2 Jan 2020

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We took a trip up to QLD to enjoy the Gold Coast before Xmas overran us. On the beach Shona met a guy who began to chat her up. It turned out, amongst other things, he had separated from his wife some months back and was lonely. He was really pleasant and ended up inviting Shona and I back to his apartment for drinks and a view of the whole beach. Once in the apartment Brent gave us the grand tour and we particularly noticed the king size bed and the giant glass windows that looked out over the entire beach. The three of us sat out on his balcony and he was right when he, on the beach, had said the view from his apartment was spectacular. The drinks flowed, the hours drifted by and we found ourselves chatting easily. Shona found quickly that she had a soft spot for Brent. He was genuine, likeable and quite ruggedly handsome. He insisted on recounting to my wife of his early life exploits. The night ended, I think Brent was really disappointed, but we swapped numbers and drove back to our motel.

Brent's early exploits must have really gotten to Shona because later that night she was so randy in our motel bed and we fucked like rabbits. At one point I had her bent over a couch arm, she kept urging me to "screw me harder" and even "pull her hair" I hammered my cock into her pussy as hard as I dared and teased "if she wanted more cock, maybe we should invite Brent in" I teased on "how she could swallow my cock as he fucked her sexy, horny little cunt" Shona orgasmed as I described her being roughly fucked and skewered, "spitroasted" by the two of us. As we lay in bed afterwards, I asked her if she would seriously consider being shared with him. She said the thought definitely excited her.

The next day we again discussed the possibility while lounging on the beach for a second day and then at a bar on the shore having lunch. We decided we would call and invite him to our hotel room that night and see what would happen.

I texted him to see if he was game, and he was really willing as he had fancied Shona, but he said come to his apartment "We could make more noise, haha". Brent also mentioned meeting at a nearby bar for a couple of "Loosen up" (Leg opener, I think he meant) cocktails first. We thought it was a great idea. We went back to our motel and I reckon Shona spent over 2 hours getting ready for our date with Brent. It was so hot to watch her prepare her body, shaving this, trimming that and especially the lingerie underwear selection. Shona chose red lacy full back panties and matching bra. A loose fitting strapless silk top and short white skirt. Finally we were ready for the night to come and we headed out. Shona and I went to the bar he mentioned and awaited Brent. I went to the hotel bar and brought Shona a cocktail to calm her nerves while we waited for Brent to arrive. When he arrived, he was cool, calm and collected, but quietly he questioned me to see if I was really okay with him fucking Shona. I assured him that it would be hot and we were also keen to have some sexy fun.

We drank, we laughed, we drank, we danced, we swapped chairs, we played, we teased, we touched, we fingered, we groped, we drank some more, until we were all randy as fuck and bursting to get back to Brent's.

We walked the 150 metres, giggling and groping all the way. We arrived, survived the lift (but only just, haha) and finally made his apartment. Shona excused herself and cheekily went to the ensuite in the main bedroom. Brent made more drinks. Shona called out from the main bedroom "What's keeping you boys?" We bolted in. Shona had laid herself seductively on the bed, clad only in her cute bra and knickers. I walked over and knelt next to Shona on the bed. Shona didn't waste a second, immediately opening my jeans to suck my cock. She eagerly worked my cock over, swallowing my cock and even gagging herself on it. Shona loves to be gagged on a cock, it turns her on to feel cock head thrusting deep to the back of her throat. As I was fucking her mouth, I looked down to see Brent had lifted and spread her legs, removed her panties and was busy licking her pussy. I urged him to eat up and then give her a good fucking. He gave her pussy some serious tongue attention and Shona quickly orgasmed, my cock was in her mouth the whole time and she nearly chewed off my cock as she came. It was intense. Brent stepped back and pulled off his own jeans, his cock was already erect, his face was lathered with Shona's pussy juices. In the small respite, Shona's attention was on Brent's handsome cock. I moved off the bed and sat back in one of the chairs close by to watch Brent fuck Shona. I loved seeing Brent's cock sliding into her wet and waiting pussy. She was soon enjoying herself too. Moaning and begging him to fuck her harder. I stroked my cock, edging myself, but the sound of his balls slapping against her sloppy pussy almost drove me into an orgasm. I couldn't stay on the sideline for long and slid up on the bed so I could be right beside them. Shona began sucking my cock again. I watched on as his cock kept disappearing into her sexy body. I could see from his urgent pace that he was gonna soon cum. From the way Shona was sucking me she was also close to cumming and I could no longer keep my cock in her mouth or I was going to cum too. I rubbed her face with my saliva wet cock. I asked Shona "should Brent come in you" Shona looked me in the eyes and just fucked Brent harder, that was a "yes" I reckon. Shona began to orgasm on Brent's cock. Brent couldn't hold his load with her vigorous fucking and I watched as Brent thrust forward and held his cock deep, spunking up the walls of my orgasming wife's hungry cunt. When he pulled out, I watched as his heavy cum load began to ooze, thick and creamy from her puffy pussy.

He moved round and sat at the head of the bed. He pulled Shona between his legs. He had her lick his sloppy, cum coated, cock clean. I couldn't wait for my turn one more second. I climbed between her legs, lifted her hips into a doggy position (To her credit she never stopped cleaning Brent's cock) and I slid my finger up along her messy slit. She was so flooded and sticky with his cum that I couldn't hold myself back a moment longer. I grabbed her legs, spread her wide, aimed up my cock and slid smoothly into her pussy, one stroke. Shona's pussy felt absolutely amazing. I could feel where his cock had stretched her, her pussy was so fucked up puffy, and all of his cum was still warm and thickly gooey in her pussy. It quickly coated the length of my cock. As I fucked her, she would push her pussy up to meet my vigorous thrusting. It took no time for me to add my load, also blowing my cum into my wifes pussy as deep as I could. Shona was cum lathered. Our seminal froth was everywhere from her arse hole, down to her knees. The sheets were soaked. Shona dropped onto her belly and Brent and I could both see the gloss of the semen coating her arse cheeks and inner thighs.

Having pulled myself out of Shona, and now flaccid, I flopped to rest in the chair again. Shona had hardened Brent and he was keen for another round, ready for a second go at Shona. He flipped her over onto her back and pushed easily in, he slowly fucked her while looking down at her tits and telling her what a dirty woman she was. Shona has always liked sex a little rough and he let her have it, I watched, fascinated as he fucked her like a machine and eventually came inside her again. He rolled over and slid beneath the sheets of the bed.

It had gotten to around 10.00pm and we were all fucked. I climbed in bed with the two of them. Shona was soiled and spunked. She only left the bed briefly for a piss and was straight back to the bed. She and I lay facing each other. Brent had fallen asleep pretty quickly. Shona and I talked briefly about what had just happened and how amazing it made her and I feel. She told me how wonderful it was to always feel different cocks in her and how we each cock fucked her so differently. She loved having the cum from the two of us mixing in her pussy and how it had felt so hot to have both of us shoot our multiple cum loads inside of her. Talking about it made Shona hot again and her stroking me had me up hard again. I turned her on her side facing Brent and fucked her slowly from behind while Brent slept next to her face. It was a slow fuck and I took my time, Shona's cunt felt so amazing and I did not want to have to pull out of the slop, but I could not hold back forever and I was sure Shona's pussy was punished enough and I came one last time. I finished and I fell asleep, my cock was still inside of her.

I stirred during the night, softly awoken by movement. Against the moonlight coming through the blinds of the big windows, Brent had my wife on her hands and knees and was giving her a steady quiet fucking from behind. I watched as he finally grunted and emptied his balls into her pounded body. My sexy wife moaned in appreciation and orgasm and then collapsed forward. Brent fell in behind her, putting his arm around her waist and we all drifted back to sleep.

When we woke up, Brent had left a note and was gone. "Stay as long as we like" he said in the note and "when we left the front door would lock itself" He said he "loved having Shona and said anytime we wanted to do last night again he was game"

Shona and I spent the next two days talking about what we did with Brent and every time we fucked, we re-lived every moment.

What a great time away, impromptu fucking is awesome.

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