Written by alanandanne

17 Oct 2014

It's been a while since my last posting, we have still been having fun but traveling overseas returning to work has slowed me up.

Prior to going overseas Nola and Paul said we have to see you before you leave, we of course agreed.

It was a Sunday early afternoon ,we arrived at their rural property, I was wearing a very thin pair of shorts ,no underwear and tee shirt.

Anne wore shorts and the red almost front less top.

Nola met us at the car ,Paul was up stairs, Nola threw her arms around Anne kissing her passionately, hands all over her hot arse. She then finished pashing Anne came over to me gave me a huge hug before tonguing me in a passionate kissing session

Her hand on my hardening cock, she whispered in my ear "I want that big hard cock i want to suck it and fuck it" I thought well now suppose I had better oblige. We finished our pash, looked around Anne was gone upstairs. Nola and I walked upstairs there is Paul and Anne in an embrace Anne's tits out Paul sucking nipples Anne squeezing Paul's cock through his shorts.

We all sat in the kitchen having drinks, I sitting on a bar stool Nola beside me standing,her big tits at face level, although still clothed I could feel them . Anne sitting on the other stool Paul standing beside her,easy access to his cock.

Anne started rubbing Paul's cock as he stroked her exposed tits, I stroked Nola's tits as we all talked , so nice.

We moved in to the huge lounge room, I asked Paul if he had any new porn, he said he had ,we went to the bedroom to have a look at his new purchases.

We grabbed three dvd s returned to the lounge where Nola and Anne were pashing, tits out and really getting into each other, wow they did miss each other.

Paul and I put a porno on and talking,we looked over to see Nola on her knees Anne's legs over her shoulders as she sucked licked and finger fucked Anne's pussy. Nola looked up and smiled her face glistening in Anne's pussy juice before returning to give Anne some more. Next thing we hear Anne moaning "Im cumming" Wow did she cum. Paul by now is stroking my cock, I stand up drop my shorts, my cock hard as a rock,before i knew it Paul had my cock in his mouth sucking me.

Anne is now sucking Nola's wet pussy as Paul devours my hard cock. Paul says lets go to the bedroom.

Hard cocks swaying, wet faces and pussies make our way to the king size bed. Paul and I assume te 69 position we are both sucking cock ,slurping and moans echo through the room ,Nola and Anne playing with each others tits as they watch the M/M action. They both love to watch us suck cock.

Nola say s I want Alan's big cock, Anne says to Paul come here and fuck me.

Paul and Anne are in the missionary position Nola on her knees I m fucking her doggy,this allows the girls to pash and suck each others tits while they are being fucked.

We fuck for what seems to an eternity, I go over and pull Pauls cock out of Anne give it a good suck before putting it back in

We eventually swap I'm fucking Anne, Paul fucking Nola, I hear Paul yell "fuck I'm going to cum " Nola screams "in my mouth on my face" Paul aims his cock at Nola's mouth and unloads a huge wad of cum down the side of her face next squirt in her mouth, fuck it was hot, more cum on her big tits until he was spent.

Anne says to me "i want you to cum on Nola as well" Nola says "yes please"

I feel the cum on the way I move over to Nola her cum splattered face waiting for another load,Anne is now jerking my throbbing cock as I watch Paul's cum dribble from her face on to her tits.

Her face is still covered in Paul's hot load as I erupt first squirt into her open mouth ,the rest over her face and tits.

Nola's face is now covered in cum tits have cum running down to the nipples

We lay down I start to pash Nola as does Anne Paul joins in soon we are all covered in Paul's and my cum .

It was so nice to lick cum from faces mouths and tits .

We all showered then had some dinner all nude. After dinner we sat in the lounge talking stroking occasional sucking

before long it was time to go home. We pashed in the driveway one last grope of tits and cocks and left.

On the way home Anne played with my cock nice and hard again we went to bed and fucked again ,her pussy still dripping from her fucking from Paul and sucking from Nola

We are so lucky they are great friends and fantastic fucks