good cowgirl should. The long constant strokes of her hips on top of his cock were so good but they got shorter and faster as she couldn’t hold out any longer, sighing quietly when she came….this is what she was here for… to fuck and cum.

Mick couldn’t hold out any longer either as Jennie got off him and he stood in front of Jim to give him a few quick long last strokes of his cock and then knelt down between Jennie’s open legs as she lay on her back on the couch. Len had just finished sucking her and Mick waisted no time in fucking her because this time he was going to cum and cum he did right up inside her ….hard and fast… so strong, his back all wet with beads of sweat and finally collapsed on top of her. Panting like a Malee bull ...he had given her all he had.

Mick a little while later got up pulling his soft cock out of Jennie’s cunt all glistening with her wetness and his cum which just started to ooze out of her open cunt lips and said to Jim “there you are, you can clean her up” of which Jim didn’t waste much time to kneel down between the legs of his wife to suck up all of Mick’s cum….he loves that. Len and I also helped to clean her out too and there was none left when we all finished but the sweet taste of her lingered on.

Well the afternoon was gradually cumming to a close as Jennie finished her glass of wine and got up to dress and put her panties on with Jim signalling to her it was time to go. As they departed the three of us sat talking and finishing our drinks with the thought it was such nice fun but it all seemed to go so quickly …. that happens when you’re having fun.