30 May 2016

I had been online at swingersheaven during the morning and was chatting to a couple who were having a "Naughty day off" As we chatted and became more explicit, we discovered we were not too far apart. They cheekily suggested they come over and put on a show for me, I am not sure what they expected me to say, but I chatted back very quickly "Oh Yes Please, I would be up for that, come on over!" and they did just that.

I won't go into the entire naughty afternoon and the amazing show, I will write about that on a later post. I really want to tell you from the point, that my husband arrived home. My husband walked in and is very pleasantly surprised to find a new swingers member fucking his own wife, whilst I was there watching. They were in 69ing in our bed, both cumming on each other's mouths. My husband saw me rubbing at my pussy and asked, "What can I do for you, Baby?"

He began undressing before I could answer, "I need you to fuck me. I really need to be fucked, right now" I squealed

As My husband pulled down his pants, I saw his magnificent cock was now hard. I hoped it was hard for me and not just from seeing a swingers member's tongue lapping a partner's clit, fingering her pretty pink pussy. However, as soon as My husband was naked, he was onto me and thrusting inside my lusting wet, slippery pussy, in a flash, his big cock was stretching out my pussy, he was instantly buried to the hilt, his balls slapping my arse as he fucked me, thrusting long strokes, in and out.

He grabbed at my breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples. He pulled at me, to get my legs up over his shoulders, so he could go inside me, even deeper. I did and, buried himself so deep now, he began to grind the base of his cock against my clit. I Screamed out, "Fuuuuuuuuuuukkkkk, I'm cummmmmminggggggggggggg. OH! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!"

Our visitor's wife had finished cumming and her husband had pumped his cum thickly into her mouth. She rolled off him and walked over to me, her mouth still full of warm semen. She kissed me as my husband roughly fucked me. She shared the swingers member's cum, spilling it into my mouth, making a real show of it, letting both men see the fresh thick load of member's cum pouring into my open, wanting, mouth. Then she kissed me again, deeply, and we let the men watch our tongues playing with the warm cum. The sight of this took my husband over the edge and I felt him erupt inside me. I felt him explode, his cock throbbed as the huge load of cum started to flood my pussy. It was so hot inside me as he emptied his balls of cum, coating my insides with his hot fluids. I came hard as I felt his delicious cock shooting his load of thick, steamy cum into me.

I groaned out loudly as I felt his every thick spurt of heated cum, flooding, filling my cunt.

When my husband finally pulled out and flopped onto his back, Our visitor's wife asked if I would make love. She giggled, she wanted to lick my husband's fresh delivered cum, directly from my fucked pussy. All the while, I could, I would, lick and swallow her husbands cum delivery from hers, in a 69. She jumped onto me, didn't even wait for permission. She just climbed on top of me, opened her pussy with her fingers, splayed her pussy on my mouth, as she lustily drove her tongue deep into mine. She really loved oral sex and I knew, from her enthusiasm, she loved the taste of my husband's cum, fresh and warm from my pussy. I knew it tasted different than her husband's from my own oral taste, kissing experience. His own wife loved the taste of all sorts of male cum, so it would seem. She certainly drank every drop.

The men were both watching the erotic show we were putting on. I looked over at them both and saw their cocks were stroked hard again. His wife prolonged my orgasm and hers for quite a while, so that by the time we finally climaxed it was a big orgasm, bigger than the orgasm's we had just finished having on our men.

His wife was so good at giving me head. It certainly seems, woman know, what another woman likes. But for me, I have to have a cock inside me, and often! I love cocks, lots and lots of big cocks, mmmm.

After we stopped orgasming, His wife turned around and kissed me lovingly. I asked her, "Would you like to switch partners with me and try out my husband? I saw the way he was looking at you and think he would like that."

Her husband nodded approval and looked longingly at my naked body. "Hmmm, I can't wait to fuck you, you look delicious." He said.

I said to my husband, “ Baby, you know she will love your big cock in her pussy. I'm going to take our friend into the guest bedroom where we can do our thing and give you two the king sized master bed to fuck.

See you in the morning. I'll make breakfast."

It turned out by the next morning, he was a wonderful lover. He made me cum really often and really hard and I loved sucking his cock. I love sucking any cock but his was just the right size to deep throat without choking me.

There was so much more to tell, but that can all be told in due course, of course...