24 Jun 2015

Leanne told me to sit on the bed, the bulge in my pants was quite evident at this stage and she gave me a wicked smile. “Maybe you should get yourself more comfortable and lose the clothes’ she said.

I didn’t need to be told a second time, and took everything off quickly and placed it on a chair in the corner of the room. Leanne started disrobing as well, and I took the opportunity while Eric was in the shower to walk over and kiss her passionately, my cock standing erect. Leanne smiled and said, “Now I know what you look like naked!”

“I hope I haven’t disappointed you” I said in a concerned voice.

“Ohh, no, no way, I’m very satisfied” she said.

I heard the shower stop and then Eric obviously drying himself in the ensuite. He walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around him, Eric was about my height and a bit stockier than me, and he noticed me naked, looking down at my firm and to attention manhood and smiling and noticing Leanne having undressed to her bra and panties.

He dropped his towel exposing his also hard cock, thinner than my shaft but about the same 7 inch length. He was also circumsized and shaved like Leanne and I were. This was going to be some smooth fun!

Leanne took charge and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and then ordered Eric too lay on his back on the bed. Still with her panties and bra on, she lay on the bed next to Eric and kissed him passionately. My cock was so hard I thought the skin would rip and could hardly contain myself. Leanne moved down Eric’s body to his hard shaft and took hold of his juicy loose balls and then lowered her mouth on his shaft. I remembered kissing her soft lips the night before, imaging them on my cock, hopefully my turn would cum (so to speak!).

Eric closed his eyes and moaned in delight, enjoying the attention of his hot woman, and also enjoying being watched by a stranger. This is where my surprise for the couple took place, those who have read my stories before know I swing both ways and I moved in and lowered my head to where Leanne was working Eric’s bulging man meat. She looked at me and I whispered ‘my turn’.

Her eyes were of excited surprise, as I took Eric’s cock in my mouth and worked his shaft, flicking my tongue across the large head. Eric noticed the change of circumstances and I felt him flinch and hesitate, I put my hand on his chest and pushed him down and told him to relax and enjoy. I looked at Leanne who was in ecstasy, not being able to believe this turn of events, but her deviant mind, much like mine, was so turned on. Eric went over the edge quickly and moaned I’m cumming, I sealed my mouth around his engorged cock and felt his balls with my hand, touching him in the magic spot between the anus and the base of the scrotum which put him into a place he had never been before and he unloaded a massive fountain of man milk, blasting into the back of my throat and I felt the orgasm pulsate over and over again until he let out a final moan.

Leanne was touching me all over as I took his load, unable to contain herself, but seeing her man serviced like that had blown not only his cock but her mind. “I think you enjoyed that Eric” I said.

“Ohh God yes, I loved it” he panted. “Now fuck my girl!”

“With pleasure” I said. Leanne took charge once again, Eric moved to the edge of the bed to regain some energy and also to make room for whatever antics Leanne and I were about to commit.

“What do you want” Leanne asked.

“The world!” I joked. “I really want to feel your soft lips on my cock, and we can work it from there.

She was laying on the bed so I hopped off and stood at the side, and she took my cock with her hand and pulled me closer to her wet full lips and kissed the end of my meat sword. She licked down to the bottom of my shaft and then down to my balls and took one of my nuts in her mouth and sucked on it. After a little while I begged her to take my shaft in her mouth as this was my fantasy, and I wasn’t let down and it felt as good as I had imagined and hoped.

I undid her bra and her massive voluptuous breast literally fell out, and then I worked down and removed her panties so we were all naked now. Eric was watching with great anticipation, and I noticed his shaft was recovering and slowly growing again. I straddled Leanne and rubbed my cock between her full tits, she looked up at me with eyes full of total lust and my shaft rubbing up and down in an almighty tit fuck. I leaned down and kissed her passionately with a lot of tongue and also to put on a show for Eric. I had to stop or my load would make an early presence into the world, and I went down on my voluptuous beauty and licked her delicious pussy, as I had quickly done the previous evening, only this time it wasn’t as rushed. I noticed Eric’s had moved over and was now touching Leanne’s breasts and moved to lick her nipples. His cock was full again and he was ready for some more action.

I pushed him on his back and told Leanne to hop on his cock and ride him like they had done last night. Instantly they were into it, thrusting and moaning, it was such a turn on watching and I moved in to lick their juices as she rode up and down his iron hard shaft. I licked his shaft and Leanne’s ass almost together, and their moans became louder with pleasure as they felt my tongue in their love making. Leanne’s tits were bouncing and jingling as she ascended and descend her man’s love mound, and I decided it was time for some more new pleasures for them.

I told Leanne to hop off and I straddled Eric, and held his cock and positioned the head to my rear love passage. Oh yeah, it was time for some more fun for Harry! Eric, after his first man to man experience about 10 minutes earlier, didn’t hesitate and grabbed my hips and pushed me slowly down on his shaft of pleasure. It felt amazing, Leanne couldn’t believe her straight boss and boyfriend were now fucking right in front of her. I said to Eric, ‘so are you bi now?’ to which he smiled and Leanne said quickly ‘Only when I’m around!’

Once again this out of the ordinary encounter sent Eric over the edge and he exploded another stream of hot love lava into my wanting ass after a minute of pounding up and down on his cock. I loved the feeling and how turned on he was. He got up and headed for the shower, as I noticed Leanne lay there and said ‘my turn’.

I hoped on her in the missionary position and fucked her hard, watching her magnificent tits wobble all over the place. Only the previous evening had I been inside her for the first time, but this is what I wanted, fully naked so I could watch her hot body as I went to town on her. I didn’t last long and my first load was on its way, however I quickly pulled my cock out and moved up, squeezing it hard and exploding all over Leanne’s tits. It was amazing to see how much cum exploded all over her. She loved it and was cumming herself.

I lay on top of her with the love juice all over both of us, and she whispered thank you for taking Eric to places she hadn’t dreamed he would go to. She said her world was now so much more open to doing things with him, and said they were going to do a MFF 3 some next but I might have changed his mind!

I said I think he might want to suck my cock, and she said well go into the shower with him and see what happens! My cock was limp but I was randy and knew it wouldn’t take long to reinvigorate it. I walked into the shower and Eric was about to hop out. ‘Not yet’ I said, as I pushed him back and noticed his cock was semi hard again. ‘Did you satisfy Leanne’ he asked.

‘I think the most satisfying thing for her was you opening your mind’ I said. “But I think if we stop now you will regret one thing.’

“Yes, I know what it is” he said as he dropped to his knees and took hold of my limp cock, playing and pulling it until it was hard again. He took me in his mouth and to my surprise worked his way down to the base of my shaft. He heard my satisfying moans and then also to my surprise his fingers worked their way around to my ass and he fingered me, first one finger then two and three. I was in ecstasy and Leanne walked in to see what was happening as she could hear the moans and groans coming from the ensuite.

‘Ohh not again, you two are like crazed animals’ she joked, and proceeded to give me a show fingering herself while her man was in front of her with his fingers inside me and mouth around my cock. I couldn’t take it and exploded again, Eric taking it all and loving every last drop of my depleted second load. ‘You’re amazing’ I told him and then returned the favour on his hard cock. Leanne stepped in, my cum dripping off her chest from my previous mega load, and took over blowing Eric until he came in her mouth.

I dried off and left the lovely couple in the shower, and returned to work. Later in the day Leanne sent me a text message of thanks and revealed they have fucked another two times after I left.

The next day, I received a text from Eric, saying their was a problem and he needed to see me immediately. Ohh this again I sent back, but he said no it was serious this time and there was a big problem. To be continued.