Written by Sleazy_pool

5 Jan 2011

I have known Jeff for a long time. In fact we slept together a couple of times about 15 years ago but that's not a comprehensive descriptor for our relationship. We're friends first and foremost and always will be. We've pulled off loads of crazy stunts like streaking through suburban parks with other fun loving friends, letting the pizza delivery boy in to hand deliver pizza to me and another naked girl in the spa and the time I picked up at a lesbian bar, brought the girl back to Jeff's penthouse suite then promptly passed out, leaving Jeff to entertain the poor girl for the rest of the night. One such evening ended with me getting a tattoo, but that's another story.

My husband Roger is totally cool with Jeff and knows, and enjoys, the stories. With this in mind I readily accepted Jeff's invitation for a housewarming party at his new place which was huge, and included a pool room and pool table. When we arrived the place was pretty packed, so we grabbed drinks, found Jeff and got the grand tour. Jeff left us in the pool room, us waiting to challenge the winners of the pool game which was underway. We're pretty good at pool so managed to beat the winning couple and hold the table for the rest of the night, meeting plenty of friendly people and enjoying a few drinks along the way.

By the end of the night there were just six people left at the party including us. Roger and I were playing against Brian and Steve while Brian's partner Tasha chatted to Jeff while he played DJ. My husband was well aware that I had dated Brian once before, and that I rated him equal number one at cunnilingus - equal only to Roger of course. This made for an interesting dynamic as Steve was totally unaware that I had slept with all the other men in the room. In fact, as he had only just started his first game of pool and had spent the evening out on the deck with others, he was unaware that Roger was my husband.

Steve was actually pretty good at pool and soon both teams only had the eight ball to go. Brian had a pretty straightforward shot on the eight, to win the game, so to give him a bit of extra challenge I stood in his line of sight and flashed my knickers just as he was about to take his shot. He miscued completely, though didn't seem too upset with the distraction. I managed to sink the black and win the game with my very next shot. Steve didn't seem to mind losing this way either, as he had received a pretty good eyeful as well.

Halfway through the next game I was sitting chatting with Steve when Brian moved around the table near us to take his shot. It was a sitter, and when he bent over to play his shot right in front of me I couldn't resist. I started running my fingers lightly up and down the inside of his leg in order to put him off. He did his best in the circumstances, but the distraction was too much and he missed the shot. I felt very comfortable flirting with and teasing Brian in this way, due to our history and continued good friendship, plus the fact that Tasha was quite occupied with Jeff and didn't seem to mind. I managed to put Brian off a couple more shots by giving him a great cleavage view right over the pocket he was shooting for, and later stroking his arse when he was stretched way out for a shot and defenceless. At that point, Jeff declared that he was enjoying the game, but to make it fair the rules needed to be amended. We decided that the shooter would always be fair game, that is, could be flirted with, flashed, talked dirty to or be touched, as long as the shooter's queue or shooting action was not bumped or impeded in any way. Steve wondered aloud how they would distract my husband Roger so I assured him that the sight of them flirting with me while he was having his shot would do the trick. Brian had a plan B which was to enlist Tasha to titillate and tease him but somehow I didn’t think that would be necessary.

We started a new game and initially the shooter only received attention when the shot was a set-up. In the beginning I could get both Brian and Steve to miss their shots by stroking pretty much any part of their bodies. It probably came as no surprise, but Steve and Brian quickly decided to touch me up on every one of my shots and every one of Roger’s shots. Roger was basically a walking hard-on from the beginning of the game, and the whole time I was being touched up I would glance in his direction, flirting with him with my eyes, and he would grin back at me with absolute lust in his eyes.

The pool game got very sleazy after that, because I could no longer distract the guys by stroking their arms and legs, so I started to stroke their butts and bulging crotches. In “retaliation” when it was Roger’s shot, the guys took it in turns to take me in their arms and kiss me passionately. The whole time I was being kissed I kept my eyes locked to my husband’s, the air almost crackling with sexual electricity.

Suddenly, Tasha came and towed Brian away. She swept Jeff up with them and headed upstairs. Roger and I looked at each other knowingly – Tasha definitely had the right idea. I took my husband’s hand and together we walked up to Steve. I took Steve’s hand and slid it inside my top, while Roger kissed the back of my neck. Suddenly four strong hands were lifting me onto the pool table, and rapidly disrobing me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of four hands and two tongues roaming across my naked body.

The hands and tongues stopped, so I opened my eyes to see Roger and Steve getting undressed. Both had full erections. Roger’s I knew intimately, and could tell that he was swollen to bursting. Steve had a cock almost as long as Roger’s but a lot thicker at the base, and he was rolling on a condom quickly. I could feel myself gushing moisture from between my legs imagining what that would feel like as he slid all the way inside my aching pussy. I had no sooner imagined it than it had happened. I looked straight at Roger, who was grinning cheekily while stroking his hard cock and watching the action. I reached for him and pulled him to me, taking his throbbing cock in my mouth and doing all the things that he loved – swirling my tongue, sliding my lips up and down the shaft and squeezing the base of his cock with my hand. I was soon distracted however by Steve pulling out and licking my dripping pussy and expertly tonguing my clit.

Because of the proximity of the edge of the pool table, Steve had to lie perpendicular to me while he gave me oral. My husband had a great view of the goings on and was kneeling on the same side of me as Steve. To my surprise, Roger bent down and took Steve’s cock firmly in his mouth, so now each of us was getting oral action from a different person. This thought plus the action from Steve’s tongue and probing fingers put me over the edge for my first orgasm of the evening.

Roger lay on his back and rolled me on top of him in sixty-nine position. I do love a sixty-nine, and when Steve entered me from behind at the same time I was in seventh heaven. Under the guidance of my husband’s skilled and knowing tongue and the very nice fucking I was receiving from Steve I had my second shuddering orgasm.

I thought I was done, and wanted to finish the guys off, so I turned around and mounted Roger while Steve watched and stroked his cock. Watching him enjoying the show really turned me on. Next thing Steve was coming at me from behind again, slipping his cock in beside Roger’s into my open, wet pussy. This feeling was too much and I almost collapsed from my third orgasm in quick succession.

Roger rolled out from underneath me while Steve continued to fuck me doggy style. I wondered what Roger was doing so looked around to see Steve sucking him at the same time as fucking me. That was pretty hot and if I hadn’t already cum three times already I would have been off again. It was clearly to Steve’s liking too because he unleashed long and deep inside my pussy. Steve moved away and Roger took over. I felt his familiar size, shape and rhythm, which when added to the passionate kisses I was receiving from Steve, did in fact take me over the edge for my fourth orgasm, which in turn triggered a shuddering, twitching, pulsating ejaculation from Roger.

There you have the benefits of playing sleazy pool.