15 Feb 2020

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Nightscare, a fantasy, a dream...

Awoken well before dawn, I felt our bed roughly thrusting. With bleary eyes, I look over to my wife and get the shock of my life.

I am stunned, before my very eyes, a huge beast, a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil snarl had my wife on her knees and it was brutally screwing my upturned wife's pussy. The beastly thing seemed so imposing, so tall and so goddamned muscular. The creature was covered in dark short hair, it had large devil like horns and the most intense glaring red eyes. The beast, as best I can describe him, was using Shona, having his way with her. He had fully penetrated her body, filled her body with his erection. It was easy to see, from my angle, him buried inside her and even easier to imagine the beast's erection really deeply reaming up into her soft belly. My pounded wife's head and big breasts were pressed flat on the sheets, her arse was high in the air, her eyes were open but she was looking straight through me, they were totally glazed over. She looked as if she were high on drugs, doped or under some subserviant spell as she was being thrust about on the end of his powerful cock.

Even seemingly drugged or spellbound as she appeared, my wife was involuntarily moaning and grunting in lusty enjoyment. Her body responding unconsciously, relishing the brutal intercourse of his savage, pounding, powerful onslaught.

Her arms were splayed flat out

above her head, her hair was tussled across her sweating face. Her arse was being firmly pulled into his groin, held tight against his muscled thighs by his two powerful arms and strong dark clawed hands.

I wanted to move, but I was seemingly held in place, solid as stone, I was literally frozen, I wanted to act, but I couldn’t move or even speak. As I stared at the unholy scene before me, this horrific creature turned and glared down at me, which horrified me even more. The beast spoke in the deepest voice. “Are you confused about who I am Ric”, the being said. How did this thing know my name? I thought to myself.

The creature continued, “I’m called "Mantigan" your wife called me from my world, her call now keeps me here, bound to this world and bound to her body, and Ric you can see, I am coming to like this new existence” he said.

The creature still lusting, then turned his full attention back to my wife and her sexy arse he held so tight. He had her spread out before him. He was fucking her so hard, not for even one second did he give her vagina or sweating body any reprieve. He leant down onto her back saying something new in his strange language. To me it sounded like some kind of enchantment or an incantation. My wife however responded to his wicked strange language and I watched her unconsciously press back harder onto his engorged phallus.

After what felt like an eternity of this creature using and abusing, even seemingly destroying my poor, but enthusiastically pliable, wife, the beast, he grunted out loudly, groaned out like the wildest of animals, and he orgasmed. He ground hard onto my wife's big round arse cheeks and pushed himself as deep up into her belly as he could. He then let rip with the most massive flood of thick seminal fluid. He injected into my wife so much cum, her body could not contain his pulsing flow. Semen spurted and sprayed from her pussy as he continued to thrust and pummel in and out of her. The beast, he literally lifted her body off the bed as he drove his torrential orgasm into her tortured body. From around the broad girth of his cock, thick cum literally sprayed all over our marital bed, soaking the sheets. I watched on as my wife orgasmed herself. I watched as her toes curled, her mouth opened wide in what looked like a silent orgasmic scream and her glazed eyes opened wide. Her womanly body relished the intense powerful heat of his flooding orgasm and his splashing spurting orgasm. The creature relented on her arse, finally satiated and even seemingly pleased with his efforts. I believe there was even a small smile of satisfaction on the hideous face. He finally released his clawed hands from my wife's hips and then he roughly pushed her off his cock. She fell down flat on her belly, totally exhausted. The disgusting beast, I watched as he pulled out of my wife, the fucking uglyest, the fucking most massively veiny and outrageously thick cock. His cock was so damned huge but so damned ugly. Raised veins and ridges along its length still pulsed with purposeful and demanding intent. No wonder my wife was so dazed, that cock inside her must have been so intense, with all those ridges, sliding backwards and forwards through her pussy opening. There was also something odder still about his cock. There at the end he seemed to have a thin proboscis tube on the tip that was now retracting as he relaxed and his erection softened.

The proboscis looked capable of injecting semen up through a woman's uterus and directly depositing semen into her uterus or fallopian tubes. His cock was certainly built to inseminate deep. His cum was fascinating, instead of normal milky white semen, his semen was blue-tinged, even glowing, the cum seemed to put a low light through our room. My wife now lay, glowing, painted in a large volume of this bluish, thick seminal ejaculation and horny spray.

“I will leave now, but I will soon need this one again” he was leering over at Shona's crumpled body as he spoke. That was all the creature said to me. Then the beast got off my wife and then the bed. His muscular torso, huge balls, thick legs and that giant ugly, cunt wet, cock swaying as he moved.

Semen amazingly still dribbled from his fading erection as he moved. Fully naked he just walked out of our room. He seemed to just disappear into thin air and was suddenly gone.

I suddenly found myself able to move, and I quickly dove to her. “Shona, baby are you ok?”, I asked reaching for her.

“Oh baby, Oh baby, I don't know where he came from or how he got hold of me, his cock was brutally tortuous” she said looking at me. "I couldn't help myself" she continued, "his words were intoxicating, I could not help but give myself to him and do anything he wanted"

“It’s ok, it’s not your fault, that hideous creature he wanted you, he seemed like he had you under some kind of spell” I said to her.

Shona slowly sat up, “I need to clean this goo up, I'm so filled and coated in his glowing spunk” she said softly, toying her fingers through the sticky substance. Shona then got up to wash the creature’s semen off herself, but she was so destroyed, all she managed was a piss and then came straight back to our bed, collapsing onto the mucky, sperm stained sheets. “I need sleep, I’m just so fucking tired, I'll clean up in the morning”. She clearly wasn’t herself, that much was obvious, she was seemingly still dazed from the whole encounter. I didn’t want to push her. Shona went straight to sleep, whereas I was wide awake, I found myself quite horny and bizarrely I was excited.

I could contain myself for a while, but soon I pressed my hand to investigate between her slightly open legs. Shona's vagina was awash in thick warm fluid. The beasts seminal fluid was really thick and viscous, I couldn't contain myself and my erection spoke volumes.

I really couldn't help it, I found I was soon so horny. I scooped up a handfull and used his viscous warm semen to lube my cock and toss my own erect cock. I quickly threw my own load onto my wife's leg and pussy mound. I watched for a bit my semen mix with his on her body and then I fell in beside her, but only dozing for a bit

Next story in series: Mantigan Nightmare...Part 2...

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