29 Jun 2016

.........We got back to our house all 4 of us, on the way back lots of sexy talk. Ellie sitting in back gently rubbing her freshly sucked and fucked pussy Anne now topless rubbing her erect rock hard nipples Ellie reaches over rubbing Annes tits Anne reaches across to feel the wetness of Ellies pussy.

So hard to drive knowing whats happening and whats to follow luckily I was a passenger watching what was happening in the back seat, Marty had the mirror positioned for the casual glance of the eroticism in the back seat.

We arrived home,girls go inside Marty and I unload the vehicle . We walk in Ellie and Anne naked standing near the sink pashing sucking tits finger fucking each other, lots of moaning so hot.

We decided Dominos Pizza was the go , instead of cooking. The door bell rang ,Ellie had her sarong on hiding nothing Anne walked by the front door topless giving the delivery guy (about 21 years old) an eyeful. Ellie asked for some change to make it exact money, Marty appeared with Anne still topless Marty in his shorts big cock bulging no hiding it, Ellie fumbling the change sarong gaping left boob exposed. This young was mesmerised didn't know where to look.

Guy leaves Im sure his cock was hard, Ellie said to Anne should have given him "a tip" I said oh yes like what. We could sucked him off, wish they had of, Marty agreed that would be hot two middle aged ladies sucking a young guy off while we watched. He wouldn't have lasted long with those two hotties on him.

We had our pizza settled down on the couch ,with in seconds Marty was sucking Annes pussy Ellie was sucking Annes tits, I was happy to watch as they pleasured Anne. I sat there stroking my rock hard cock as the 3some continued. The sight of Marty sticking big cock deep in to Annes dripping pussy Ellie pashing Marty ,super hot. Both ladies sucking Martys cock together. Ellie looked at me as she and Anne sucked cock , she smiled and whispered "fuck me I want that cock deep in my pussy". I moved behind her as she lifted her hot arse up ,I guided my hard smooth cock right to the hilt ,she was so so wet.

She ,with Anne kept sucking Marty as I fucked Ellie. Anne looked at Marty she said "fuck me" All four together fucking each others wives. As we fucked

them they were playing with each others hot tits.

We swapped me fucking Anne Marty fucking Ellie. It wasn't long before Marty blew a big load deep into Ellie. As soon as Marty pulled his cum covered cock out I said to Anne I want to 69 Ellie oooohhh yes she said, I Iay down On the floor as Ellie lowered her cum filled to overflowing pussy on my mouth, I gently massaged her pussy with my mouth feeling warm cum and copious amount of pussy juice as I sucked her to screaming orgasm Anne was hugging her passionately kissing her playing with her beautiful tits as I hungrily devoured that beautiful cum filled pussy. Ellie orgasmed the promptly declared I want more cock and more cum, she lowered her dripping pussy on to my now precum oozing throbbing cock, slow fucking for the start ,Ellies eyes half closed ,she like me absolute ectasy, as I increased the rate. I pumped that pussy , I looked over Anne was playing and sucking Marty's spent cock. I knew it wouldn't be long before another tsunami of cum would flood that that already drenched pussy.

I felt the tell tale signs, I shot a huge load deep into that hot beautiful pussy, I knelt down to suck that cum filled pussy again. my face was drenched in hot cum and pussy juice I glistened in the light.

We all got cleaned up and had coffee, for a day that appeared to be somewhat mundane turned out to be one erotic hot day with wonderful friends.

We have been back to the beach since also the 4 of us spent a long week end at a nudist retreat.....no that is another story.