Written by 5inchshaved

6 Jan 2014

A warm summers evening, the wife Jenny and I having a BBQ and drinks with friends Tami and Dave.

Tami and Dave had been married for 20 year while Jenny and I were married for 5 years both being on our second marriage. We had been friends for about 2 years often spending Sunday arvos enjoy a few drinks and a BBQ together.

This Sunday was like any other Sunday but the summer weather hitting 40+ degrees and the drinks flowing down as the sun was going down. As the beach was only 5 minutes away Dave and I desided to head to the beach for a swim to cold off. As neither of us was in any condition to driver from all the beer we had been drinking it's was time to get the wifes behind the wheel to drive us there.

Once at the beach Dave and I hit the sand running toward the water when the next thing I knew I was flat on my face eating sand, Dave had run up behind me while I was running and pants me (hard to run with your shorts around your ankles). As the beach was fairly quiet I left the shorts behind and was off after him. As I hit the water Dave had also dropped his shorts and off we went for that cooling swim. The walked down to ghe water collecting our discarded clothes. Dave and I then desided it was time to have our wifes join us so off we went, I chased down Dave's wife and lifted her top straight off letting her beautiful DD titts bounce around followed by her shorts a panties. Looking around Dave was having some trouble removing my wifes clothes as she was resisting. Once he had suceeded off the the water we all went.

While cooling off Dave and I chatted and as two great minds think alike we agreed we each other we should that the girls back to the car and have some fun. Opening the back of the car and laying the back seat down the four of us climbed in. I started playing with Tami's DD titts rubbing her nipples until they were hard. I moved in kissing and sucking each one in turn while I ran my hand down to play with the shaved pussy I had seen a short time ago. When my hand hit the spot I was shocked to find a hand already there, looking around I seen Dave had 2 fingers in her pussy and also 2 fingers in my wifes pussy giving both a good finger fucking. I then position myself between the two girls head, playing with both there titts while Dave continued fingering and the licking and kissing both pussy going from one to the other and back again. Before long both girl start playing with my balls and stroking my cock. As we all were getting pleasured Dave moved over my wife and start rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet pussy, over her swollen clit before sinking his cock deep inside her. The sound she made as he pulled back and then rammed hard back in were sound I had never heard before, Dave's cock was a lot thicker then mine and I could she how much she was enjoying it. As the girls kept sucking and playing with me Dave started pounding my wifes hot wet pussy hard and fast. Dave looked at me and said she was so tight he was about to cum. With that my wife got so excited that she was going to expload. Tami move over and grabbed Dave,s balls, I then start rubbing both girls clits and told Dave to give it to her. Within a minute Dave shot a load deep inside her. Dave the dropped down next to her kissing and playing with her titts. Not wanting to miss out I took dave's place between her legs and slid my cock into silky wet sticky pussy. Remembering what I had just seen, my beautiful wifes pussy being pounded by a thick hard cock made me blow in minutes.

We all headed back to the water, washed each other down before heading home to selabrate with a few more cold ones and plan the next weekend to go away fun some more four way fun.