Written by fun couple

17 Jul 2012

I had just finished fucking Shelia, when my wife come in and started kissing her. I was resting after a long hard fuck, my cock was empty but seeing the 2 of them entangled together. Lips, fingers and tongues all going wild on one another was to much. Shelia had never had bi sex before but now she looked like a pro, Sue was now sitting over Sheila's face her pussy still leaking cum from earlier when she had taken 3 or 4 loads from guys at the orgy. This didn't seem to worry Shelia who was lapping it all up. Then Shelia moved over Sues face, Sue licking her clit as my cum run from Shelia's butt onto sues face. mmmmmmmmmm my cock was hard and I just had to fuck some thing, so i slid my cock past Sues nose straight into Shelia's butt once more and fucked her again. Her orgasms rolled out more as we both worked her hard.

After awhile I left them to play and went to the bathroom and got some of Sues toys. Without saying anything, i slipped one in Sues pussy and my cock went in her butt, mmmmmmmmmm Shelia sat back watching as Sue took it all, cum still leaking past my cock and toys as I fucked her. Sue had a nice big cum and my cock fell out, no sooner it had then Shelia grabbed it to suck me off. By now we were all in a sexual haze, sue slid her toy in Shelia's pussy as i turned her around and stuck my cock in her arse once more. At first Shelia pulled away as the tightness of both holes being filled was to much, so I slowed my push and she eased back onto my cock. Once in she went wild, Sue working her pussy for all it was worth and by now Shelia didn't give a damn we could have done any thing to her. I winked at Sue and nodded towards her other toy a nice 10 inch vib, she got it and as i pulled out Sue slid it straight in Shelia's arse and worked them both. Without waiting i went around and stuck my cock fair in Shelia's mouth and she sucked me for all I was worth, her body now jumping wildly as Sue worked both toys in her. My cock was dry but the feeling was over whelming, as her mouth sucked harder as every cum rocked her body. Sue gave me a look and I knew what she meant, as Shelia's pussy soon began to fill with Sues fist. I nearly lost the end of my cock as she bit me. Heeding the entry of Sues fist in her pussy, but the sight mmmmmmmm sue was loving it. Shelia was just about to pass out from exhaustion as she was cumming so much, when my cock just seemed to shoot a blast of steam into Shelia's mouth. Surely I didn't have any cum left, but boy it felt good any way. Sue giggled as Shelia kept letting out small screams and moans as Sue worked her pussy.

I looked at Shelia and said want to go one further and try for the lot. She didn't seem to know what i meant as Sues fist pushed against her anus, she realised and smiled. I grabbed some lube and Sue began to work her magic, Shelia's arse was very nice smooth and tight but very workable and four fingers made there way in. Only the thumb to go, i grabbed the big dildo. 12 inches and thick and slammed that in her arse, made her jump but once in she worked it. After awhile i pulled it out and Sue went straight in, Shelia asked with a surprised voice "did that just go all the way in me". Yep came the reply as sue worked her hard, lucky she was so young as her virgin arse opened up and took it all with ease. The 8 inch vib went in her pussy and she worked them both, cum after cum ripped through her. Then we both jumped as with one almighty scream and a violent shaking, Shelia went wild. Her head thrashing back and forth as she went into a huge cum, she shook hard. Her arse gripped Sues fist and the vib in her pussy jammed tight, this carried on for around 30 seconds then she fell limp. Sweat pouring from her, she purred like a kitten as we both eased the fist and toy out of her as we lay cuddling her for awhile.

It took about 3 or 4 minutes before she spoke, and even then slowly. Her first words being, when can we do this again.

Needless to say she spent many nights in our bed over the next few years, when we held the orgies at our house she came over and joined in. Some times taking 4 or 5 guys in a night with Sue, not once did she back down from trying some thing new. One of my best memories was dping her with another guy, and seeing her take a guy in her mouth too. Sue sucking her tits as she did. At the end of a orgy night, the girls would empty there pussies into one anothers mouths . Some times they both would sit on my face for me to eat them out,

just for a bet one night I told Shelia to get all the guys who fucked her to cum in her arse. She smiled saying that was easy, and when they had sue fisted her in front of the guys mmmmmmmmmmmm cum running out every where.

Its a pity things change and when she got married she went straight, bugger. I missed the fun we had, we stayed friends but she said she would never play up on her hubby, who is still one of my best friends. some 20 years later when they split up, I began to hope mmmmmmmm will she cum back for more.