6 Dec 2018

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TThisThis Story begins on a hot summer day of 2014 in Australia.

So I was sitting at home and it was stinking hot, I had hot sweat dripping down my body. I was taking cool showers but it was that hot that I thought to myself, "Fuck it I'm going to go down to the local indoor pool centre and go for a swim and scope out some hot chick's in bikini's". So I packed myself a bag with the usual, A towel, Some clean shorts, singlet and underwear. So I packed them into my backpack and got my swimming trunks on and put on my flip-flops and headed down to the local indoor pool centre.

I got there and parked, I got out and locked my door to my car, I went to the booth and paid for a entry into the pool, the local guy was the owner and he had a snarling look on his face when I came up to the booth and asked for a entry inside. I just kept smiling at him and asked him how his day was. He pretty much just growled and said "Yeah it's fine mate" and turned back to his newspaper and kept reading the local news. So I proceeded inside the pool, there were a few kids running around jumping in and out the pool, a couple of couples lounging by the pool and a few single girls that were pretty damn cute but they didn't really swim they were more interested in the guy that was doing laps in the pool.

So I walked to the men's toilet and shower block and took out my towel and re-arranged my clothes in my backpack so I could get access to my phone charge bank and a few chocolates I smuggled into the local pool. I walked out and went head first into the female Pool Lifesaver, we both fell over and laughed. She was a really attractive brunette with tanned skin, double D breasts and skinny, she was wearing a red full-length binki suit and a lifesavers hat. I got myself up and I put my hand out to lift her off the ground, she thanked me and asked if I was new to the this local pool spot. I nodded as she brushed herself off as she looked up and down at me, checking me out. I asked her if she had a busy morning and we had a decent convo for 5 mins before we both ended up walking together to the seating area, she sat down beside me and begins to ask some questions like " So how are you?, What's your name?, and Are you single?" I answered her questions as I looked out at everyone swimming in the pool. I asked her if the water wasn't too cold, she just laughed and gave me a cheeky smile. I thought to myself " Am I actually going to get laid at a local swimming pool today" as I grinned at myself and the thoughts running through my head.

So I dived in and started swimming around for a bit and all of a sudden my leg cramps up, I begin to sink into the deep end of the pool, I put my hand up to notify the lifesavers that I needed help, I remember hearing a splash and someone grabbing me as my whole face was under water. I got to the ladder and hoveled up the ladder and I turned around to see who saved me and it was the sexy brunette. She asked if I was ok, and I replied that my leg cramped up and all of a sudden I started going under. She asked if I need help back to the male toilets. I was shocked that she was so concerned about my safety that I nodded without hesitation. So she wraps my arm around her and I limped back to the entrance of the male toilets. I limped inside and begin taking off my swimming trunks and was standing there butt naked.

I went to the showers and washed off all the chlorine that I had on me at the time, I was in there for a bit till I felt someone grab me from behind and begins to stroke my cock, I turned around in shock and it was the brunette, she had a really cheeky smile on her face as my cock started to get hard, she leaned down and begins to suck my cock, licking up the shaft and nibbling on my balls. She deep throats me as I grab her hair and push my cock deeper down her throat, she looked up at me while she was doing it, I had the biggest grin. She then grabbed my hand and we went to the seating area within the men's toilets/shower area. Lucky it had no one in it at the time. She bent over and pulled her on peice bathing suit to the side and turned her head and looked me in the eye and said " Since I saved your life you owe me, right?" with a smile on her face I stood there in shock, things running through my mind. She grabbed my cock and pushed it deep inside her wet dripping cunt and I begin pushing and prodding my cock deep inside her. She was moaning loud, I grabbed her hips and begin to fuck her faster and harder, my balls slapping against her. I decided that I would grab her long hair in a bunch and push my cock in deep as I pull on her hair pushing her onto my cock, she was moaning super loud and I told her she needs to be a little quieter so no one can hear us. I pumped her for a little bit and I felt that I needed to cum so I pumped her till I was about to explode and I pulled out and cummed on her ass cheeks. She turned around and whispered in my ear " Anytime you need help, let me know". She walked away and I was standing there with a hard throbbing cock and a satisfied look on my face. I got dressed and walked out the pool entrance, the owner asked me if I enjoyed my swim, I just laughed and nodded.

It was the best indoor pool experience of my life. I'll defiantly go back there again.

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